My chow is sleeping so asound. What a precious moment to see him sleeping like that. With his closed eyes, and his snoring sound ;) teehee. i just love everything.

Last weekend we bought a couple of silver ring for both of us. It's just a simple pair of rings, but it does made both of us elated. :D

Another bundle of joy is that, my mom already knew about my relationship with him, and she approved it! I am so so happy about that, despite all this time she had always forbids me to have a relationship. I talked to her about how chow looks, and she's totally cool with that. Oh mai god it's like a relationship boost for me i can't even describe how happy i am that time. Can't deny it. just too happy. It's like, finally, i can have a literally official kind of relationship wa.

Last Thursday Andika also offered me to join his band as a vocalist. I am absolutely interested in that, too bad chow didn't approve it :( he says it's too dangerous, cause you will eventually got sexually harrassed by some dumbfucks. At first i insisted and we had a fight, but later i give in cause actually all the things he said turned out true :( I had to perform at some billyard place full of mens and it is very uncomfortable for me :( oh well, guess imma save my voice to sing some other time and other place.

I am going back to my hometown at the beginning of July. Mom had moved to a new house, and i can't wait to see how it looks like. I miss sabbath too. And i miss bro too. Bro can play guitar now already goooodd he is growing up so fast, now his sound is like so bass D: in my mind he's like always and will be a little boy man.

Dad on the other hand,didn't get better and had to go to Pekanbaru to get medication. He's over there with his other childs. Left mom and bro alone at home. Mom is sad, but what should dad do? He's at that state already.

And last, i wanna say that i miss my blogmates so much. Everytime i check my blog i always check my affiliates' blog, it's just that they don't know. Seeing suvii's latest post about clarissa's birthday makes me feeling guilty about how i have been off-blogging for a really long time already :( and it makes me so sad that the bond between me and clarissa suvii is not as close as before anymore. And Lmyx, i am like, totally lost contact on all of them already. and i'm sad about that :((( twitter didn't help at all.

I guess that's the consequences of not blogging. But i must admit that i really don't have any time to blog anymore, and i realize that i don't know how to blog well. So it's a bummer that i didn't blog as much as before anymore. I don't have anything to tell, don't know how to tell, and is lazy to tell already.

Three more days to the end of my semester exam, and i'm free. FREE. Totally free. I am so stressed with all this assignments. My lecturers didn't give any mercy at all; at ALL. They all give hardcore assignments and they didn't tolerate any excuses, deadline is deadline, you gotta finish it, or you gonna repeat another semester. Scumbag lecturers.

This week i have two days of vacation. It means i can procrastinate my ass off till the next day of my exam. This two days are wednesday and thursday, which is today. I pretty much look like hobos all the time, which i'm glad that icang didn't mind at all.

Why ohh why you are not disturbed at all by my hobo appearances honey? :'D

Procrastination of mine of course includes games, whether it's action or hidden objects or simulation kinds. I fill these 2 days with 3 different games which i had completed 2 of them, which is called Gardenscapes Mansion Makeover, Life Quest, and of course my all time, ahem, The Sims 2.

Gardenscapes Mansion Makeover are pretty much are a hidden objects games, which the objectives is to renovate an old, ugly hallway into a gorgeous mansion again. I give this game 4 stars out of 5, because it did make me spend half of my day completing this.

Here is the screenshot :

I don't know why Google give me Russian alphabet ones. My games is in English.

Another one is called Life Quest. This game are a category of time management, which the objectives are to duel with your high school rival and make yourself the best of your other graduate friends. For this i give 5 stars out of 5 because it made me spend the whole NIGHT completing it. And no, it's not because the game is so long, but it's addicting, even sleep failed to seduce me last night.

Here is the screenshot :

And i just found out on googles that Life Quest has a number two versions so i am going to be right back downloading it~~~~~

For The Sims 2, i bet i don't have to explain it anymore, okay. I've been babbling about it since like gazillion years ago.


Oh and for your info i didn't buy those games directly from Big Fish cause i don't have paypal, i just simply download Torrent and download those games direcly from thepiratebay :3

Yes, i'm addicted to games alright. Call me gamer. I'm damn proud of it.
internet's been giving me cold blankets. last night i wanted to blog but internet just won't work. maybe it's because i'm currently downloading movie also. but i don't know. usually it works.

yesterday i went to kalibaru to do sablon. maybe it's called ink printing in English, i dannah. there was no results on translate google when i try it. i went there with meli since icang is still in bandung, on his way home. i went there with busway, and so does on the way home.

What i wanna point out here is, i finally ride busway again, after centuries of avoiding that cursed public vehicle. at first when i went to kalibaru using it, it's still okay-ish, cause i got a seat and it's not so crowded, although the driver accelerates the bus like fucking crazy regardless how giganticly huge that vehicle is. what makes me so sure that i'm sick of it is that when i'm on my way home.

1. Queue
Never been 'happier' if i'm on a queue. Not that i can't handle queueing or what, but queueing with some etiqueless people just simply sickening me. Can't stand people cut your line and rush into busway when the vehicle comes. Please, like you're gonna be left out. You got cut in the line one time, i still forgive you. Second time, okay lah maybe i still have patience left. Third time, one more time and i'll kill you. One more time, i fucking kill..

2. Stupid peoples
Last time when i was on my way home there's an auntie bringing three kids inside busway; screaming "HEHHH" to her kids, then "HATI-HATI LAH LIAT JALAN.. GIMANA SIH, MALAH MELAMUN DI TEMPAT KEK GINI.." whichreplied by one of her son "APAAN SIH SIAPA SIH YANG MELAMUN?!" like there's no one in the busway which clearly there is and the busway is full. Okay lah maybe they live in a tough place which requires screaming and they don't get enough education to learn that public etique is important so i understand, although seriously it's kinda disturbing... Which until that auntie stole my one and only remaining standing place which makes me hardly can stand and she won't even give a fuck, plus her smelly odour for bonus. which complete me. which makes me can't no longer keep it cool.

buteventuallyichickenedoutandsuckallmyemotionanddecidedtostaysilentanywayi'msuchachicken BUT HOW KIND AM I FOR STILL KEEPING IT COOL.

and then came today.

i went to Ancol for model photoshoot and then went cycling around ancol with icang and my friends :3 it was super fun since it's been like zillion years ago since the last time i go cycling, then the rest of sunday i spent it with procrastinating and making my assignments bye.
I can't stop thinking about bloggers who use random stupid menu bars and hovers and whatsoever. It's like they are trying too hard to spice up their blog but ended up looking retarded. Can't you see that menus and hovers you're making is making your readers a little bit too hard to proceed reading your blog, and can't you see that your posts are the MAIN POINT of having a blog?

A lot of people are contented just by hearing people saying "wow your layout are so nice!" or "OMG your layout is so beautiful" and they think if they nailed that they will look like a blog star


They really should know that layout is just another plus points. They shouldn't have focused on that, instead try improving your posts if you wanna increase your traffics <-- of course this does not refer to those who really wants to make the blog their daily diaries.

Sorry for rantings anyway, just can't stand bloggers using random stuffs and effects that makes their blog so hard to click.


Today after having my first semester exam me and my friends ware going to Pasar Grogol to buy some garments for my next exams. This semester's exam are mostly about designing packaging and other stuffs that includes designing. Last time we were told to create a logo for a metal band called Sucker Head and design an album for it. Pfffftt don't even wanna remember that.

Well it might sound cool designing a metal band but trust me it takes most of your 24 hours and you have to spend the whole day staring at grunge textures and bloody stuffs; ppsshh you don't want that.

After that it's just some procrastinating that includes watching How I Met Your Mother season 7 from episode 1. Lily's having a baby and Robin's breaking up with Kevin because Kevin can't accept the face that Robin can't have kids. Oops spoiler. Other than that it's just eating snacks and playing the sims which has NO end. I mean seriously, Icang's right. What's the point of playing The Sims anyway it will just having kids and having kids it's not going to end.

Speaking of snacks, i realize that i have gained weight; TOO MUCH weight. HAVE YOU SEEN THE WIDTH OF MY ARMS ON THE BELOW POST'S PICTURE!!! MY ARMS IS AS BIG AS PIG'S AVERAGE BODY URGH I DON'T KNOW HOW MUCH EXACTLY THAT IS BUT I'M ASSUMING I LOOK LIKE THAT AND I DON'T WANT TO KNOW WHETHER IT'S TRUE. I noticed that my T-shirt is becoming tighter and i have difficulties slightest problem whilst wearing my jeans. I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE SKINNY DAMMIT. Thanks to Icang for making my life so happily ever after that i am always been taken to delicious food places and stuff my stomach with good sons-of-a-bitch. Urgh! But seriously though i don't mind becoming a fattie as long as i am with him :3

BUT NOOOOO NONONO i shouldn't think like that D: D: (or should i?)

Dammit diet pills commercials and beauty products commercials, dammit for displaying models that are in good shape and making the whole universe a stereotype on that!!!



Icang's going home tomorrow, by the way. I miss him so fucking much i don't even know why i am like this. Maybe it's because we are newly coupled. Or maybe because i DO love him so much. But really. All these ranting shouldn't be on the blog. It's just that i miss him too damn much and i don't know who should i tell to (cause' if i tell my friends that i miss icang with 'almost crying' tone they all will be like putting 'almost puke' expressions) so i guess blog is the only solution. And yes i am ashamed telling it here but fuck it. Right? Who's going to read this session after the big craps above anyway.

So back to missing him.

Yea i miss him buying onigiris for me every night for dinner. I miss him taking me for a stroll using his gold colored Byson and i miss hiw wet tissue smell (yes my boyfriend smell like wet tissue) and i have to say although this may be a littl bit annoying for me but i also miss how much he is so afraid of me cheating on him. Seriously. There is no part of him that i didn't love. Name one, i dare you.

And tomorrow he's going home. Although tomorrow i have a group project to do but what the heck, i can't wait to meet him tomorrow!

Did i mention that i had painted my hair black again?
Well, it was kinda long long ago already, probably a month ago~
Reasons? Well i'm proud to be asian.
(Mostly just because new hair is starting to grow and the colour of my roots and my hair don't match so i look like crap)

Don't you like my mask anyway? :3 :3
Notice that my domain has gone?

Yes, it has been expired and i don't intend to expand it since i have completely lost my passion on daily blogging. I've been filling my whole agenda with assignments and i never have time to properly blog a post. Usually i would spend the night time blogging and exploring codes but now it's just for my boy. I've been hanging out with my boy ever after.

Life has been so much fun. I will never stop telling you guys how icang's been making my whole life brand new and how it makes me feel so happy. I love him and i will never stop saying how much i am completely head over heels with him. People may say i'm too mushy, or maybe stupid, cause all this lovey dovey things will eventually come to an end, whether it's caused by falling out of love because of old marriage, or even because of breaking up. But that's just me, i am the type of girl who will continuosly find my happiness through the passion of loving, and i will keep finding it until i'm too tired of it, which is never gonna happen. :)

Sure, of course there is gonna be arguing and lots of different opinions which leads to fighting, but hey, we are all individuals with our own opinions. There will never be two same person, which has same opinions on EVERYTHING, and fighting, whether you like it or not, will always happen. It's just an opportunity for me and him to learn how to handle things calmly and solve the ways out. After that, the bond is just getting stronger. All people are selfish. You just have to find the right person to give into for.

The reason now i can blog and voice myself out is that icang is going out of town for his work, and i don't have any friend, so i pour it all out on here. Believe it or not it kinda helps to relieve me, knowing i still have some place to say all my hearts out. I don't really care anymore though who is going to read all this, since my domain has been expired; which will automatically reduce half; or maybe all of my readers away, except for those who are a really die hard stalkers of me (notice that i changed my blog URL on twitter and see how much people notice it). Back to pouring my hearts out here, yeah. I think this is gonna be my diary, whether i'm going to fill it in with my stories or not.

I think that's all, i just wanna say how much i miss him already and i am already dying for not talking to him on person even just for a day. I guess no matter how much electronics or media connects you to the person that matters you, if it's not eye to eye, you will never get enough, or satisfied.

P.S : Tagboard is soooo out.

P.P.S : I am so happy that there has been a lot of people telling me of how much look alike me and icang are. You think?