I've been tagged by Lmyx to write this on my blog. Since i am working on my college assignments so much that i don't know what to update but my blog is near the word 'dead', imma do this thing.

Here goes nothing~


1. Are you single - YES. very.
2. Are you happy - Depends on situation, weather, time, and other conditions.
3. Are you bored - Always.
4. Are you white - No i'm yellow.
5. Are you Italian - No,, senorita, i'm not.
6. Are you intelligent - More like a moron.
7. Are you honest - Sometimes i lie.
8. Are you nice - Umm, i don't know? D:
9. Are you Irish - Yes. Lol jk.
10. Are you Asian - yes, and i'm proud.


1. Full name - Susan Dwiasmorojati
2. Nickname(s) - Susan, Asan, Cece, Kucing, Meong, Meow, sometimes they even call me the human cat.
3. Birth place - Tanjungpinang, bet you guys don't know where the hell is that place.
4. Hair color - Currently is brown + black
5. Natural hair style - Wavy
6. Currently living at – Jakarta.
7. Birthday - 11 May 1993 I'M OLD PEOPLE
8. Mood - Poker face.
9. Favorite color - Any colour will do, you know studying design makes me like every kind of colour :3
10. One place you’d like to visit – Paris.

(whoever made this kind of tagging thingy is a very kepo person)

1. Have you ever been in love - Yes.
2. Do you believe in love at first sight – Kinda.
3. Do you currently have a crush - Yes.
4. Have you ever been hurt emotionally - Yes.
5. Have you ever broke someone’s heart - Yes.
6. Have you ever had your heart broken – Yes.
7. Have you ever liked someone but never told them - Come to think of it, no.
8. Are you afraid of commitment - Yes.
9. Who was the last person you hugged – Family. i forgot which family member :|
10. Who was the last person you said I love you too – YOU ARE SO FUCKING KEPO.


1. Love or lust - Food.
2. Hard liquor or beer - Food.
3. Cats or dogs - CATS DUH.
4. A few best friends or any regular friends - Food.
5. Creamy or crunchy – What kind of fuckery is this. Food.
6. Pencil or pen - Umm, let me think. Still food.
7. Wild night out or romantic night in - FOOD.
8. Money or happiness - FOOD GODAMMIT
9. Night or day - FOOODDD!!!!!
10. IM or phone – you know what my answer is.


1. Been caught sneaking out - LOL i'm a good kid.
2. Seen a polar bear - Yes. On a TV.
3. Done something you regret - a lot. A. LOT.
4. Bungee jumped - Sorry bitch i'm afraid of heights
5. Eaten food that fell on the floor - HAHAHAHAHAHARHARHARHAR ALWAYS BABY
6. Finished an entire jaw breaker – yep
8. Wanted an ex bf / gf back – Errrrrr, for what?
9. Cried because you lost a pet - HIS NAME IS BOB. I CRIED THE SHIT OUT OF THAT CAT. RIP BABY
10. Wanted to disappear - yes, and eat as much food as i can. ALONE.


1. Smile or eyes - his smile and his eyes :'D
2. Light or dark hair - whatever, i never mind
3. Hugs or kisses - kisses. forehead.
4. Shorter or taller - HAHAHAA ARE YOU KIDDING ME.
5. Intelligence or attraction – intelligence.
6. Hot topic or hollister - i prefer jokes.
7. Funny or serious – funny and serious on the right time and the right place.
8. Older or younger - i never mind
9. Outgoing or quiet - Quiet and mysterious sometimes is sexy :3


1. Ever performed in front of a large crowd - Uhh... yes, and it's fucking scary.
2. Ever talked on the phone for longer than an hour – uhuh.
3. Ever tried walking on your hands - LOL IMMA FALL WITH MY BUTT FIRST
4. Ever been to a rock concert - naaaaaahhhh
5. Ever been on a cheer leading team - LOL no, cheerleading is not my thing.
6. Ever went skinny dipping – LOL WTF IS THIS
7. Ever been on a blind date - Why should you go blind for a date?
8. Ever went ice skating – YEESSSHHH HAR HAR HAR
9. Ever owned a BMW, Mercedes Benz, Escalade, Hummer or Bentley – Yes. in my dreams.
10. Ever been in a circus – Circus is scary. Especially those big fat clowns. Ewwh.


1. Currently loving Maroon 5's Moves Like Jagger. very much.
2. I like to wear pyjamas. Cause it's um, comfy.
3. I am a cat maniac, most of you guys probably already know.
4. I hate chocolates.
5. I am a gamer.
6. I hate assignments.
7. My cat is called Sabbath.
8. Currently i have a crush that don't even know i exist. Um maybe he know but he forgot.
9. I hate fighting. Peace lover here yo :/
10. I still have circle phobia.


1. Known as Susan Kucing.
2. College student that study design.
3. an insane bitch
4. Forever and always will a blogger
5. loving every affies of mine :3
6. hungry. anytime, anywhere.
7. emotional.
8. a laughing bitch. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA
9. dreamer.
10. ME.

Now i tag this to you. Yes, you. The one reading this.
You have no other choice. You have to repost this with yo own version!
Happy blogging 8D

I just read a post from Florence (click click! she's a cute girl) about how she wrote about three of her imperfections and how she wants other to tell theirs too. And i thought, why not? Everybody has their imperfections anyway, and you are no exception. Everybody's the same. So don't be shy to tell the world how imperfect you are and still can be happy and living great out of it! (okay i'm being too positive here after my breakdown lol do i look fake? yes? uggghhh okay D:)

That is the first thing i thought about when i heard the word imperfection. Yes, i have zits. No, it's not just one or two, it's covering my whole face and it makes me look like shit. Lemme tell you the history of how zits have been growing on my face. Prepare to be disgusted. (uhh omg what's with me i've been telling honesty to my reader these days and they are going to leave me cause i'm not as awesome as they thought orz)

So, two years ago, when i was in high school, zits starts growing on my face, slowly. And like other typical teenagers, i freaked out, like OMG there are zits on my chin on my forehead what should i do with it and stuffs. I've tried all the freakin facial foam i can ever find, and i've tried all the recommendations my friends gave to me like masking your face with white egg etc too, but no cure. In fact, it's growing a lot more than usual, and it started to grow all over my cheek. I look like shit, i admit. T_T And now, i've been using doctor's medicine, the zits indeed has gone, and my face looks slightly better, but still.. The scar on my face is still there and my face is not as smooth as before anymore, cause i like to squeeze my zits so it leaves a mark T____T /le creyz like crazy

I admit. Zits is my biggest imperfections, if we're talking about physics here. Sometimes Everytime i see a beautiful flawless girl, i get really really sad. Sometimes i even cry to myself. Because i always think about how she can have every little perfect thing every girl wants, while i can't. And because of this evil thing, i didn't dare to do anything, anything. i walk with my heads down, i stay at home till i rots, and i can't do eye contact with people. Zits changed my life, and believe it or not, i feel like i'm a loser now. But yeah, of course. I am learning to be a little bit confident now. I try to think of how zits is only a temporary thing, and how it's going to be dissapear when i waits. I'm picking up pieces of me that i've been dropping all these two years now. Think positive after all is the key to my recovery. :)

This is my second bad habit that will slowly but sure gonna drive people away from me. I get offended too easily. Too easily that even jokes will make me mad. If i get mad, i will scold every little thing that's in front of me, and people around me will pay the price. I really hate this habit of mine, and trying hard to be a more patient person. But of course, it's not that easy. :(

I am kinda emotional too. It matters a lot to me if there's a one person that says me ugly or insult me or whatever. I take it really seriously. And the worst part is, if there's no one there to comfort me, i will cry, and i will think that i am the most pathetic person in this world. Wo tai xiang bu kai, aren't i? But that's what happened.

I'm not trying to be a perfect little bitch here, i'm just trying to love myself. I don't want to see every little things in my body or in my soul as a imperfection, cause baby, i was born this way 8D (LOLOLOL GAGA'S SONG FTW, PERFECT TIMING, RIGHT?? LOLOLOL) So yeah, there is no number three. Or there is according to you guys? :3

So that is my imperfections, and i'm proud cause i didn't do something stupid to harm myself. what is yours?
say it to the world, and pass this on! ;3

Har har harlo peeps. So today i arrived at my hometown on afternoon and um, this is a post to show you that i have recovered from my stupid emotional self (read previous post). I learned that sometimes people just feel useless once in a while. It's normal. Thanks to you guys who comfort me though. It really helps me a lot, and i promise to you guys, i will never harm myself no matter how sad and stressed i am, from now on. :)

To be (very embarrasingly) honest, i cut my wrist before. But, um. Not with razor or knife, of course. I'm too timid to even do that. orz well i used a scissor. It's not bleeding though, it's only scratched and swollen. But it did leave a little mark on the left of my wrist, but not that visible too, cause it's like zillion years ago.. When i was in middle high, i think.

That was the stupidest thing i have ever done in my life. Not only it ruins my self, it breaks hearts of those who love me too. My family, of course, don't know a thing, cause i hid it. But now i dare to say it, cause i wanna admit it, and to tell them that i'm terribly sorry for doing such a stupid thing. God i'm sorry, okay. T_T

Now whenever i feel like shit i just sleep, or play hardcore online games D:
Or maybe still life 2. GAWD THIS GAME IS SICK. i super love it.

But currently i'm very into Angry Birds.

I love their looks, their voice (the little chirping-chirping sound GAWD IT'S SO CUTE I'M GOING TO DIE) and how the pigs laugh whenever they win. that. is. funny. i' m addicted to it very much, and i think i'm going to play it for a week ahead cause in my hometown here there's no other games than angry birds D: (FYI, i'm using my mom's laptop here so yeah)

K think that's nuff said for today's updates, sorry for the tags i just too super lazy to reply it, it's pointless to reply people with "thanks for visiting!" or shits like that anyway (uhh sorry but it's true it didn't give you any advantage, rite?)

I'm tired, and i wanna go to sleep now. Gawd what should i do with my typography assignments, anyone wanna volunteer to help? D: /le scratch head

Sometimes people feel shitty once in a while. For me, it happens often. Too often that i don't know how to deal it anymore, and pretend it doesn't exist while it slowly hurts and cuts the pieces of my heart little by little.

This is just a post about how i feel so pathetic these days, just ignore it if you feel like it's useless to read.

Have you ever feel like you have so much things in mind, too much, and you wanna just spit it all out to someone, or maybe something but there are just no one there to hear you? Have you ever feel like you wanna say all the things in your mind, but you just feel too messed up to say any words to express how you feel? Have you ever feel like you're sad, but without any reason? Have you ever feel like you're unwanted? And you are just nothing in everybody's eyes? Have you ever feel like they won't even care a thing even though you never existed?

I feel all of those, right now. Today. Or maybe everyday. I feel like i'm just nothing. Nothing.

Don't tell me to be positive or whatever shit that you think can make me feel better. I've tried it all. And this feeling, is still here, in my mind, in my heart. And i know, sooner or later this kind of feeling will slowly kills me inside.

FYI, tomorrow i'm going to fly back to my hometown. I don't even know what's so fun about going hometown. Last time when i was there i feel so happy. But now, i don't feel like going home. I wanna be here, in Jakarta, alone.

Today's class demands me to have a camera sooner. I want to, but how am i supposed to buy one with this kind of financial situation? I don't wanna pressure my mom, but i need it also. Not to mention i need a new phone cause my previous one is soaked. Job? What kind of job i can have? I still have to go to college, i can't do any job. Part-time's wage is too little, not worth it. And i have no time to do a full-time one. What should i do?

My head ache so hard everytime i think of all this shit. I feel like wanna cut my wrist and better off die.

I can't believe how far i have gone through blogging..

To be honest, i never thought that i went this far. Last year's 21 August, i created an account for blogging. I made my website susandwiasmorojati.blogspot.com (till now that URL still exists, only it's redirected to this website). I still don't know anything about blogging, nor HTML, nor changing layouts. I was a total noobie! I don't know what should i blog, so i wrote a lot of craps, and a lot of lovey-dovey posts about my ex-boyfriend. Ugh. Haha, everybody does that, didn't they? The writing craps on their first blog and stuffs thing. Writing introdution that no one ever cares. Hahaha. But i have to admit first post is always the most exciting, though. Then after a month or two of desperately searching for good layouts for blog, i discovered blogskins.com, which i thought it was a miracle, cause all the blogskins there are so pretty. But then i feel kinda stupid and a loser cause all the pretty blogskins there is made by teens younger than me...

So i try to learn HTML. And boy, it's actually easy! Kind of. So i start to code a skin, which i never thought would pull-off.. And then, recognizing cbox, for people who came to my blog and can leave me hellos or such. And that's where i found lots of new cyber friends! First cyber friends ever, Lmyx. She is sweet, she is pretty, she is friendly, and most of all, she is willing to be a friend of mine *cough*. At first i never thought someone would make a friend through internet though, cause you never know what that person would look like, or worst, they are actually a bunch of old perverts who imitates as a teen-girl (ugh...). But who knows having with cyber friends is more fun than having real friends? At least when we talk we don't judge each other by looks, at least we don't wear a mask, or being fake, at least we can be ourselves! But of course, no matter how great cyber friends are, it's still cyber, and real friends is better.

So yeah, i get along very well with Lmyx (at least i think so), and then came Julie, Clarissa, Suvii, PuiLing, Ika, Lionel, and lots of lots of others.. I love them all, honestly! They are all so hyper, and i've webcamed with some of them already, and i met one of my cybermates, Ika too! Although our age are a big difference, but that never matters to me..

And haha, i had also changed my layouts a zillion times! I can't even count how much layout i've been changing this whole year. Hundreds, maybe? I never get to stay with one layout for too long.. I get bored easily! And people are already like "Bitch stop changing yo layout.. I'm confused" but i never be able to pull that off.. orz sorry guys LOL.

And about the followers.. I don't even know how can i get so many followers. I mean hundreds? Wow... I feel so honoured!

I mean i never blog something great nor useful, needless to say funny or fun to read D: so where did i get those followers, i have no idea myself. LOL. What i'm going to say here is, thank you so much for those who had followed me from the beginning, thank you so much i don't even know what should i do to repay y'all's kindness. Dancing naked on the streets won't even enough to repay you guys, i guess! But of course.. I would never do that too. I mean you crazy? People would like so freakin out seeing all my stomach fat bouncing all over HAHAHAHAHAHAH

And there's also the time where i sometimes lost my passion for blogging.. Not just once, not just twice, but many times, cause my life is just too boring and i have nothing to tell, and how i always thought blogging is just a waste of time.. But then i went on and bam! My blog is full of my craps again.. HAHAHAHAH

And lots lots more..

There are just too many stories to tell about my blogging world, and how this one year have been so great to me with all this blogging thing. This one post will never be enough to tell all the stories.. You just have to go along with me throughout the years to know what i've been going through! Those ups and downs.. Ranting and swearing.. Hahaha.

Anyways.. I just want to say to my lovely blog.

Happy first blog anniversary!
I promise i will blog till the last breath of my life.
Cause i just love blogging, to death.

I've changed some bits and pieces in my blog.

First, the lullaby song. I've changed it into somehow more lullaby-ish and more relaxing than the previous ones. I forgot what the song is called, but if you love it you can right-click my youtube player (below my blog) and choose 'Watch on Youtube'. It opens in a new window.

Second, i've modified my comment section! Yeesss, and i'm so super proud. Modifying it is like a living hell, i faced a lot of new codes like comment-author-image or something something and i got confused, alot. But thank God now it looks a lot better. Yes, click and comment, baby.

Third, i've added a blogger reaction button on my blog 8D For those who are a lazy-ass when it comes to commenting, have no fear! I have added a blogger-reaction button now, so if you like my post or wanna give some impression on my post, you can just clickidy click away 8D how good am i?

I have been finding this code for like, decades. For classic template ones.

Actually i've seen people using this code already, but when i asked her what's the code for it, she didn't wanna share it with me. What a bitch. But at least now i found it thoooooo wohooo 8D *throws confetti* in yo face sucka.

You don't even know how much i love this iframe.

Enough for the layout thingies, now let's talk about my college life 8D

Well, the classes are boring today. There are two classes today, first classes starts on 8AM and ends on 9.30AM, while the second class starts on 1PM, so we have 3 and a half hours of break time. Since campus is sooooo boring, we all head to Fun World arcade to play 8D
As usual, i played pump it up (it's like dance dance revolution only it has 5 arrows not 4), and i played chimera. Chimera's song is like....

Wait lemme just show you the youtube video so that you know.

Yes, i played that. That fast. And i'm like super tired already in the middle of the song (cos i'm like old and fragile already *cough*) but i have to keep going. LOL. But it was SUPER fun. SUPEERR!!!!! i wanna do it all over again.

Anyone likes to play Pump it up besides me here? 8D

LOL. Those who didn't play pump it up play gambling kinds of arcade games. Smh smh xD

After that we all went to classes cause it's almost 1PM already, but when we reach the class the lecturer hasn't arrived yet, so me, and some of my bro-friends kinda played something like red hands. And whoever loses have to push-up 15 times. LOL cause i'm the only girl who played with them, i was given toleration. If i lose i only have to push-up 5 times :P

So we played. And of course i didn't lose 8D
Anton lose!! LOL and he pushed-up in front of the classes 15 times. And lol when he was pushing up the lecturer comes in to class and saw him pushing up xD
Everybody was like "OMG LOLOL LMFAO LMFAO" and Anton was like "Teeheehee :"3" xD

So i guess that's what funny today :3
Finally, weekends!
Every now and then blogger tends to change their layout. They all get bored, and will change their layout into a better ones. I guess this happens to me now. And this layout, is by capitol.

He's the best blogskin coder i've ever seen on blogskins.com.

To be honest, i've been longing to use his layout, but i don't know how to modify it into my style, nor change it to suit my style. But this time, i dare to take this risk to spend an entire half day to modify his codes. His codes is so neat, so proper. And for a noob like me, those codes are very very hard. I met a lot of troubles, problems and such, cause i *cough* after all am a *cough* bad *cough* HTML coder *cough cough*.

But i'm glad i finished it, i feel very proud now. :'D

How ish me layout look now? <3

Anyways 2 nights ago i went to puncak with sis and Gema. we went there at midnight. So we reach there around 3 to 4 am, when the sun almost rises :O we planned to watch the sunrise though, but we all ended up sleeping inside the car LOL. couldn't take it anymore. Gema takes us to a place where there's a lot of waterfall; but we have to climb a lot to reach one waterfall to another. I was deadbeat, what's worse, i saw a lot of.... *starts to weakened before i even say it* orz

i saw a lot of ferns.

and it's not those ordinary ferns. it's those with a lot of circle ring on the trunk of the tree; even saying it makes me chill right now *le shaking*. And FYI, i have a phobia of circles. well not all kinds of circles, but those who look like bacteries, or messy circles like big Os and small Os becoming one scares me. Even seeing a lot of Os scares me, a bit, now. orz

i don't wanna talk about it, i can't take it. orz

Back to the topic. We went to most of the waterfalls, and we met all kinds of little weird animals in there. We took a lot of pictures, too...

Then something happened.

I asked my sis to take a picture of me. So i posed, and i hide my phone on my boxer. Then when i stand up after my sis took my pic, the phone falls down to the waterfall.


I went shocked for a sec, panicked for a sec, then took it up from the water.
It was fucking soaked..

Which is why this post has no any pictures. *le creyz*

After playing on waterfall we went into a butterfly garden. Saw lots of worms, cocoons, and butterflies. We even saw butterflies mating. And we also has a picture of it. But yeaaaaaaaahhh.... orz

And we went home. The end.

Idk what should i do with my phone now. It is dead. And i am phoneless. And you know, living a day without phone feels fucking empty these days. Even for you who have boyfriends wont feel this empty when your boyfriend leaves you or something. Damn and now i can't contact anybody. I feel like i'm back to being a freakin' homo sapiens. what the hell. That phone of mine is my blood and sweat, i bought it with my angpao money leh. *le creyz*

Buy new phone? I don't think so. No one would buy me one D: *le sigh*

Anywaysss today's college have nothing special happened. <-- wait this sentence sounds weird.


Hope tomorrow's college gonna be fun. I really am looking forward to this term cause it's all about photography man :'D

P.S// btw i don't know how is this happening but i have 145 followers now! ZOMG i feel so honoured. I love you guys all so much :'D
Believe it or not i checked all you guys' blog, and it's all awesome (Y)
Yes i stalk you guys back 8D
I am nice or what.
Well, first day of college :D

Lots of new hairstyle from my collegemates and friends, and lots of them had changed too, as any usual college new term :3
Uhhm me? well, my pimple had decreased, a lot. so i guess that is my transformation? lol
First day of college, as i expected, no class. Going to college is just a whole waste of time besides the part where i can meet all my buddies. LOL :D
They are still as fun as before. I super love them. Hardcore, baby~
Anyways since there's no class we all decided to go to the cinemas to watch some good shits, well at first there were some who wanted to watch Kungfu Panda 2 (including me, actually, cause Kungfu Panda, duh? who doesn't love Kungfu Panda, right?) while the rest of them wanna watch Fast and Furious 5. But since most of them wanna watch Fast Five, we all watched Fast Five. And i thought boooooo :( this is gonna be loaded with a lot of racing bullshits and people acting all gangster-ish and swear here and there.

But bam, am i wrong.

Fast Five is sick. Although my expectation (the whole racing and gangster thing) is true, but the story line is fucking awesome. Like damn, baby. Don't wanna be spoiler butttttt Dominic Toretto and her sister and her sister's husband really kick ass.

To be honest i never watched Fast and Furious before (no, not even once) but watching that movie this afternoon, makes me wonder how the past Fast and Furious movie is. Must be as awesome as this one too, i think?

Then i went home and wondering how next day would be.

Anyways out of the topic above, i kinda realize i have this one thing that make people think i'm such a cocky whore. I can't do eye contact with people, nor smiling with a stranger or acquintance (is my spelling correct? But uuhh whatever) and since everybody always judge someone by their first impression, i always being judged as a cocky whore. Well nobody ever said that to me but i think i look like one .____.

Is it just me or people have that kind of weakness too? That awkward-when-meeting-stranger-and-don't-know-what-should-they-do kinda feeling?

You see, people do eye contact everytime they talk, or interacting, whether it's buying something or whatever. And i just can't. Well. Not like a hundred percent cannot stare people in the eye lah, but i can't stand staring eye to eye too long, like i can get awkward by myself or something although that person is acting just normal to me. That is weird and uneasy for me since that make my social life hard, but well.. Out of that above, i'm trying to be normal and get rid of that awkwardness .___.

That's why today's title is eye contaaccctt ~ *insert backsound here*

Anyways love life has been really complicated to me.... I dun wanna talk about it here. Boo.

AAHH. Harlo thereeee. how long have i abandoned this blog? 1 week? hahaha.
Well, i miss blogging already. But the fact that my days are boring and there's nothing that can be blogged about cannot be denied. LOL :-|
Blame holidays.
What about my games? Well.. They bore me to death already D:
This is just a post to prove that i am still alive and breathing~
But i am about to go to college again though, so i probably will blog daily soon~

I noticed that some of my cybermates never blog anymore.. What happen? Blogging world is so quiet these days~
I miss the days where i can chat via tagboard with a lot of people and still having fun :D
But oh well.

I think that's all, i really don't know what to blog about, my life is just too boring D:
I can't wait to go to college! And i'm waiting my hair to grow long cause it wud look pretty... I think. :3

Oh and sorry for those who tag me..
Imma reply it on my own tagboard cause my internet sucks dick :3


Haaaaii all human being that stumbled upon this post. I just wanna say i might go hiatus for quite a long time cause emm i got 2 addiction currently (which obviously both are games LOL) so i might abandon this blog.. if you still wanna stalk me you can find me on facebook. please don't go twitter, cause i never open it anymore D:

well uhhmm. that's all. And oh last night i watch Transformers 3 in 3D with my friends. Super cool. I super love the bumblebee, almost cried when bumblebee almost got killed by one of the Decepticons. LOL

Then after that me and my friends go to Abang Ade (restaurant that serves noodle + a lot of chilli, i posted abt it before) and Anton's car got crashed by some ol' son of a bitch that don't even know how to drive properly and the whole dinner ambience changed drastically. Anton's car is quite damaged, in the front. Stupid old man.

And my sis lost my wallet too last night. I mean what kind of fuckery is that. Okay the end.

So July had passed (which i think it passed veeerrryyy quickly) and August just came. And this year's August is where Muslims fasting and where Chinese celebrate their hungry ghost festival. Kinda special month, ay? I wish allmy muslims friends can fasting the whole month without any absence. Amen :D

So as the previous post said, today imma go back to Jakarta. And here i am. Blogging with my OWN computer. HAHAHAHA. But here's what makes me a bit pissed off. I asked Gema and sis to install windows 7 but instead of installing that they installed a windows xp system that looked like windows 7 which is obviously is not an original system and worse than original windows xp. Reason? My computer is an old kind of type and my computer can't handle windows 7's swag. Sue? Definitely. So here i am, with my very weird windows xp system that looked like windows 7. PPPFFTTT.

Second, i had saw all my 3 contact lenses, they all raawwkkk :'D so pretty! i can't wait to try it. Unfortunately new contact lenses have to be soaked over night to be worn. Reason? So that the liquid for preserving the contact lenses in the bottle thingy didn't stick with the lenses and didn't hurt our eye :3

Third. Lionel gona make a vlog for me and he asked me to ask him a few questions so that he can answer me on his vlog. So here are few of my questions. YOU HAVE TO ANSWER IT HONESTLY OR ELSE >:D
  1. Who are me to you? :3
  2. How special am i in your eye? :3
  3. Ummm how many gurlfriend had you dated before? KEKEKKEKE >:3
  4. What makes you blog for the first time?
  5. So far how much cymates you have? :O
  6. Who is yo first cymate? :O
  7. And who is the most special one? :3
LOL i think that's all, or else Lionel gonna go crazy if i ask him some more ridiculous questions LOL
imma go to bed right now, it's only like 7pm but i'm dead beat already... Blame the delayed airplanes and my messy as shipwreck dormitory :'(
i have to clean it all over jasdlkajkldajsdasd