too much photos may cause over-dose of awesomeness and leads you to admiring me. wohoo ~

Ahem. So let's talk about what had happened to me today.
Sunday, everybody use this day to either rest and relax or hang out somewhere. As for me, i went to a Japanese Event located at University of Indonesia, Depok to cure my boredom for staying at home too much around holiday.

Dress, Cardigan, Shoes, Bag's brand : IDGAF who the fuck made it this is not a fashion blog and i wear whatever i like so yeah.

My sis and Gema (sis' boyfriend)
cute angle right. i should be a photographer LOL.

Actually my main purpose is to see Gema's band Honeybeat to perform their single. I'm kinda in love with their song Twinkling Melancholy and Kagayaiteru right now. :3

FYI, Honeybeat is a band who performs mostly japanese songs, they do covers like Tokyo Jihen and Shina Ringo but now they have their own single already. Their song's genre is more like jazzy kind of Japanese songs.. soothing.

Here's Twinkling Melancholy, try try hearing it :'D

Kaysoo after their performance, i was more like wandering around only looking at the event and find some place to buy food and sit.. cause the event was all like crowded and such..

you know what i mean now.

So rather than squeezing along with the crowds, Gema took me and Sis to walk around the university.. (the university is hella big) and we decided to take a sit and stroll near a lake with a suspension bridge on it.

And that is where i start to zi lian.


it's Gema's sunglasses! totally in love with it :'D
i never look cute wearing a sunglasses, you know, and this is the first time ever i look nice on it :'D
/le touched

My beautiful wedges with my super chio red nails wohoo ~

Then i started to bother my Sis to take a pic with me also..

Then Gema joined, and we started to make goofy faces.

Normal ones.

Then more zi lian at suspension bridge 8D
actually this photo took me a lot of courage cause i'm scared of heights. and the height between the lake and the bridge is like.... *can't even describe the fear*

Then after that more zi lian..


And what's a japanese event without a cosplay?

Some weird fat bunny-head army showed up and i decided to take a photo with him.

Dunno what anime is this..


Then this weird harajuku guy with white wig and accessories all over his body showed up and i took a photo with him.. Just weird.

They also got Vocaloid, Bleach, Naruto, and K-ON etc etc etc cosplays but i can't take a photo with them cause it's too fucking crowded so yeah D:

They also got haunted house thingies too but crowd swallowed it and i don't have a chance to enter it. :(



Anyways tomorrow my Mom's gonna come here to Jakarta to visit me and Sis :'D
SUPER HAPPY that i can finally meet her and my bro.
But i don't think i can get online as much as i do before anymore cause you know what parents react when they see their own kid stares at computer too long. :(

"BLAH...BLAH...BLAH...BLAH..." *nagging background sound*

Plus i have to take them around Jakarta to have some fun so yeah :'O

Hope tomorrow's gonna be a fun day!

By the way..
Out of the topic above..


Julie ask me to screenshot my Sim character and here it is.
this is my Sim character, her name is Susan Goh, has a fortune aspiration. LOL ASIAN MUCH??

If you're wondering where did i got the pretty hair and accessories and other custom content, i downloaded it here. And for pretty clothes, i downloaded it here.

Have you guys checked out my previous URL susandwiasmorojati.blogspot.com and cat-ass-trophe.blogspot.com? No,they didn't have any pretty relink designs, but have you guys realized that my relink page redirect you to my current blog? ;D

i found this very useful for relink pages, especially when our readers are too lazy to even click to our new blog and just close away our blog ;O

so to prevent that, why not we just redirect them? :D

how to redirect our relink page then?

good question. here is the magical code.

By adding the above code to your relink page, your page will redirect itself to your new blog URL. :D

just replace http://YOUR-URL.blogspot.com to your own URL.

Note the number 2 in the meta content. The number 2 sets how much seconds before the website redirects it to a new page. You can change that into 10 seconds or less/more if you have a message to show before your relink page redirects you to a new page. :D

that should do the problem. i hope this helps as much as it helps me.
Got problems? comment ;)
Hi guys, i'm back to blogging again! xD just realize that i can't live without blogging anymore. blogging is like a part of my life now, not to mention the cybermates.. i can't even explain how awesome and wonderful you guys are. you guys really complete my life. Lmyx, Suvii, Clarissa, PuiLing, Julie, etc etc. I love you guys so much :'D

just to inform you guys, my depression for exams is ovaarrrrr ~


so very happy that i can finally sleep with ease at mind. but yeah, i bet my results will lead me to depression again cause i'm aware that this semester i didn't ganbate enough to get a high score. :(

i'm gonna be killed by my mom *chuckles*

anyways, how are you guys?

i miss you all so much! xD
i'm sorry that lately i didn't reply some of your tags, it's just that i was really busy with my exams so i just checked my tagboard without replying it :(

i hope you guys are not mad at me :'O

teehee ~

speaking of life..

last night i had a blast xD
i had my first BBQ party with all my collegemates, at Anton's house YAY :'D

Juli, Meli, Eve, Anton, Richard, Dedee, etc etc ~
i think it's around 20 people that joins the party :'O
it was such a great fun xD
we grill beefs and chicken satay together and we even have nuggets, and french fries ahahahaha
in the end we all sleep in a room all together, squeezing each other teehee xD

overall, i had a lot of fun, which explains why i didn't go online yesterday 8D

actually, there's more story than just having a party, i really suck at explaining and telling a story that's why i only say i had a great night .____.

GAWD WAE I ALWAYS DO THIS. everytime i had an event in my life i can't describe nor explain it to the details xD
but oh well, at least you guys know the point.

the only disadvantage on this party is Anton's house is FULL OF MOSQUITOS and we are bitten to death by those mosquitos D:<
AND I GOT PANAS DALAM BY EATING TOO MUCH GRILLED AND FRIED FOOD which makes a fuckin zit on my face. -____-


but oh well that's all :'D
no photos yet atm cause my friend haven't upload it yet D:


i wanna share with you guys a fucking awesome song i got last night from my friend, it's called Witchcraft by Pendulum :'D
if you like songs like Linkin Park or something like that, you'll gonna love this song.

Okay just so that i don't feel guilty, imma post all the fan signs people had made foo me :'D




thank you guys. it's so sweet. really.

if you want a fan sign from me comment on this post i'll be makin it after my exam :B
......or maybe not =___=
depends on my mood and my frequency of playing The Sims.
Hi guys. Just to tell you guys i'm still alive at the moment. But i think i'm not going to be online or blogging for quite a few days or maybe weeks or maybe worse.. months. It's just that i have new stuffs to play currently.

And what is that?


okay you guys maybe not impressed by my reason cause The Sims 2 are so outdated already and blablabla--- YES,i know. The Sims 2 is outdated already. In fact people are playing The Sims 3 for a long time already and i'm still stuck with The Sims 2. But to tell you the truth, i'm a Sims freak -___-

i love playing all the version of The Sims, whether it's The Sims, or The Sims 2,or The Sims 3. And i've been craving for The Sims 2 for quite a long time already so yeah, when my sis brought the game home, i was like:


Lol of course i didn't say "YAY BITCH" in front of my sis. That's plain rude.

So yeaaaahhhh i've been playing for two days one night now :B
Okay i still sleep and eat and take a shower. But other than that i spend my time playing it. And yeah i almost died of dehydration cause i didn't drink water while playing HAHAHAHAH

How about my exam?

Great question.

Last time i got a D on my nationality subject and i almost went crazy because of it.
I didn't skip the class, i do all the homework, i listen when the lecturer speak, i even study for the exams which i usually dont. what did i do wrong?

Oh yeah but then i realize, the lecturer are old already. Kinda 70th years old i guess? Smells like graveyard already.

And he give shit to every of his student whenever he wants. Right. Why didn't i think of that earlier?

Some of my friends which i think is clever also got a D from him, while some friends of mine who always think the subject is shit and never listen what the lecturer speak got fucking C from him.


Argh. And i have to like have that class for the next semester again for remedy.


Kay cursing session over.

I still have two more exams to go. It's on next Monday and Thursday.
Wish me luck okay?
Seriously i have yo freaking convince myself to study now.



thank you so much for the cymates that made me a fansign smooch smooch :*
i promise imma post it lateeeeerrrr promise!!

and if you wanna contact me just leave a tag or mention me on Twitter; i promise im gonna reply also!

Cyaaaa muaach
Fan siggggnnnssss ;D
For Lmyx (my number one hunnie)

She super loves Domo. So i domo-ized every alphabet of her name and it ended up like this.

This one, is for PuiLing.
Teehee i just draw chibi version of her talking ;D

Last, Kitty.
Look at your sign! Black mysterious cat ;D


uhh lately my blog is spammed by my face =A=
i feel nauseous wtf.

Stay tuned, i'm gonna post a lotta pics of my bear toys havin fun ;D
It's gonna overload with cutenessss woooo

oh btw THANKS LIONEEELLL loves ya ♥♥♥♥♥

For Lemzki

That boy is Lemzki! Teehee.
Swirls fills the alphabet :"D

For Lionel cause he made me a sign last time

Lionel is awesomer!

you want signs? tell me :3
P/S : this is a hateful rantings.

I don't get why older people always assuming that they are smarter than younger ones. Like how they say they have more experience than me and how they say i still haven't gone through any shit yet and i should hear what they say instead of making decisions myself and will harm myself in the end. Then when i try to say what's on my mind or what i've gone through, they went all like "who's older than you?"

I hate it so much when that happens.

Okay i'm not saying that i don't need to hear what they say lah. Of course, their advices are still useful and educating since i'm younger than them but please at least respect what i'm going to say, okay?

It's not like it'll kill you or anything.

I'm just trying to express what i feel.

So hard meh to just hear what i am going to say?

I am so pissed off right now, like all the respect you've gained from me gone in a second just because your stupid ol' egoistic manners.

If you want me to respect you like i have to, respect me too, okay. Don't even expect me to like respect you and worship you just because you're older and you're treating me like a slave or some kind of trash you don't even worth for hearing.

I am a human and i also have a feeling, okay.

Fucking old people. always piss me off.


i'm done working my hardest assignments. but a lot of works still waiting for me to go and do it. i think i'm not going to reply your tags though, sorry for that.
Tempted to do this kind of shizz again LOL. last time i only made it to day 3 and then i lost the interest. :|

this is day 1, day 2, and day 3.
look at the date i last posted this 10 day challenge thing! LOL.

such a lousy blogger.

okay cut the crap. let's start the day 4.

7 people that inspire me.

come to think of it i don't really have that much people to be inspired cause i'm more like envy and jealous of people more successful than me (OMG BITCHY MUCH. not something to be proud of definitely) so yeah. LOL. but somehow there are still people who inspires me to be a greater person though.

The first one and the most obvious one.

the person that i post about in my previous post which is Xiaxue. The reason?
Read my previous post i'm too lazy to repeat.

The second and the most influential one.

I present you.

it's a photo of my dearest mom with my super eekie editing.
I edited it like 49198412 years ago so yeah you can see this is a very old photo.

My mom is like day-dreaming or something idk. It's candid.

Why my mom inspires me?

Okay first let me tell you a short story about my family.

When i was 2 years old, my dad passed away. at that time my family's financial was very poor and my mom was left behind two little girls (me and my big sister) to be taken care of and she's like don't have an idea on how to feed us so she has been a mom and a dad for us. i mean she taken care of us + worked for us and i know that was really hard for her.

she often told us about how she's been going through and how life has been a total shit to her with all the shitty life she's been handling and people being bitchy to her about how she dress and stuffs (you know come to think of it my mom is kinda popular among bitches in my hometown) but i know she's very strong and i know she's been trying to be the best parent for both of us (plus my little brother now) and still smiling in front of other people so yeah she inspires me both on how to be strong and how to walk on this shitty life :)

although her nagging is unbearable. but i know she wants the best from us.

and i love this woman to my grave with my deepest heart.


speaking of people being bitchy to her about how she dress and stuffs, i can't stop being mad and annoyed. can you aunties please stop gossiping about people's business? and is it just me or pinang auntie's mouth are the most poisonous ones? -___-

i know this one person who fail his grades on school and the next thing you know he was being gossiped by the entire pinang city and his name is everywhere like some kind of trending topic in twitter, i mean WTF man.

My first reason.

no one is perfect, okay. we all born with different kinds of flaws, so stop saying people like you're the most perfect person in this world. PLUS, look at yourself first at the mirror. you say people like that you yourself never did it in your entire life meh?

like how this girl dress so old-fashioned or whatever. PLEASE LAH HO.

there was a time when i dress like a hobo (i wear big-sized T-shirt and some hawaiian trousers) to my aunt's coffeeshop and when i got there my aunt was like "wapiang eh san.. why did you wear T-shirt like this? *poking and pulling my shirt like it's a trash or something* look at your cousin A, she always make up and dress leh.. so beautiful lah, when people look at her they will go like "woahh".. why didn't you like that? look at you, dressed like a beggar like this, you aren't ashamed meh?"


First of all ho my dearest aunt, you are opening a coffeeshop, not some kind of a five star rated restaurant. you couldn't possibly expect me to wear a gown and a bride make up with 123412391 cm high heels to your ol' coffeeshop, didn't you? :) PLUS, your coffeeshop's customer mostly are men. why should i wear some kind of super sexy clothes (oh wait FYI, pinang's chicks likes to wear exposed clothes even in rainy days) or being pretty just to please your 70% of customer? tell me why. :)

Second, it's my choice to wear like hobos or even sexy bikinis, okay. i am comfy wearing that kind of stuffs, and i don't even give a shit about how people look at me or judge me so I DON'T GIVE A FUCK.

you mad?

Okay back to the topic.

My second reason.

you are an auntie already. it means you already married, have kids, and have household chores to do. why don't you just get busy with your own life and not care about other people's business?

you gossip so much you don't even know your daughter at house already fucking her own boyfriend ah i tell you.

My third reason.

PEOPLE HAVE THEIR RIGHTS TO DECIDE THEIR OWN LIFE. AND THAT'S WRITTEN IN THE LAWS ALREADY, OK. so as long as their decision don't affect negativity on the society, why you even care so much? like their decision will pinch you, hit you, make you hurt or something.

not like i wanna be controversial or something, but please behave lah.
you're an auntie and you're not giving your child a good example. ppffftt.


my page reaches 400 views on 2 days.


i can't even describe how i'm feeling right now. i mean i don't even know what you guys reading, like seriously man. what? LOL.

thank you so much.

and for those who gave me this award :

thank you guys all so so much i feel like wanna virtual bear hug you guys or somethin' LOL.
you guys are the best.


Just now i was reading my oldest oldest post when i just start blogging. Don't ever bother to read. I deleted it already.

The contents are like...




he's a dick. he's a bastard. why you so obsessed with him man?

he don't even have a good side. except for his loyalty i have to admit.


why you so in love with him?
i kinda regret i spent a year or more with this piece-of-shit.

i mean come on. did your dudes get jealous of you being a fan of some movie stars? i remember when there was a time i was so in love with Miroslav Klose, a german footballer. And he was like.. *roll eyes* UH.

and, and, he gets mad whenever i forgot to reply his text or something.

And more ridiculous shit.

and more ridiculous shit.

and more ridiculous shit.

and i was like soooo stupid to bear with all this stupid nonsense all this time.

i can't even remember how much tears i've shed for you and your useless behaviour.
son of a bitch i'm done with you.
yesss you see the post title. i'm gonna blog about her today plus i wanna push down my previous post cause i look like (is it just me or do i look like) some narcisstic girl trying to get attention. -__-


just now i read a lot of her blog entries. i mean like, A LOT. (uhh i'm such a stalker) i wade through a lot of her interesting entries but one that caught my attention the most is this post about how she and her husband Mike's love story and how they married in the end just like a fairy tale awwhh :'D

i mean i don't even know they went through so much to be together!

but what i really admire from Xiaxue is her way of blogging though.

She really knows how to express herself through words without caring how people think about her and although her blog is like super public and readable by thousands even zillions of people, she still can blog and tell her life stories like she's telling secrets to her BFF. and her choice of words and vocabulary; respect!

okay lah, some people may not like how she had done few times of surgeries and such, how fake and unnatural she is, but hey at least look at the bright side she's super gorgeous now and choosing plastic surgery to fix her nose was a good idea :D

and at least she's famous and making a fortune out of it.

not saying that i wanna be 100% exactly like her lah but her way of making people intrigued by her posts and her way of blogging and makes people wanna read more, two thumbs up.

and if you don't know who the hell she is, it's time you have to know about her.


P/S : AND AND I LOVE HER BECAUSE SHE NEVER BLOG WITH TONS OF PHOTOS WITH HER CLEAVAGE OR SEXINESS ON IT like trying to get attention from perverted apeks or horny boys lah can.
Yesterday me and my sis had a photoshoot at Gedung Akar located at Kota Tua, Jakarta. It was tons of fun.

thanks to Mr. Slamet for the Gedung Akar and all other photographers involved ( Acai, Kk Krist, Jim2)

Here are some of my best photos.


[/le edit]


my face itself never look fierce enough so it's hard to take photos of me being gothic =A=

still waiting for the others to upload their part!