hello people im back from my dead

Okay this picture on the left freaked myself out but at the same time it's awesome. For you guys who followed my twitter probably seen it already but i wanted to post it anyway.

How are you guys doin??

I freakin' miss my blog and you readers but just can't seem to have time to update. Last time when i said my mom went to hospital for a check up, she had appendix and got an operation going on. And when she was being operated, doctor said her small intestine and big intestine got tangled together and swelled inside so it needs to get solved either. In the end half of my mom's stomach was being cut and she was like so weak i have to rush to Malaysia to take care of her.

When i got there she was lying, weak, and pale.


I.. Kinda regret what i said in my previous post before about how she is so annoying. I realized i have known nothing about her, after all these time she's been through.

I admit i cried seeing her in her condition.

/le sigh

So for a week i was there, at the hospital taking care of my mom. FYI, she was hospitalized at KPJ Hospital at Johor Bahru. That's why i didn't have any time to go online.

By the time she discharged it was near New Years already and i have to rush here and there buying kue kerings and shits like that, till today like finally, i got the time to blog.

I miss you guys this much!!!

LOL. Just jokin'. I miss you guys so much that nothing can picture it. :')
Fo real bro.


Anyways out of the business above, i just wanted to say that lately, i uhm. am falling in love with someone.

i mentioned this man before, i don't wanna mention it twice cause i will look like i am an attention whore. Yes bitch that says you love your boyfriend forever on facebook every 5 minutes i'm talking to you.

Well he's always been there whenever i need someone, and he is funny. It's funny how a good friend can become a lover just like that. I guess when love says it's on, it's on. :')


Well i think that's all. TTYL guys.


P.P.S : my phone memory card is unreadable and cannot be formatted. I am going to stomp this motherfudger memory card till it breaks into a thousand pieces. The End.

Oh and one last thing, check out this song.
Got it from Bach.
Check out her blog too.
She's beyond awesome.

shit i though this post is going to be a hell of a long ass post but why it's only like a scroll down dammit im so bad at writing pls kill meeh

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    But they look so cute! And I really like your shirt, btw

    Aww, I hope your mom feels better soon! My aunt just had to get her appendix taken out as well (last night).

  2. How's your mum feeling? I hope she's doing good. Her and everyone else you care about. I don't want to leave anyone out, ha ha :]

    That cat pictureeeeeee, omg soooooooo cuteeeeeeeeee !! :3 ♥

    Good to know :')

  3. @Claro : IKR SJDALSDJASD anime's eyes are literally that big if they are real

    aawww!! i hope your auntie get well soon too :')

    @Suvii : she's feeling a whole lot better now! I'm glad she is too..
    But unfortunately this time it's my dad's turn to get hospitalized T_________T

    i love youuu <3

  4. Awww,i'm sorry about your mom,I Hope she gets better SOON , and all kids done that,saying their mother is annoying cause they are sometimes xD but well that's the prove that we love them when we felt guilty of it .
    p.s You're soo prrrrwwweeeetty :3

  5. "you are falling in love with someone"..Hmm, good luck ^.^