Few days ago right at Halloween day my sis were invited to have this girls' night out on some pub called Murphy's. And since i'm thinking well it's Saturday night plus i don't have any shit to do, why not?

Well it turns out not really as fun as i expected.

Well for some people it must be sick and awesome to have some drinks and laughs inside a pub but well not me.

Imma list out what i dont like nightlife in a pub or whatever.

1. You go home with a smell of smoke all over your body and you can't take a shower cause when you got home it's like 3AM in the morning already.
2. You can see a lot of sluts all over the pub LOL
3. The music is so loud it almost burst out my ear drum.
4. Headache. (well at least i am)

and the list goes on..

I guess i'm better off to be a home person.
Kthxbye i am so out of inspiration to blog right now
Dyed my hair.
What do you think?

cool or whaattt?? *throws confetti*

finally every single hardwork are paid off, and guess what, not to sound cocky but i got 88/100 marks on my last exam wohoooo what up bitchezz.
But i don't know how much marks i got for the other exams hope it's as fly as my last exam though.

So anyway last night i went to a church with Richard. Well it's not about what happened when i was in that church since everybody knows the main purpose of going to the church (duh). Since i'm new at Richard's church i'm going to tell you guys about the awk.. wait for it wardness. Anyone who knows who's phrase is that (the wait for it thing) thumbs up yo ;D

So yeah, awkwardness. The slight moment of silence and don't have a clue what should you do next. Well it's pretty much hard on me because i'm actually with a crowd of strangers that time.. and some acquaintances which doesn't really help the situation either. And since i'm pretty much a shy person when it comes to strangers it makes the situation worse. I mean of course Richard is there but hey, he's not even my boyfriend. I mean even if he is, he'll probably talk to his other friends too cause obviously those strangers are all friend to him. So yeah i was left alone... Which is kinda freakin me out.

Richard and I did have a conversation like this :

R : Richard
S : Susan (me)

S : omg what should i do? I don't even know these people.
R : come on, that's what this is all about. make friends with them, know them!
S : mmm okay.


Just look back at some previous conversations you made with a stranger before.

End up being BFFs? No. Awkward? Definitely YES.
How could you possibly say i'm overreacting??

Let's take some conversations with a stranger as an example :

S : Stranger
M : Me

Awkwardness 1

S : /le talking to, of course, her friends
M : Hi, nice to meet you.. What's your name?
S : Hi i'm Michelle..
M : Oh hai Michelle.. (she didn't ask my name..)
S : /le talking to her friends again
M : *staring at her cause don't know what to do anymore*

Awkwardness 2

M : *le pats a stranger's shoulder* Hi!

Awkwardness 3

S : Hi! New here?
M : myeah, you new too?
S : Nah, i've been a while here :D
M : Oh i see! What's your name? :D
S : Stella, you?
M : I'm Susan! Nice to meet you Stella :D
S : Nice to meet you too! Haha..
M : Haha..
S : emm..
M : ...
S : Well i should probably be goin, i kinda have stuffs to do over there.
M : Oh yeah sure! sure :D
S ; Hope to see you soon (SHE DEFINITELY DIDN'T HOPE SO!!)
M : Hope to see you too :)
S : *walks away*

Awkwardness 4

*lots of strangers joking around*
M : /le saying puns that only me and Richard understands cause you know i still don't really know how they roll here and wanna act all close and stuffs
Ss (Strangers) : ....... *silence* *cricket sound*

That above i give two Awkward picture cause it's definitely the most awkward of all.

See what i mean here? Awkward! It's so awkward around strangers, and trying to fit in there; just thinking it makes me irk. For a shy person like me being like that is totally like soooo hard, you know. So being awkward with strangers is totally my greatest.. my greatest worriness so far.

How about you? What's the most awkward moment of your life?
How did you handle awkwardness?
Share with me! :D

And i got tagged by two of my B.A.F aka Best Affies Forever.. (okay that sounds so stupidly wrong).
I couldn't resist to say no, since two of them are such a darling to me. And two of them are Julie the duckie and Clarissa the dorminsmon which i like to squeeze on armpit a lot.. Sorry but it's true she's squeezable D:

So the tag game goes like this.

1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person must post 11 things about themselves in their journal.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer. ( well at least i get to troll around asking stupid questions to people.. teeeheeeheee *trollface* 8D )
4. You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them on the post. HERE WE GO AGAIN.
5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged him/her.
6. No tag backs.
7. No stuff in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you are reading this." You legitimately (AKA, really, truly, with all honesty)have to tag 11 people. (okay okay! This people really is serious about this tagging thing! D: )

So here it goes.
The rules says i have to say 11 things about me.
Okay then here's what you don't know.

1. FYI, i have vagina omg wait that sounds so rude. let's just say i'm a girl. surprised? no? okay then.
2. Currently i'm so into Left4Dead.. and Adam Levine.. ahem.
3. I promised myself that after my exam ends i'm going to watch How I Met Your Mother from season 1 to season 6. period.
4. I like a person that i think will never likes me................ *cries cries cries* YOU MAKE MA SAD YOU HAPPY NOW???!! WAAAAAAAAA *whining whining*
5. I am hungry.
6. I think i wrote this kinds of things a gazillion times already.. and i'm tired.
7. My eyes are nearsighted.. And my minus is about 4.5 each eye. Pretty much normal for a person who loves to stare at monitor every single day.
8. And my sister called me to laser my eyes.. But i don't want it anymore after i watched Final Destination 5 which there's a part where a girl's eyeball got lasered and crushed by a truck. Fcuk that movie it wasted my money just for sitting inside a cinema covering my eyes the whole movie ppsshshh
9. I don't know why i'm doing this. Maybe i am testing myself on how much interesting i can make this tag game to be interesting and fun to read. Idk :/
10. I don't realize that i rant so much that it's number 10 already :O
11. Deep down inside my heart i kinda cheered because i have reached the end of this utterly hard and boring about me post.

Now to answer my fellow affie's questions.

From Julie, she asks..

1. What is the best anime or manga you've watched?
- Well i don't watch a lot of animes and manga but i would say every anime i watched is cool cause Japan rocks. Manga that excites me the most would probably be Azumaki.. *pervert laugh* cause it's.. hehe. gore.

2. Do you easily cry?
- I don't easily cry on problems but i must say i'm a pretty emotional person, i can laugh very easily, i can get mad easily, but i just don't cry easily. I look like crying though when i yawn cause my tears are flowing like crazy when i yawn and people would like "OMG SUSAN WAE U CRY???" and i would be like "no bitch i'm yawning"

3. Do you have any pets?
- Sabbath is his name. I love him so so so so much i could die.

4. What do you do you keep yourself calm?
- I never get calm, to be honest. I am a very panic person and i would go very easily panic on every single thing. Anyone who knows how to keep calm please teach me.

5. What do you think your personality is like?
- Shy at first, insane bitch after.

6. What are you most terrified of?
- Terrified? Hmm lemme see. I don't know D: i'm like terrified on every single thing that people would normally terrified of. True story D: FML

7. Do you have any plans for the future?
- Only to be a professional model or photographer or designer of course.

8. Have you ever regret not doing something when you were younger?
- mmmm not realleehh

9. Do you have anything that you believe in?
- Yes, i believe this world sucks if you think it sucks.

10. Are you a morning person?
- You think?

11. How would you describe your personality?
- Shy at first, insane bitch after.

While from Clarissa, she asks..

1. Do you think Twilight is better than Harry Potter?
- How could a sparkling and glittery vampire be better than a wizardy castle with brooms flying all around it?? Tell meehhh!!

2. Have you ever baked a cake before? If yes, tell your experience.
- No, but i would love to.

3. Do you think I'm a good friend?
- Oh you bet.

4. Mum or dad?
- Mummyy :3

5. Do you like History?
- If by history you mean how Mick Jagger rock and how he laid thousands of girls then yes.

6. What kind of animes/mangas do you watch/read?
- I watch all kinds of animes and manga actually, but i'm more into western than japanese stuffs :3

7. Are you a studious person?
- LOL no, i'm a procrastinatious person wooo that word sounds delicious

8. Define kawaii. o3o
- Kawaii is asian girls with lacidey lacey dress and cute fluffy big orange hair and hamstery eyes and pouty lips taking a super cute picture from above her forehead.

9. Are my questions lame?
This whole thing is lame.

10. Do you want anymore questions?
- I wish i could say no but yes.

11. Oops. What do you want to be when you grow up?
- "when i grow up i wanna be famous i wanna be a star i wanna be in movies when i grow up i wanna see the world drive nice cars i wanna have groupies.." thumbs up if you know this song.

12. Can you sing? Do you love to sing? Do you think your voice is nice?
- I don't know if i can sing but i love to sing. People say my voice is nice but i don't know, really.

13. What do you look for in a boy?
- woooo Dorminsmon's questions is naughtyy 8D i just want his TLC, actually.

14. How do you study for an exam which is in 2 weeks?

15. I love you!
- naaawwwhhh i love you too sweety ;3 *squeeze armpits*

16. I guess it's the end?
- No, still got 2 more questions to go.

17. Chocolate/Vanilla/Strawberry?
- Carameeelllllllzzzz

18. This thing is stupid.

And then i was asked to ask people some random questionnss....

1. Do you prefer peeing or pooing? 8D (HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA uhhm okay)
2. So there's a girl named Rose tell me that her name is Rose because her mom loves rose. So if there's a guy named dick then her mom loves what? D:
3. Okay i sound lame aren't i.
4. Now let's google image the keyword "COUGH".. Tell me, what are they holding actually? D: D:
5. If you didn't Google it, google it now. If you do, what re you thinking? LOLOLOL
6. Okay promise not to be mad with me okay? I'm a victim too actually. -_______-
7. Okay proper questions now. So how much meal you eat on a day?
8. If the answer is 3, doesn't that make you fat?
If the answer is 2, then are you enough about it?
If the answer is 1, HOW COME YOU CAN SURVIVE WITH IT????!!1 D:
9. Okay sooooooo i have to make 11 questions here but i'm out of ideas. What questions do you think should i ask?
10. Why did you choose that question? D:
11. What are you going to answer with that kind of questions then?

Oh i'm so clever. At one second i thought i won't make it.
So the rules said i have to tag 11 people to answer my questions. I'm going to randomly pick random people that just visited my blog recently. Fortunately my close affies won't be tagged cause i know they must be annoyed (you're welcome) soooooo unfortunately the unfortunate 11 people who were chosen by me aaarreeezzzz :

1. Qiao Pei
2. Elilea
3. Frederica
4. Dara
5. Aero
6. Danika
7. Gabby
8. Joe Marie
9. Isha
10. зιαiηε уιι ♥
11. Bethany

These people must be thinking that i'm insane. Well people, i am.
Happy answering my trolled questions LOLOLOL byeeee

P.S : This is what i got when i search "tag game is kinda stupid" on Google.

So Thursday is gonna be over soon, it's been a long day today.

Last night i slept at about 2 or 3 AM and woke up at 7.30 AM (almost late) so i only have 5 hours of sleep. Which is not enough for a sleeper like me. Or should i say not enough for a pig like me. But well uhh that's not the point. I just want to say that i have been lack of sleeping for 3 days, and now i have slight fever and epic headache that's booming in my head right now..

But since everyone of you guys are like "Susan y u no more update?" "Susan why yo blog so dead now?" i'm sacrificing my spare time to blog for a while and let you guys know how much i love you guys... *teary* (thumbs up for me updating blog even though i'm sick! :D)

So last time i promised that i will post a picture of my creative experiment right? Well wait no more folks, cause here it is!


So yeah it's a pixel art, and it's made by little pieces of square paper sized 0.5cm. It's about teenagers these day that tend to smoke, have free sex, drink while they're still in middle high school. I'm making this pixel art because i want to show people and make people realize how messy this world is, and to persuade them to tell their teenagers family or friends to not into these things. I hope you got what i mean cause my brain's literally exploding here.. (thumbs up again for the pixel arrrtt! :D)

Made this in 3 days, sacrificed my sleep and my spare time, even my meal time boo :'(
So i'm literally in hunger right now.. orz

Enough with the emo-ing thing though, at least now i have time to rest. Thank God i have time to rest omgggg


So when i was on my exam this afternoon, i received a text from guess who? Yes Lmyx (i kinda sound stupid here cause obviously everybody can see her name in the picture but oh well never mind). To be honest, i'm surprised and happy cause i didn't expect she would text me cause you know, she's in Philippine. But hey who knows!

She's been a darling to me. Although we seldom chat now, she always comment on my every post (literally) saying how much she missed me. AND EVERYTIME WHEN MY AFFIES TELL ME THAT THEY MISS ME I FEEL SO EFFING GUILTY CAUSE I HAVE BEEN MIA FOR SUCH A LONG TIME OMG *cries* I'M SO CRUEL AND INHUMAN SDAJSDLAJSDLKASJDLKA

But at least i am trying to be more active now. :| (excuses much)

She asked me if we can chat later on Skype. I said definitely yes. But after my exam ends which is in 20 Oct next Tuesday.

So for you those who don't know me but interested in chatting with me, you can add my Skype SusanKucing. (i sound like i'm having a giveaway now wtf)
What are chu waiting foooorrr? Add now!! ;D (see?)

Think that's all, see you on the next post when i have inspiration on what should i blog. Baaaiiiii~

P.S : This song is sick, plus the video clip rocks to the core too. Recommended maan!

So instead of leaving this blog dead and MIA, i'm going to tell you guys what i'm busying lately べーっだ! ( horray for nothing! )

First of all, as you guys all know, right know i'm working on my mid-term exam. You know, all of my mid-term exams are a take home test! Take home test here means all my exams are done at home and when the exam time comes you submit the exams you done at home. Yes, it sounds very 爽 but actually it's not, especially if you're taking design major. Why? Cause you gotta do your work on non-school day! Most of all, since all of us are a procrastinator (well at least i am) everyone of us are delaying our work when we all think we still had a lot of time. Then when the deadline comes, we all panicked and do the work in one night. The results? No sleeping time シラー

I don't know you guys, but i can't live a day without sleeping. Forever respect to those who can go through a day without sleeping!

So yeah mid-terms, and right now i'm busying my photography mid-terms and creative experiment mid-terms.
Lol that's what i'm studying in design major, don't ever get jealous cause all you got to study is only the mathematics and history shizz. MUAHAHAHAHA *evilaugh*


That's what i got from photoshoot hunting yesterday.

Creative Experiment

Currently i'm working on my pixel project. I'm gonna do a pixel drawing using tiny pieces of square paper sized 0.5 cm and patch it all up on a A3 paper. No photos till it's finished! ;D

Other than that, gameeeezzzzzzz!!!!

Doing some zombie killings on Left4Dead..

Still zombie killings..


You should play this game. So adrenaline rushing. Forever in love with this game ドキドキ

And of course..
Never get tired of The Sims 2.

Hopefully this mid-term exams get over pretty soon so i can get inspired much more and update this blog a lot more!

P.S : i just realized of how sexy and hot Adam Levine is after i watched his Moves Like Jagger videoclip....

Uhh September and October must be the toughest months of this year. I mean i have never been attacked by so many assignments in one time. Imagine, you have to do this drawing and photoshooting and illustrating and etc etc..

Just by saying it makes me wanna puke. Urgh.

I've been negelcting my blog very much. Blame the college. and games.and tomorrow are the first day of my mid-term exam. I'm not prepared, to be honest. I still can't believe holidays ends so fast. I love the meeting with my friend part, but nooo college assignments puhleaseeee

btw I just realized my previous' post photo ish very scary. Took it down already.