take a look inside, it won't waste your time

"1 ruthless crime lord, 20 elite cops, 30 floors of hell."

Last night i watched this indonesian movie called The Raid. It's about a team of SWAT entering an apartment full of drug dealers and killers. The "king" above all the bad guys is on 15th floor, and they have to go upstairs by stairs and they have to go through lots of bad guys to face the crime lord. Lots of actions happening and killing and blood. And since it's an Indonesian movie, they include pencak silat in it. For me, it is by far the greatest movie made in Indonesia ever.

They also include a lil bit of drama inside too, like how there are this one police whose brother is actually one of those bad guys, and how he wants his bad brother to come home with him, and how his bad brother wants him to go out of that apartment safely.

There are also this one bad guy killer which is an Ambon or Flores kind of person, and he talks with his Ambon accent on the movie. All the cinema people cracked up when he's talking, and that's funny xD He tries to look like a bad guys but his face was the nice kind of face :S

I really recommend this for you guys to watch, if you guys are the type of person that likes to watch movies with lots of fighting, guarantee satisfied. :D

Icang last night rided his new Byson bike to fetch me on Meli's dorm. It's fucking fine lah man. Cause it's Byson, and it's gold.

I have been very busy with my assignments, lately there has been a lot of making name cards and envelope and stuffs, and i got to make my own company profile, and i am also learning lots of printing technique, like hot print, spot UV etc. Learning is tough, since you have to remember lots of new names and stuff, but overall i think it's very fun, especially when you know how to mess around with illustrator and photoshop, making lots of new arts and designs. I feel like i learn so so much studying in designs. Good thing i am enjoying all this :)

I have been messing around with my camera too, doing photography, and having photoshoot in a studio with my friends as a model.

Kei being awesome as a model.

And here are a few of screenshots about my assignments.

It takes just a little time to make all this, but to think of an inspiration to make all these takes like, forever. Especially when you're feeling down or pressured, those idea just won't come out.

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  1. Oh cool! That is an Indonesian movie? Looks awesome. :)

    Ahhh your artwork looks so amazing! I'm thinking of making a blogger business card but I'm stumped for ideas. Perhaps I can hire you to design for me..? ;)

  2. yeah it's an indonesian movie, ir IS awesome! :D

    what's a blogger business card?
    Oh i would love to ;)

  3. Blogger business card is like a regular business cards, but for bloggers. You can exchange the cards with other bloggers during events/get-togethers/etc.

    Here's a collection of amazing business cards (I want something like them): http://webdesignerwall.com/trends/80-creative-unique-business-cards

  4. omg awesome business cards! hahaha