Just had a deep conversation with my brother. He's having a hard time going through school and his grades are dropping, and my mom keeps scolding him for not studying, but i think it's not about him not studying cause i know his knowledge is far more than that and he's not some sort of rebellious kid in school (my bro starts liking science and biology things when he was in i dont know, elementary? So it's impossible my bro's science grade is dropping. But it is now. Unfortunately my mom's perspective of "education" is too narrow to see that logic so my brother got scolded repeatedly), but there's other problem that's stopping him from having good grades, so i tried talking with him, and i found some few problems about his schools.

First, the people.

There are some annoying people in his class, or should i say BULLIES, that bugs him and makes his school life sucks and of course, affecting his grades. They will call him names, and call him autist, just because he likes to draw whatever he likes (my brother likes drawing scientific things like aliens, nuclear stuffs). He became anti-social just because he is who he is. Well that reminds me to some memories few years ago when i was in middle high school and i was bullied by some girl-classmates who thinks they are the greatest in the class just because i fight with my best friends who turned out to be a traitor that got nothing to do whatsoever with those girls. Well that accident made me isolated by the whole school, including the teachers who dont give a fuck at all, and i got no one until Neti, my best friend till now who plays with me without judging me.

I dont get bullies.

I still dont, till now.

Why do people have to bully? You know there are tons of people here in Tanjungpinang who are nothing but bullies that talks behind people's back a lot. Oh, i don't know. Maybe they don't have BALLS to face the fear of getting confronted, or maybe my fucking beloved hometown is just too OLD, BORING and OUTDATED that people is so bored they have to find entertainment, and that is, gossiping, and hating people behind their back. No, not that i say bullies who hate in front of your face is good. You think by bullying people will worship you, and think you're the greatest? Oh, no, honey. That just shows how insecure you are about your entire life that you have to find some way to make yourself feel better and of course making people not worshiping you, not thinking you're great, but hating you, and of course, behind your back.

There are just too many bullies here, in my hometown. I dont know if there are a lot in yours too, but i think those species need help so much. It's not even normal, it's a disease. we all know that no one's perfect, so why should you fuss over someone's abnormal behaviour? We all are unique in our own way. That's what makes this world fun and colourful. If we all are following stereotypes, and therefore no nerds, no hippies, no emos, no goths, just a bunch of boring people with boring black suits and suitcase going to boring office, what world will it be? The point is bullying doesn't even shows how great you are, in person. It just make obvious that your life is pathetic, and you're lack of happiness and love, and you're just trying to make others suffer like the way you are, right now. How pathetic though. My advice? Go to psychiatric, or try talking to someone you trust, that's the easier way.

Second, the education. He said the teachers doesn't teach the way they should.

Surprise, surprise.

It's classic. They always don't. It's hard to find teachers that teach students based on the way it's supposed to.

Most are subjective teaching, and that is, teach based on what they know. Some are even worse, they give good grades only to those who have good relationship with them, or bonding with teachers just to get good grades.

TEACHER'S PET isn't named based on nothing, you know.Those kinds of teachers are the worst.

How could you give good grades to those who are nice to you only, and neglect those who have pure talent and knowledge kind? You teachers should wake up and give justice to the students who really are studying for grades, instead of paying attention to your "pets". Those pure talent innocent students are screaming for you to do the right thing, you know.Remember, your profession is your choice of life, and being a teacher is a big job, it's your decision to make this world a better place, or to ruin it. Those students who you ignore might be the ones who save the world later, you never know. Just like Albert Einstein, who got dropped out of school but turnes out becoming the most influential people in this world. You gotta be intelligence, don't be stupid. You're a teacher, not an idiot.

Sure being a teacher is not an easy task, you must deal with lots of naughty rebellious students who always makes ruckuss in class.everytime you teach, and you're glad that there are students that are "nice" enough to talk to you and do you some favor. But hey, guess what. There's nothing free in this world. Oh you think those students are nice to you because you're a wonderful teacher?


They're digging their gold of grades from your pants.

There are no students who like teachers the way they are, except you give good grades without homeworks and exams.

If you chose to be a teacher in the first place you have to deal with the consequences that no students will like you for nothing, and there will be tons of annoying students ahead boiling your blood veins. You shouldn't complain, shouldn't protest, cause you knew it will turned out this way. It's your job to sort out intelligently who are pure clever who are hyenas. And if you don't, you better off finding another career instead.


I realize that this world has became worser and worser, because of the people itself.

Nature ruining, global warming, stereotyping, ruled by richer people, the rich became richer and the poor became poorer, no justice anymore, more deaths occured to animals just because we're so selfish that we snatched resources from their precious habitats. Out of the topic above, but what has this world becoming?

The mayans are not wrong after all, this world has reached its end. End of humanity, end of love and peace, end of justice.

I don't see any estetics of this world anymore.

It's ugly. It's ruined.

Recently i've been into this bigfish game called Virtual Villagers 5 : New Believers created by Last Day of Work. It's a simulation game, and those who like Sims pretty much will like this game too. It's about taking care of your little people over time and see them improves. It's a real-time game, meaning that the game still continues although you quit it. I give this a 5 star, cause i love this games so much and the puzzles and mysteries inside this game intrigues me so much.

It starts by selecting 5 starting members for your tribe. Every single one of them have different skills for later usage, so i suggest you choose you 5 first members very wisely. Best if you choose 5 different members with 5 different skills, although there are 6 skills available. The skills are farming, building, researching, healing, parenting, and devotion.

It will look pretty much like the above.

Population : The amount of people that joined your tribe; there are 2 types of tribe in this village, the believers and non-believers. The believers are the one you can control, while the non-believers are the one who wears masks and you can't control it.

The non-believers with different colours of masks.

Food : Your food supplies for now. You have to keep calling your farmer to harvest or else you will ran out of food and your villagers will die.

Tech Points : Technology points is like money; only you earn it through researching and buying skills level. Over time you will have to upgrade those skills to level 3 for purposes.

Divine Energy : We are like God to them. And this energy controls how much energy we can use to cast powers. Energy grows over time with population. The more population you have, the more energy you can use.

God Power : God power is things we can do to the villagers. On the picture you can see butterflies, bees, and others. This means you can cast butterflies to the villagers' kids to play, or cast bees to the non-believers so that they won't disturb us.

Casting butterflies for the kids to play.

Name, Skill, Action : The Name, Skills, and Action bar are bar to show selected villagers' details.

My selected villagers are called Vahine and she's untrained because she's still a kid.

Here's a list of the puzzles and mysteries later you have to solve, i have solved it all :D

Skills levels, and God Power.

Virtual Villagers in map mode.

Remember to download this using torrent or else it will not work!
To download torrent, click here.

P.S :

There are a villager who i favorited, because she's such a bitch lol.

Her name is Mata.

Why did i call her a bitch?

Because she gets pregnant as soon as she had stop nursing baby. I mean what the hell. And she keeps changing partners as well. You can see on her details she's hugging a baby.
When i was on my way home, i noticed an old cat laying under a car. In an instant i felt like my heart was torn apart, seeing how rough his fur is and how his eyes explain all what he's been through all his life. And as a cat lover, i had to do this.

Diary of a stray cat
Today is my birthday. Finally after, i don't know.. 8 weeks, 9 weeks inside my mom's tummy? I was born. It is definitely colder here outside than my mom's tummy, but i'm so happy that finally i don't have to squeeze inside that cramped place with my other 3 siblings. I can't see a thing because my eyes hasn't opened up yet, but i can hear my other siblings meowing, crying, merging together into one loud sound with mine, because of the cold wind that rush through our little tiny bones. But i can only hear 3 meowing including mine.. I don't know what happen to the other one. I don't really want to find out. I'm so cold i can't even think about other things.

Mom keep licking us over and over till we're warm enough. I snuggle into mom's fur for warmth, and i drink mom's milk. It was delicious. I can't even think about living another day without my mom. Day by day passed and finally me and my siblings can see some stuffs. The house we're living is so pretty; it was made from a carton box which i can scratch my nails to. It's even bigger than my mom's tummy, and i can run very far from here where i stand to the land in front of me cause it's just so wide but i won't do that. I'm scared, and i want my mom. Also mom told me not to go to far for there is a lot of monsters out there, although mom herself always wander out there. But she said she had to, because she had to find some food so that she can feed us. And of course, i obeyed. But not for my older brother.

One night he told me that he was going to find some food for himself to eat on the outside. He said mom's milk wasn't enough for him, and we should find some food for ourselves, like mom did. He also said that the smell was incredible, that it's more delicious than mom's milk. I know it's true, but i still forbid him to go, for we're still all little kittens and we might not know what is out there. But he insist. He said if he found some he'll take it home and share it to all of us. He go without hearing my further forbids, and slip away while mom's sleeping. I follow him and keep telling him to change his mind, but he keeps walking, and even walk faster. I was concerned, and i stop where i think it's too far away already from my home. I watch him walk away, and the next thing that happened really traumatized me...

When he started to walk on the land where the colour is grey, some fast robot thing came towards him and give this loud honking sound, and crush him right away, in front of me. I was very shocked, and i cried as i watch my brother were crushed into pieces. His inner was everywhere the road. The robot screeched and stopped, and some big monster with two legged came out from that thing. I was so scared that i hid behind a trash can, and i can see that monster wrapped my brother with a clothing and bring him inside the robot, and drive away. I ran back to my house as fast as i could, tears flowing through my eyes. I couldn't believe my brother is gone, just like that. What the hell is that monster thinking? Why would he just kill off my brother like that? As soon as i got home i tell mom about everything. She was just shocked. She walked to the place where my brother was crashed, and just licked everything that is left over. I think mom was so sad, that she tried to lick my brother's left over hoping that he would came back. She cried and meow continuosly. Later that night she told me that robot thing is called a car, and she said the one that drives them are called humans. Cars are fast and they walk on the grey road, so we should avoid walking and wandering on that road. Also we have to keep away from humans as far as we could, because some are evil, and they might kill you anytime they want. I am starting to learn that i have born into a cruel, harsh world, where we have to protect ourselves or else, nobody else will.

Read PART 2 here
This post is dedicated to the anonymous guest that requested me to write about how i download my sims 3. I don't know who you are, but i would like to thank you for giving me an inspiration and motivation to post at least something people would read. She (i assume it's a girl) also said that my emulator tutorial helped a lot, which made my day so much since when i was writing about it i thought that nobody would read that.

Thank you. Just, thank you. :"D

So anyway, back to The Sims 3.

Who doesn't know The Sims. The simulator game that lets you control people's life. This game drives me crazy, as it is the greatest game i've ever played. Name every sims game in this planet; The Sims 1, The Sims 2, The Sims 3, The Sims City, Sims for Nokia NGage, Sims Social on facebook, Sims on PS2; played it all. And right now, i'm into The Sims 3 so much, cause last 13 November EA games had released The Sims 3 Seasons Expansion pack. It gives you the ability to have four seasons on your The Sims 3, festivals, umbrella, tanning etc. IT'S AWESOME. I've promised to make a review about that, didn't i? I'm sorry i haven't got to review it yet, since my sims is such a nuisance; it lags the hell out of me. And i don't know what's the problem. I thought it's because the size, but it still doesn't make any difference despite how much expansion pack and custom content i have uninstalled. Boo :(

Back to Sims 3. For those of you who want to play it, of course, you can just purchase the original The Sims 3 on any game store for IDR 500.000 - 600.000 (Indonesia). But The Sims 3 is usually played by person around 13-20+ age, and for that amount of price it's just too expensive to purchase :( So unfortunately, you have to find download link for the game.

My collections of The Sims 3 and all of the expansion packs.

You can just google The Sims 3 free download, it will appear tons of download link for you. But for me, i have my own weapon for downloading gigantic-sized data, especially games like The Sims 3.

And what is that?

The name is µTorrent, and it is the easiest; fastest; most lightest download program i've ever known. The size of the program itself is only 800kb (wow!), smaller than a digital photo. It can also run in computer standby mode, which makes it easier as you don't have to turn on your monitor for as long as your download goes. And for those who likes to download big sized data on browser, quit it and change to µTorrent, as it is faster and more stable.

What makes me more in love with this program, is you can download it FOR FREE. YAY. And the download link is just right here.

Okay so you've known my weapon. You've downloaded it. Now you only have to trigger it, and download your precious The Sims 3. First, of course, you have to find a website that provides torrent link to download. Ask google for help. I usually download games from The Pirate Bay, cause it provides legit games to play. And for The Sims 3, i trust Games4theworld uploader cause every games i download from him/her always works. Okay so you found The Sims 3 torrent download. Now all you have to do, is to find "GET THIS TORRENT", right click and copy link address.

Got it so far? Good.

Next step, is too paste the torrent link into torrent program. Open your µTorrent, and click the "add torrent from URL" button on left top. The icon look like a chain with a little plus beside it.

Paste the URL, and click OK. Your The Sims 3 would will be downloaded. :D
However, the duration your The Sims 3 will be downloaded depends on your own internet connection speed. I have to wait for 1 or 2 hours for one to finish, i don't know about yours. If your connection sucks very bad, I will not recommend you to download, since it will take days; probably weeks to download, which is not good for your CPU since you can't turn it off :S But if you insist, up to you.

So let's skip to where you have finished downloading it. The data would probably in .zip mode, so you have to extract it into a folder. For some of the downloads, it will appear as .iso file, or CD Clone file. For this, you have to find another program to mount it. This is normal, as i see there are a lot of The Sims games that have to be mounted. You can use Alcohol 120%, DAEMON Tools, etc etc. I use Alcohol to unmount the game.

After you mount it, there will be The Sims 3 icon on your computer windows. Kinda look like you have put in a CD on your CPU. Click it, and you should see The Sims 3 files. Click the AutoRun, and you can install The Sims 3 from there on :D The serial number should be inside a Crack folder between those files, or from a program called Keygen; whatever it is, there will be inside those files. Just find it. Or if you can't find one, google one. There are tons of available serial numbers on the internet.

Installed. Now you have to crack it. Open your crack folder again, and you should see a The Sims 3 .exe, TS3 .exe or whatever lah, i don't really remember sorry D: just whatever weird files inside the crack folder, you select it all and copy it, then paste it into the directory where your The Sims 3 have installed. Mine is on C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Game\Bin. Paste it there, and you should see some warning windows asking if you want to replace the current file with the new one you pasted it. Click replace, and your Sims 3 should be available to play already.

Note : There is a thing on The Sims 3 where you have to patch it with the latest patch; i don't really get this patch thingy cause all this time i let my boyfriend do the patching job but if you wanna install expansion packs you have to update to the latest patch. You can find any information related on The Sims Wiki.

Good luck, and hope my messy tutorial helps you, at least a little. :"D

P.S : I am not sponsored by any of those links i gave you, i recommend it according to my own experience. And of course downloading any un-legitimate games is not good, it's better for you to purchase the originals. I just sharing my own experience since there are request. Please understand as i am not trying to break any rules here. :D
Wow, years after years passed by, and here's another christmas on the way. I personally adore christmas, cause it's full of warm and togetherness, mistletoes, presents, and sweet meals. Of course you wouldn't want your blog to look all flat and normal while everybody's blogs looks christmas-ey right?

I'm not asking you to redecorate the whole layout of your blog with christmas colour and all; it's too tiring. Simple little things can make a big difference, like my blog right now. Do you see the christmas snow falling from above? Not just that, try moving your cursor; the snow will follow your cursor wherever it goes. Cool right?

In this tutorial i will teach you how to add that effect. It takes no effort, at all. One simple copy-paste and voila. You just need the magic code right below on your template below the <head> code.:

click save, and there'll you have it.

Simple yet pretty, right? :D

Of course you have to change your blog background into something darker, i would say like night skies or dawn, so you can see the snow effect, slowly falling down from above.

Before this, i've posted some snow effect scripts too + bonus christmas cursor, you might wanna visit to spice up more of your blog!

Happy Christmas :3

Source : x
Sorry for not posting on my blog for a few days. As you can see on my previous post, i've been busy running my online shop selling contact lenses and all. But finally, i got time to create a sim, although it's supposed to be my time to make assignments. oTL

Yes, the name of this sims is taken from Megan Fox, the oh-so-sexy actress everybody knows. I mean, who doesn't.

At first, i was going to make a complete parody sims of her, making it all looking sexy, and pouty lips and all, but i just can't seem to modify the eyes into squint eyes, or should i say i'm too afraid to take risk modifying the CAS drastically. And it seems like my sims' face all look like this. Maybe it's just my style. Or maybe not. -___-

And as for the sexy clothes; i didn't make it either. I'm short of sexy slutty clothes, therefore i make her wear that tiger-spike shirt and pink jeans with killer spike wedges only. Looks a lil bit tomboy isn't it. But it sure is fashionable. :D

On her left side of arms i added some tattoos; i think girls with tattoos are cool and has a hint of sexy in it. It gives you the "i don't give a fuck" attitude yet flirty. And that's what i'm aiming for.

So here it is, Megan Fux (it sounds weird GOSH). Flirty, Bookworm, Daredevil, Disciplined, and i can't remember what is her last traits URGH. She likes grilled salmon, pop and likes the colour black. Her lifetime wish? Be a girlfriend of 10 different sims. Yes i just like to make relationships and woohoos on sims. Who doesn't? :D
Area Indonesia only.
Marylens Ol'Shop
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I made these two sims long ago before i made christen and sunshine. Thought they can use some attention, since they're such an effort for me to made, and as i said on my title, they're sluts.

The truth is i forgot what their real name is, all i know is their last name is Nimrod, which i got from the movie Mr.Popper's penguins. Mr.Popper name one of his penguins as nimrod, and by nimrod he means stupid, or idk, clumsy. So i thought why not. I want to make the worst out of them. My purpose making them in the first place is to seduce my main sims' husband anyway, so there's no harm making them ugly. But who knew it turned out quite gorgeous.

Actually they're much prettier than this, but before i screenshot all these i deleted some of my custom content; which i am very heartbreak to say, cause all my custom content are favorites; and sadly to say, after this i'm going to delete all the custom content because my sims been lagging quite dreadfully and it will be more dreadful if i add The Sims Seasons which i'm downloading right now into it *cries*. Soooo before all the customs dissapear i wanna make a memory out of it by introducing these two sluts i made.

Introducing her big Sister, Slut 1 (sorry i really forgot what her name is).
I forgot their traits either so i won't include them.

Enjoying and relaxing on her bed and in her pink flowery bedroom shared with her little sister.

As you can see, she has everything a bimbo has; blonde hair, sexy clothes, tatoo, dyed hair, heavy makeups...

I remember she's a party animal so when i turned on the radio for myself to hear she went downstairs and start dancing. What a slut.

After a while, her little sister came.

And introducing, Slut 2.

She started dancing beside her sister too.

I forgot if she has this party animal trait or not, but i made her less sluttier; and more gothic. She's into athlete career herself (she wants it in her wishes) and she's more calm and less attention whore-ing than her big sister.

I remember the first day i started playing them, her big sister ran to salon in front of their house and start making out with some random dude he just met. What's worse, that dude is with her girlfriend. So as you can guess, his girlfriend got mad and break up with him right away, and after creating havoc, Slut 1 ran away. While Slut 1 is creating havoc, Slut 2 is on the stadium watching some concert. Cool slut 2, cool.

Slut 1 looking at her little sister grooving her booty.

Since they're sluts, i got them both lovers on the first day;

Slut 1 has a boyfriend (that dude she's making out with at the salon) and a lesbian lover. I know, weird. She wants it herself. And she chose to have her first woohoo encounter with that random chick either. I mean you got a dude and you chose to have woohoo with a girl? Wow, you're a natural.

See? And that chick ain't even pretty i tell you.
Maybe she fell cause of how great makeouts they have. That chick has a great kisser trait.

And as for Slut 2, she has some hot boyfriend i made randomly ;)
I forgot to screenshot dammit.

Bonus :

I almost to put this picture on.

She's all like "wtf".


Christen Capeland
Bookworm - Hopeless romantic - Over emotional - Family oriented - Shy

Sunshine Conelly
Slob - Heavy sleeper - Couch potato - Excitable - Hot headed
You guys know i'm such a big fan of The Sims. And since i've been very loyal to playing around with Sims, and i have a blog, what the heck. Why not write a review instead. Right?

Everybody should probably know that The Sims 3 had supernatural like a month ago, and it's a little bit too late for me to review it but i am going to review it anyway with my own way and since i've been playing it for a while i might as well tell you my gaming experience.

You would probably looking forward to the supernatural sims from this expansion pack such as fairies, werewolves, draculas and zombies but i'd say if you're not that big fan of supernatural you will probably be dissapointed by this. Not that the sims' animation suck, but you can't get anything much from those supernaturals. The only good thing i find about this expansion pack is that you can make sims into supernaturals directly from Create a Sim and those sparkly fairy wings.

Yeah so first is fairies.

Besides the delightful sprinkly wings, fairies can only do some kind of a little spell towards people and turn into tiny to fit into fairy houses, and that's it. Yes of course they use flying instead of walking but that's not something oh-so-special about. You go around town with cars anyway so the flying won't be used that much too. For the first time you saw it yes you will get excited but after you play it for awhile there's like nothing so special about it anymore. It's boring.

Same as werewolves.

Werewolves is one of the most disliked.

Despite their horrible looking, werewolves does nothing too except eating while squating on the chair, walk around like dogs and howling at the moon. For once i thought werewolves would like bite around and becoming evil towards normal sims but instead they act like normal sims and worse, they have this "rub belly" and "compliment fur" interaction with other sims. What the heck. Werewolves are not supposed to be rubbed on the belly. It's not like they're a pets or something.

Next is the witch.

Except you dress them with pointy hats and heavy dark makeup, witch looks exactly like normal human only they go around town riding brooms and carrying wands. Of all i like witch the most because they can play with magic and play with brooms and if they have high enough magic spells they can awaken the dead, turn people into toads and tragic clowns. Yeah sounds cool but actually that's a quite hard thing to do. You see the sims 3 has this hidden skills and magic-spelling is one of them so yeah. Besides that, witch can learn alchemy spells that can give sims some sort of special effect, for example, elixirs that gives people the ability to turn everything into gold. Yeah. But every elixirs doesn't last forever (except elixirs for turning you into mummy and zombie) so it's not that fun. Well, at least for me.

The last is zombies. Zombies sucks. Zombie is the worst of the worst. From my gaming experience, zombie always appear randomly on your household yard, they destroy your plants, and they make the noisiest, most annoying rawring sound which i can't even get rid of cause the only interaction with zombies is, well, nothing. You can do exactly nothing to them. Except you turn them back into human with testingCheatsenabled true everytime they appear. And there are no advantages for being a zombie as well. The only thing you get is dirty hygiene and bad moods. Eek. Just the worst.

As for the career, you got fortune-telling which i don't really know what interactions you have to make if you take that career. You also will got a caravan for your town to 'fortune-telling' people which i can see it's only a way to take advantages and money from those dumb sims who are dumb enough to even fortune told.

The town is no good either. It only got a few bars and lounges for draculas and that's it.

And for the furniture, there are a lot of thingies too which i found completely useless. So is the clothes. Because the clothes are all meant for the supernatural and i had never been interested in making a supernatural after i look at the game, i never use it. And overall, this sims 3 supernatural are only making my game lags so so much.

So, for me sims 3 supernatural sucked. There are nothing special and amazing from this expansion pack, but if you find supernatural things cool and that's what you've always wanted for your simmies to have, then this expansion is the right one for you.
Tired of the usual routine on the office? Can't handle no more boss' attitude?
Want to let the frustration out but don't want to take the risk of losing your job?
Well here's the game for you. I've found some cool flash games about finding ways to whack your boss! Thanks to doodie.com, this cool games provided you with 20 ways to kill your boss in the most unusual and fun to watch way. Try it for yourself!

There are more games on their official website, whackyourboss.com. Other versions of flash games is whack your ex and whack your PC. Enjoy :D
Since i'm such a crazy fan for gaming, i'm going to blog about my current favourite activity which is ePSXe. You see, usually we'll play PlayStation directly from the machine we bought (we're talking about Play Station 1 here), but because my PS had broke (cause it's like zillion years ago since i bought it) i play PS1 through my computer. But how? Here i'm going to show you how to download an emulator for it, and how to play one.

First, you gonna need an emulator to run those PS games. Emulator is like the machine for PSX. You can't play if there is no machine for it. There are many kinds of emulator but i'm going to use ePSXe 1.7.0. It kinda looks like this when you run it.

This is the download link for the emulator : try this link or this link. (it's only around 3 to 5 MB)

It should come with a .zip file. Right click, and choose extract here. A epsxe 170 folder will appear. Go into the folder, and run the .exe file. The icon would probably the one with the controller.

How do you run a game with it then?

An emulator is just a machine for running ps games, so of course you must have a game file of your own to run. Usually the game format would be .bin .img .ccd or .iso. I don't think other kinds of format would work. There are tons of games available on the internet for you to download. It's all free.

Here i'm going to give you the links to some games i know for you to download:

- Harvest Moon Back to Nature (31MB)
- Crash Bandicoot 1 (520MB)
- Crash Bandicoot 3 (108MB)
- The Adventures of Lomax (my personal favourite) (546MB)
- Grand Theft Auto 2 (358MB)
- Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (408MB)
- Monkey Magic (203MB)
- Bishi Bashi Special (120MB)
- Tom and Jerry House Trap (77MB)
- WWF Smackdown (360MB)

To run the games above, extract it from the .zip file, then run the emulator, click Run and click Run ISO then select the game file. It should be working. Remeber, it should be .bin .img .ccd or .iso or else it won't work.

Enjoy the games :D

If you have any troubles simply comment on this post with details and steps you've done. And if you're considering downloading other games just simply google it, but if you can't find it, comment onthis post too and i'll find it for you.

Credits to Emuparadise for the game downloads.
Setelah ngebersihin sarang labalaba yang udah bertengger sana sini di dinding blog gue karena udah gue tinggalin selama dari bulan juli ke november (males ngitungnye) gue akhirnya bertemu lagi dengan website Create post ini. Kangen ama semua yang berhubungan dengan blog ini aaaaaa semua tentang HTML dan mengingat dulu betapa setengah matinya gue nyari blogskin di blogskin.com buat nyaingin layout blogger yang lain sih mengharukan loh. :') gue gak tau barusan ada gledek apa yang nyamber gue, tibatiba aja pengen buka website blog gue dan sekali buka langsung TENG si hantu blog merasuki gue.

Kalo dipikirpikir sih selama ini gue beneran make use of this blog cuman untuk bercerita tentang masa hidup gue yang SANGAT biasabiasa saja. BENER-BENER biasa. Only filled with games and shits about my opinion. Terus gue tuh punya kebiasaan kalo udah ninggalin blog ini lama, gue suka sok sok ngeinggris sambil ngomong "gila ya udah lama gak nyentuh blog ini kangen" blablablabla.. Cuih san san. Baru juga ninggalin satu minggu dua minggu. *muterin bola mata*

Tapi ya udahlah gue toleransiin susan yang dulu. Emang gue segak jelas itu kok hiks :'(

Alesan gue kali ini ninggalin begitu lama itu ya karena emang akhirnya gue udah punya kehidupan (YAY :'D) abis kuliah nongkring di rumah sang kekasih. Abis itu balik langsung molor. Besoknya menyibukkan diri dengan kuliah lagi. Dan makan. Dan tidur. Terus main lagi ke rumah akang kekasih. Abis balik rumah molor lagi. Dan kita ulangi kebiasaan ini sampai bego.

Dan buat posting kali ini juga gue gak ada apaapa buat kasi tau lo, kecuali minggu lalu gue pergi ke puncak bareng keluarganya icang dan nginep di villa tantenya selama 3 hari. Apes banget gue soalnye pas jalanjalan ke puncak itu gue malah dapet flu batuk, sampe detik ini belum sembuhsembuh. Untungnya gue masih cukup kuat untuk ikut kelilingkeliling puncak :') kami ke lembah karmel, onel (ponakannya icang) jatuh waktu main di playground, lidhanya kegigit terus berdarah :( acian. terus kemana lagi ya. lupa gue. oya, ke bogor juga buat rayain ultah ko robby (suaminya sepupu icang :3) i had quite a lot of fun. sayangnya fotonya ada di kamera spupunya icang. OYA. GUE JUGA PERLU KASITAU LO GUE MAKAN BANYAK BANGET GEMBLONG. GEMBLONG IS THE BEST. I LOVE GEMBLONG SADKJALDJSKSDJAL AAAAAAA ANGEN ANGEN.

terus sebelum ngeblogging ini gue baru abis bikin poster tentang himbauan STOP TAWURAN. That's right anakanak sekolah sok keren yang gak ada kerjaan selain ngerokok di belakang sekolah dan bawabawa sabit buat ngebacok orang abis tu bikin susah banyak orang buat ngebersihin mayat busuk sisasisa lo, i'm talking to you. Seriously, kenapa sih ada gitu pelajarpelajar yang begitu sempit pikirannya sampe mo tawuran. Emang abis tawuran lo bakal merasa keren gitu dengan darah bersimbah di baju seragam lo dan kepala lawan di tangan lo. JIJIK TAU JIJIK. mau bilang lo jantan, kencing lurus aja belom becus, mo bilang lo masih kecil belom bisa mikir, tapi udah sekolah begitu. Bilang lo setan emang paling bener dah. Masih mending abis tawuran lo bersihin sendiri sampahsampah dan darah yang berserakan dijalanan, ini malah nambah kerjaan pembersih. Eh, Indonesia kita tuh udah cukup kotor udah cukup jijik dengan sampahsampah di sungai yang bikin banjir tiap hujan sampe hujan gak berani samperin jakarta lagi, lo gak usah nambahnambah sampah lagi, oon. Beneran deh kalo dipikirpikir tawuran itu sama sekali gak ada keuntungannya. Masih mending udah anakanak SMA alay yang ngegalau di fesbuk apa di twitter gitu, yang ngapdet status tiap 1 detik sekali. Seenggaknya dari kealayannya yang mengganggu semua mata yang memandang, mereka bisa mencari jalan keluar dari kegalauan mereka dan menjadi orang yang lebih baik.

(wow, ternyata kalo gue cocot pake bahasa indonesia gue bisa lebih berkarya!)

anyways, silahkan melihat poster anti tawuran gue yang tidak seberapa ini. (pengen sih bilang silahkan melihat poster anti tawuran gue yang super keren ini tapi kan malu kalau dilihat orang ihi apalagi ayang. dih najis)

Jadi di atas poster ini gue pengen menekan kalo cewekcewek itu gak suka sama cowokcowok tawuran (mau cewek manapun mah ga bakal suka cowokcowok yang tawuran kecuali kalo emang ceweknya emang udah gak bener dan cacat mental) diatas bisa kita lihat percakapan antara Joni dan Sinta (nama paling umum yang bisa gue pikirin). Joni itu nanyain Sinta, si gebetan pake lovenya tipe cowok apa yang dia suka. Nah si sinta itu bilangnya itu, sukanya yang tinggi.. baik.. rajin sholat.. dan BAM, yang. gak. tawuran! (zoom in zoom out) dan si Joni yang kebetulan ikut tawuran tuh langsung merasa tertancep lubuk hatinya yang begitu penuh dengan harapan cinta dan masa depan karena dia merasa begitu malu.

Moral yang bisa diambil dari gambar di atas adalah.. Duh gue udah mulai males ngetik. Lo ngerti lah apa maksudnya.
I'm home yaaaaay. I'm back to Jakarta. Days in Pinang had been very boring and now my waiting has been paid off. I'm at Jakarta already and the real holidays had just started. I wish mom would move here with us so i don't have to miss her that much.

Sis brought the cutest kitten ever into our house. She named him king, taken from the word stocking cause he had this white fur all over his feet while his body is black. He's the cutest little bastard ever omg.

His meowing literally makes me go "aaawwww" so badly that i wanna cuddle his entire body ad squeeze him to death. Really. And now he's grooming himself in my lap :')

So fcking wonderful.


Last weekend i went to Central Park with Icang and he bought me 2 flats, 2 slippers, and 1 bag, not to mention a pant and a couple polo shirt. Then he took me to watch Ice Age 4 and take me to Sam&Jolly to have Yo-stick. He is so lasjdajdasjdladsadahdak oh my gosh. Best boyfriend ever. Thank you. Just thank you so much :"""""""")
1 DK22081 METODOLOGI DESAIN - 2 B 3.50 7.00  
2 DK22182 TIPOGRAFI II - 3 C 2.89 8.67  
3 DK23103 DES.KOM.VISUAL III - 4 A 4.00 16.00  
4 DK23111 TEKNIK PRODUKSI - 2 A 4.00 8.00  
5 DK23132 KOMPUTER GRAFIS II - 3 B 3.20 9.60  
6 DK23142 FOTOGRAFI II - 3 B 3.71 11.13  
7 DK23151 ILUSTRASI I - 3 B 3.87 11.61  
8 DK44221 KOMUNIKASI BISNIS - 2 B 3.16 6.32  
JUMLAH 22     78.33 IPs :3.56

I must say that i am very proud with this semester's results. I got two A's! and my IP is 3.56. It's like a miracle. Thanks God.

I am at Tanjungpinang already. New house is okay, but i prefer my old house. Maybe it's because that house has been accompanying me throughout my childhood till now, or maybe because it's bigger and comfier. I don't know.

Going home has been always an excitement for me, but everytime i got here, i have regrets. I always forgot the fact that i never enjoy being here, and people here. I miss Jakarta already, the melancholist city where no one is being judged. I am judged here for being too tan, too fat, and too outdated for wearing only jeans and T-shirt. People here don't get simplicity. They still think that dressing maximumly cool, and will only attract people wearing full makeup and accesories. I wanna change their point of view, but traditions is traditions. You can't just change it whenever you say so.

Even time won't help.

I decided that i will take Advertising as my design major, where people say there will be lots of theory and less art-making. I don't know, but i'm very positive already. I need to learn lots of concepts improvising, and less art-crafting, since all the lecturers i met all say that concept is the main thing for business. Throughout the year of being in college i realize just making art won't give you lots of kachings. Business is still does, and will always be. And that's where i'm heading.

That's all for now. I am getting stressed out already by how much and how big the pressure is here.

My chow is sleeping so asound. What a precious moment to see him sleeping like that. With his closed eyes, and his snoring sound ;) teehee. i just love everything.

Last weekend we bought a couple of silver ring for both of us. It's just a simple pair of rings, but it does made both of us elated. :D

Another bundle of joy is that, my mom already knew about my relationship with him, and she approved it! I am so so happy about that, despite all this time she had always forbids me to have a relationship. I talked to her about how chow looks, and she's totally cool with that. Oh mai god it's like a relationship boost for me i can't even describe how happy i am that time. Can't deny it. just too happy. It's like, finally, i can have a literally official kind of relationship wa.

Last Thursday Andika also offered me to join his band as a vocalist. I am absolutely interested in that, too bad chow didn't approve it :( he says it's too dangerous, cause you will eventually got sexually harrassed by some dumbfucks. At first i insisted and we had a fight, but later i give in cause actually all the things he said turned out true :( I had to perform at some billyard place full of mens and it is very uncomfortable for me :( oh well, guess imma save my voice to sing some other time and other place.

I am going back to my hometown at the beginning of July. Mom had moved to a new house, and i can't wait to see how it looks like. I miss sabbath too. And i miss bro too. Bro can play guitar now already goooodd he is growing up so fast, now his sound is like so bass D: in my mind he's like always and will be a little boy man.

Dad on the other hand,didn't get better and had to go to Pekanbaru to get medication. He's over there with his other childs. Left mom and bro alone at home. Mom is sad, but what should dad do? He's at that state already.

And last, i wanna say that i miss my blogmates so much. Everytime i check my blog i always check my affiliates' blog, it's just that they don't know. Seeing suvii's latest post about clarissa's birthday makes me feeling guilty about how i have been off-blogging for a really long time already :( and it makes me so sad that the bond between me and clarissa suvii is not as close as before anymore. And Lmyx, i am like, totally lost contact on all of them already. and i'm sad about that :((( twitter didn't help at all.

I guess that's the consequences of not blogging. But i must admit that i really don't have any time to blog anymore, and i realize that i don't know how to blog well. So it's a bummer that i didn't blog as much as before anymore. I don't have anything to tell, don't know how to tell, and is lazy to tell already.

Three more days to the end of my semester exam, and i'm free. FREE. Totally free. I am so stressed with all this assignments. My lecturers didn't give any mercy at all; at ALL. They all give hardcore assignments and they didn't tolerate any excuses, deadline is deadline, you gotta finish it, or you gonna repeat another semester. Scumbag lecturers.

This week i have two days of vacation. It means i can procrastinate my ass off till the next day of my exam. This two days are wednesday and thursday, which is today. I pretty much look like hobos all the time, which i'm glad that icang didn't mind at all.

Why ohh why you are not disturbed at all by my hobo appearances honey? :'D

Procrastination of mine of course includes games, whether it's action or hidden objects or simulation kinds. I fill these 2 days with 3 different games which i had completed 2 of them, which is called Gardenscapes Mansion Makeover, Life Quest, and of course my all time, ahem, The Sims 2.

Gardenscapes Mansion Makeover are pretty much are a hidden objects games, which the objectives is to renovate an old, ugly hallway into a gorgeous mansion again. I give this game 4 stars out of 5, because it did make me spend half of my day completing this.

Here is the screenshot :

I don't know why Google give me Russian alphabet ones. My games is in English.

Another one is called Life Quest. This game are a category of time management, which the objectives are to duel with your high school rival and make yourself the best of your other graduate friends. For this i give 5 stars out of 5 because it made me spend the whole NIGHT completing it. And no, it's not because the game is so long, but it's addicting, even sleep failed to seduce me last night.

Here is the screenshot :

And i just found out on googles that Life Quest has a number two versions so i am going to be right back downloading it~~~~~

For The Sims 2, i bet i don't have to explain it anymore, okay. I've been babbling about it since like gazillion years ago.


Oh and for your info i didn't buy those games directly from Big Fish cause i don't have paypal, i just simply download Torrent and download those games direcly from thepiratebay :3

Yes, i'm addicted to games alright. Call me gamer. I'm damn proud of it.
internet's been giving me cold blankets. last night i wanted to blog but internet just won't work. maybe it's because i'm currently downloading movie also. but i don't know. usually it works.

yesterday i went to kalibaru to do sablon. maybe it's called ink printing in English, i dannah. there was no results on translate google when i try it. i went there with meli since icang is still in bandung, on his way home. i went there with busway, and so does on the way home.

What i wanna point out here is, i finally ride busway again, after centuries of avoiding that cursed public vehicle. at first when i went to kalibaru using it, it's still okay-ish, cause i got a seat and it's not so crowded, although the driver accelerates the bus like fucking crazy regardless how giganticly huge that vehicle is. what makes me so sure that i'm sick of it is that when i'm on my way home.

1. Queue
Never been 'happier' if i'm on a queue. Not that i can't handle queueing or what, but queueing with some etiqueless people just simply sickening me. Can't stand people cut your line and rush into busway when the vehicle comes. Please, like you're gonna be left out. You got cut in the line one time, i still forgive you. Second time, okay lah maybe i still have patience left. Third time, one more time and i'll kill you. One more time, i fucking kill..

2. Stupid peoples
Last time when i was on my way home there's an auntie bringing three kids inside busway; screaming "HEHHH" to her kids, then "HATI-HATI LAH LIAT JALAN.. GIMANA SIH, MALAH MELAMUN DI TEMPAT KEK GINI.." whichreplied by one of her son "APAAN SIH SIAPA SIH YANG MELAMUN?!" like there's no one in the busway which clearly there is and the busway is full. Okay lah maybe they live in a tough place which requires screaming and they don't get enough education to learn that public etique is important so i understand, although seriously it's kinda disturbing... Which until that auntie stole my one and only remaining standing place which makes me hardly can stand and she won't even give a fuck, plus her smelly odour for bonus. which complete me. which makes me can't no longer keep it cool.

buteventuallyichickenedoutandsuckallmyemotionanddecidedtostaysilentanywayi'msuchachicken BUT HOW KIND AM I FOR STILL KEEPING IT COOL.

and then came today.

i went to Ancol for model photoshoot and then went cycling around ancol with icang and my friends :3 it was super fun since it's been like zillion years ago since the last time i go cycling, then the rest of sunday i spent it with procrastinating and making my assignments bye.
I can't stop thinking about bloggers who use random stupid menu bars and hovers and whatsoever. It's like they are trying too hard to spice up their blog but ended up looking retarded. Can't you see that menus and hovers you're making is making your readers a little bit too hard to proceed reading your blog, and can't you see that your posts are the MAIN POINT of having a blog?

A lot of people are contented just by hearing people saying "wow your layout are so nice!" or "OMG your layout is so beautiful" and they think if they nailed that they will look like a blog star


They really should know that layout is just another plus points. They shouldn't have focused on that, instead try improving your posts if you wanna increase your traffics <-- of course this does not refer to those who really wants to make the blog their daily diaries.

Sorry for rantings anyway, just can't stand bloggers using random stuffs and effects that makes their blog so hard to click.


Today after having my first semester exam me and my friends ware going to Pasar Grogol to buy some garments for my next exams. This semester's exam are mostly about designing packaging and other stuffs that includes designing. Last time we were told to create a logo for a metal band called Sucker Head and design an album for it. Pfffftt don't even wanna remember that.

Well it might sound cool designing a metal band but trust me it takes most of your 24 hours and you have to spend the whole day staring at grunge textures and bloody stuffs; ppsshh you don't want that.

After that it's just some procrastinating that includes watching How I Met Your Mother season 7 from episode 1. Lily's having a baby and Robin's breaking up with Kevin because Kevin can't accept the face that Robin can't have kids. Oops spoiler. Other than that it's just eating snacks and playing the sims which has NO end. I mean seriously, Icang's right. What's the point of playing The Sims anyway it will just having kids and having kids it's not going to end.

Speaking of snacks, i realize that i have gained weight; TOO MUCH weight. HAVE YOU SEEN THE WIDTH OF MY ARMS ON THE BELOW POST'S PICTURE!!! MY ARMS IS AS BIG AS PIG'S AVERAGE BODY URGH I DON'T KNOW HOW MUCH EXACTLY THAT IS BUT I'M ASSUMING I LOOK LIKE THAT AND I DON'T WANT TO KNOW WHETHER IT'S TRUE. I noticed that my T-shirt is becoming tighter and i have difficulties slightest problem whilst wearing my jeans. I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE SKINNY DAMMIT. Thanks to Icang for making my life so happily ever after that i am always been taken to delicious food places and stuff my stomach with good sons-of-a-bitch. Urgh! But seriously though i don't mind becoming a fattie as long as i am with him :3

BUT NOOOOO NONONO i shouldn't think like that D: D: (or should i?)

Dammit diet pills commercials and beauty products commercials, dammit for displaying models that are in good shape and making the whole universe a stereotype on that!!!



Icang's going home tomorrow, by the way. I miss him so fucking much i don't even know why i am like this. Maybe it's because we are newly coupled. Or maybe because i DO love him so much. But really. All these ranting shouldn't be on the blog. It's just that i miss him too damn much and i don't know who should i tell to (cause' if i tell my friends that i miss icang with 'almost crying' tone they all will be like putting 'almost puke' expressions) so i guess blog is the only solution. And yes i am ashamed telling it here but fuck it. Right? Who's going to read this session after the big craps above anyway.

So back to missing him.

Yea i miss him buying onigiris for me every night for dinner. I miss him taking me for a stroll using his gold colored Byson and i miss hiw wet tissue smell (yes my boyfriend smell like wet tissue) and i have to say although this may be a littl bit annoying for me but i also miss how much he is so afraid of me cheating on him. Seriously. There is no part of him that i didn't love. Name one, i dare you.

And tomorrow he's going home. Although tomorrow i have a group project to do but what the heck, i can't wait to meet him tomorrow!

Did i mention that i had painted my hair black again?
Well, it was kinda long long ago already, probably a month ago~
Reasons? Well i'm proud to be asian.
(Mostly just because new hair is starting to grow and the colour of my roots and my hair don't match so i look like crap)

Don't you like my mask anyway? :3 :3
Notice that my domain has gone?

Yes, it has been expired and i don't intend to expand it since i have completely lost my passion on daily blogging. I've been filling my whole agenda with assignments and i never have time to properly blog a post. Usually i would spend the night time blogging and exploring codes but now it's just for my boy. I've been hanging out with my boy ever after.

Life has been so much fun. I will never stop telling you guys how icang's been making my whole life brand new and how it makes me feel so happy. I love him and i will never stop saying how much i am completely head over heels with him. People may say i'm too mushy, or maybe stupid, cause all this lovey dovey things will eventually come to an end, whether it's caused by falling out of love because of old marriage, or even because of breaking up. But that's just me, i am the type of girl who will continuosly find my happiness through the passion of loving, and i will keep finding it until i'm too tired of it, which is never gonna happen. :)

Sure, of course there is gonna be arguing and lots of different opinions which leads to fighting, but hey, we are all individuals with our own opinions. There will never be two same person, which has same opinions on EVERYTHING, and fighting, whether you like it or not, will always happen. It's just an opportunity for me and him to learn how to handle things calmly and solve the ways out. After that, the bond is just getting stronger. All people are selfish. You just have to find the right person to give into for.

The reason now i can blog and voice myself out is that icang is going out of town for his work, and i don't have any friend, so i pour it all out on here. Believe it or not it kinda helps to relieve me, knowing i still have some place to say all my hearts out. I don't really care anymore though who is going to read all this, since my domain has been expired; which will automatically reduce half; or maybe all of my readers away, except for those who are a really die hard stalkers of me (notice that i changed my blog URL on twitter and see how much people notice it). Back to pouring my hearts out here, yeah. I think this is gonna be my diary, whether i'm going to fill it in with my stories or not.

I think that's all, i just wanna say how much i miss him already and i am already dying for not talking to him on person even just for a day. I guess no matter how much electronics or media connects you to the person that matters you, if it's not eye to eye, you will never get enough, or satisfied.

P.S : Tagboard is soooo out.

P.P.S : I am so happy that there has been a lot of people telling me of how much look alike me and icang are. You think?

being bored is one of the reasons i still write bullshits in this blog. not that i dont wanna keep i alive, it's just that i don't know how. i've tried to update with my creations and stuffs but it seems like it makes my blog look even more boring. hah.

my life's are all about icang and blackberry now. if it's not with icang, then i'm with my blackberry. lately i've kinda fight with him a lot which causes some stress, but after talking to each other we're okay again. this guy is really amazing, i really hope we can last longer than i've ever dreamt of. :)

my college is improving! surprisingly, i thought i procrastinate a lot and my assignments are all done at the last second. but it turns out good. i have a lot of 80s which is very cool cause my assignments on last semester never had such good score, and it amazes me. i think it's about my psychology effect too. I am happy, therefore i will have good spirit to do assignments and therefore i will have good marks.

tagboard are getting me annoyed. spammers are fucking spamming my tagboard like people care and i am tired of erasing it. so i will let it be, and maybe, just maybe. i will put it down anytime soon.

mom and bros are having a better life there after they move. mom says new house is smaller, but i heard that mom teaches tuition on a new place at pelantar and i think that's good cause pelantar is full of chinese who are enthusiastic to learn mandarin. i hope so. and bros are getting better too! last time he said he had a crush and he's texting her omg that makes me so happy to hear it because like finally, he likes someone. good for you brroooo <3 <3 <3 <3

i still feel paranoid and my self confidence issues still bugs me. sometimes when i see icang talking or hanging out with other girls i still feel a little down cause imma feel like "damn this girl is hot and i am like whatever. how come icang never notice that and still wanna be with me" and imma be like sad the whole day or whatever. he always help me and say that i'm pretty and such but i know that is just well, comforting. i am not beautiful and i think i will never feel i'm pretty. i want to have some confidence in myself so that i don't have to be so annoying and awkward when it comes to stranger but hey, i've been in bad times before, i have my own traumatic moments when i was in middle school and that is not easy to get rid of. you think i don't want to get rid of it? then you're hella wrong. you just dont know how much it hurts me inside, knowing that i'm ugly and i will never feel that i'm good enough for anyone.

some people are just selfish. they just can't seem to understand all this stuffs because they never feel it. they always thought that all this stuffs is another way to get attention from people but they are just wrong. different people different problems. and mine coincidencely is this. i want to get rid of it, but i dont know how.

and i think it never will be gotten rid of.

This is for my photography exam.
We were told to take a picture themed "resah" or in English, worry.
Thanks to Moiika, my semata wayang sister ;)

This is for Typography.
We were told to make a typography using Comic Sans MS.
And this is my final result.

It's been 62 days since the day that i officially be his one and only. I know all the things i'm gonna say later on gonna sound very mushy and shit for a two month relationship, but this is all what i feel right now, and i am not ashamed to tell it all out so that the world know just how much i love this guy.

He came to me as my friend, the friend who are always there for me and willing to help me whenever i am sad or need him, although i am just one of his ordinary friend. Two months of being nice friends and all, i had to go back to my hometown to celebrate chinese new year. That time where we knew we are going to be separated hurts a little part of our heart but none confessed, cause you know, maybe it's just this feeling where we have to be separated with our close friends. No big deal. But as time passes by, this feeling, where days without his presence disturbs me very much. I feel like, without him, lots of colour in my life just dissapear. There are no sweetness in my life anymore, although he was just a friend. And i know, he felt that too, regarding how much he says he misses me. Then i know, this was not just about a simple close friends relationship.

It's love. And i know, i need him. I still don't know yet if he's the one, but with all the common things that we had (the mole on the left eyebrow, family background, taste of music and our super strong chemistry) i assume he is one. He HAS to be one! And there we go, trying our luck on each other, hoping that we really are made for each other.

So far i've had the best two months of my life with him. He is super caring, super romantic, super loving, and he'd do anything for me, just to make me happy. He blame himself so much if he accidentally smack me or whatever, which doesn't hurt me at all. And everytime he does that, i kiss him on the cheek saying it's okay, and although i do get hurt, just by seeing his smile or his face lightens up almost my full life already.

He accepts me for who i am. For what i am, myself. My awkwardness, my insecurity, my self confidence issues, everything. Never been a problem to him, in fact, he says he fall in love with all of that, and that is so sweet :')

Seeing him sound asleep right now gives uncountable happiness for me. I love him for what he is, and i won't trade him for anything in this world; even money golds and other shits, cause i want him and only him. :')

I love you my bear my chow my silly boy, Stefanus Ivan Cahyadi. <3

A silhouette with ellipse frame of me and Icang. Frame source : x

A picture of me with cellophane and trianglessss cause i love triangles.

I don't really know what this is.

Neither is this. But it'll make a good profile picture or avatar.

And last..
A wiggly panda.

Have a good day everyone.