My new year party and my trip to hometown

Another personal update

Since we only had a few people attending to our new year's eve party i thought it's going to be boring but who knows it became a blast. At first there's only 5 of us preparing for food and etc etc but on the process of cooking few friends came along and our party became merrier. We had our own fireworks, and we had spaghetti, we watched Shrek 1 and 2 and SAW IV, and i drank a lot of Pocari and Kaki Tiga cause it's full of heat with all this BBQ all going on. And oh, Anton house's mosquito is effing scary. They're like zillions of them and i got bitten to literally, death. But overall i had a great fun. So is my friends. But we all became zombies when morning comes cause no one sleeps LOL.

After that i slept the whole day out. I slept from 10 AM to 4 PM. After i woke up me and Sis went to Citraland for hair makeover shhhyyeeaahh ;)

I wanted to have more lighter colour than my current hair but there are no lighter colours available. The only option is to bleach to have lighter colour ones but bleaching damages hair and the salon almost closed too so i ended up dying the same hair colour again boooo boring shit :/

For you gaiz who never seen my hair you can go to this post to check it ooottt

So yeah. After colouring my hair it's time to pack my stuffs up because tomorrow i'm going back to hometown. It's depressing. Not exciting at all. So sad but true. Cause mom is sick and dad is sick and bro is stupid so i have to do all the housework (which turns out true!). So after packing stuffs i went out for a stroll with Icang cause he's the only person that can go out at night with me /le creyz Icang idk what my life will be if i had not found a friend like youuu

I know he's going to read this so why not write down some mushy stuffs so he feel special. LOL

So yeah, went for a stroll with Icang, sat down for a couple of hours at 7 Eleven and talk a lot of things... Till 3 AM. I swear i am not tired at all till the second i stepped into my room. My body felt weak suddenly and it's urging me to sleep but when my body touch the bed my brain was like "NOOOOOOOOOO WTF WHY YOU SLEEP NO NO NO CANNOT SLEEP YOU MUST WAKE UP BODY". AND SO DID MY BODY T__________T i ended up not sleeping. AT ALL. and it felt like shit going to airport with zombie mode turned on.

So morning came, i went to airport, blablahblah you know what's next, i used two hours of flight for sleeping and i went home. Mom is sitting helplessly at the chair and dad have difficulties moving cause he's like super old already and his feet swell like fucking hell.

I was like wtf.... I am going to have hard time here taking care of them.. And it really is.

Well. It's not like helping both of my beloved parents is a burden and i am being not filial but MOOMM. I HATE MOMM. She nags a lot and she complains a lot and she says a lot of "I SHOULD HAVE DIEDD" "OHH I AM SO MISERABLE" "I AM THE MOST UNFORTUNATE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD" thing. I mean like come on. COME ONNNN. YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN AFRICA, BYATCCHH.

i cannot say how much i am so depressed because of her attitude and her bad habit. All i can say to you is i am mentally hurt and tired and sick to death by her, and no one of you will understand that cause you guys all have a wonderful peaceful little family that you guys never cherish. Believe me. I am far way sue than you all.

This btw, is some pics me and my bro took. To sweeten this ranting post.

Third picture is taken by my bro.

Sabbath is the best i love him.

Oh, and this is for you, Icangkir Markobus.
Bosen dirumah ended up making this.

Pasti udah keburu geer. Pfffttt ;P

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  1. huaaaaa.. terharu gw cing!!! keren banget gambarnya.. thank kucing, miss u too!!! come back soon yaaaa kucing.... *bighug*

  2. aw the gif is awesome, and that is a lot of no-sleeping time altogether. lol.

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed NYE. :D Awesome pictures, first one looks so professional already!


  4. @icang : *bighugback*

    @ed : you want one? i can make you one :3
    Yeah it is, but all this partying is worth waking up all night :D

    @karen : fank youuu but not as awesome as chuu :3
    REALLY? :'D