days with icang has been very happy for me. he took care of me soo well T_T i don't even know what is the reason for him being so caring towards me. i mean look at me. what am i, right? but on the other hand i just don't want him to let go of me, i need somebody to hold onto. and i want him to be that somebody. :')

shit why am i being so mushy uurrgh

college is making me tirreeddd i feel like wanna just wake up from my bed, eat, go back to bed and just be fat whatsoever. but society forbids me to do that fuck society. my religion, somehow somewhat, is giving me a problem. i don't wish to talk about it soooo

ahh i miss home. i wanna bring icang back to my hometown and show him lots of lots of good food there aaahhh

btw i have been meaning to tell you guys about my one abnormal guilty pleasure. i have a thing for sexy girls and pretty girls and everytime i look at them i will go like "woaah". it's that even normal, i mean i am a girl 0___o

i literally drooled when watching these two hot chicks dance :

beware hot chicks out there i know you must be freaking out right now. FYI, a type of girl like me is not only one out there, but tons. let alone lesbians. so not only guys gonna check you out, okay.

okay i sound very creepy just now.

P.S : current fav sonnnggg timeeee

"you know why i'm gonna be yours tonight. we're gonna oooooaaaaahhh"

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