and no i don't care if this had hurt your feelings you're still a retard.

I can't stop thinking about bloggers who use random stupid menu bars and hovers and whatsoever. It's like they are trying too hard to spice up their blog but ended up looking retarded. Can't you see that menus and hovers you're making is making your readers a little bit too hard to proceed reading your blog, and can't you see that your posts are the MAIN POINT of having a blog?

A lot of people are contented just by hearing people saying "wow your layout are so nice!" or "OMG your layout is so beautiful" and they think if they nailed that they will look like a blog star


They really should know that layout is just another plus points. They shouldn't have focused on that, instead try improving your posts if you wanna increase your traffics <-- of course this does not refer to those who really wants to make the blog their daily diaries.

Sorry for rantings anyway, just can't stand bloggers using random stuffs and effects that makes their blog so hard to click.


Today after having my first semester exam me and my friends ware going to Pasar Grogol to buy some garments for my next exams. This semester's exam are mostly about designing packaging and other stuffs that includes designing. Last time we were told to create a logo for a metal band called Sucker Head and design an album for it. Pfffftt don't even wanna remember that.

Well it might sound cool designing a metal band but trust me it takes most of your 24 hours and you have to spend the whole day staring at grunge textures and bloody stuffs; ppsshh you don't want that.

After that it's just some procrastinating that includes watching How I Met Your Mother season 7 from episode 1. Lily's having a baby and Robin's breaking up with Kevin because Kevin can't accept the face that Robin can't have kids. Oops spoiler. Other than that it's just eating snacks and playing the sims which has NO end. I mean seriously, Icang's right. What's the point of playing The Sims anyway it will just having kids and having kids it's not going to end.

Speaking of snacks, i realize that i have gained weight; TOO MUCH weight. HAVE YOU SEEN THE WIDTH OF MY ARMS ON THE BELOW POST'S PICTURE!!! MY ARMS IS AS BIG AS PIG'S AVERAGE BODY URGH I DON'T KNOW HOW MUCH EXACTLY THAT IS BUT I'M ASSUMING I LOOK LIKE THAT AND I DON'T WANT TO KNOW WHETHER IT'S TRUE. I noticed that my T-shirt is becoming tighter and i have difficulties slightest problem whilst wearing my jeans. I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE SKINNY DAMMIT. Thanks to Icang for making my life so happily ever after that i am always been taken to delicious food places and stuff my stomach with good sons-of-a-bitch. Urgh! But seriously though i don't mind becoming a fattie as long as i am with him :3

BUT NOOOOO NONONO i shouldn't think like that D: D: (or should i?)

Dammit diet pills commercials and beauty products commercials, dammit for displaying models that are in good shape and making the whole universe a stereotype on that!!!



Icang's going home tomorrow, by the way. I miss him so fucking much i don't even know why i am like this. Maybe it's because we are newly coupled. Or maybe because i DO love him so much. But really. All these ranting shouldn't be on the blog. It's just that i miss him too damn much and i don't know who should i tell to (cause' if i tell my friends that i miss icang with 'almost crying' tone they all will be like putting 'almost puke' expressions) so i guess blog is the only solution. And yes i am ashamed telling it here but fuck it. Right? Who's going to read this session after the big craps above anyway.

So back to missing him.

Yea i miss him buying onigiris for me every night for dinner. I miss him taking me for a stroll using his gold colored Byson and i miss hiw wet tissue smell (yes my boyfriend smell like wet tissue) and i have to say although this may be a littl bit annoying for me but i also miss how much he is so afraid of me cheating on him. Seriously. There is no part of him that i didn't love. Name one, i dare you.

And tomorrow he's going home. Although tomorrow i have a group project to do but what the heck, i can't wait to meet him tomorrow!

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