hai gaiz.

uhh. see my post title? yeah there's so much thing in my mind. it's like twirling and running inside my head like.. uhh, i can't even describe it. so many things had happened during these days but there's always too little time to post. i procrastinate and do assignments too much x'(


well, there's a few important things that i want you guys to know tho.




*throws confetti all over my blog*
YEAH BITCH I GOT A DOMAIN ALREADY!!! super excited, super happy, super touched, super excited (oh wait i mentioned that already)


i was like

when i know my domain is going to be published and then my face turned into

when i first saw it on my browser.
is just, i've been longing it for months, you know?


i wanna thank Kitty so much for the domain though. She is one hella generous girl, giving out domains for free. :'D

visit her or i'll smack you in the ass.

and yes, tumblr GIFs FTW.


Suviinthra (yes she's one of my awesome blogger friends) had made me a belated birthday gift. Here it is.



Another awesome blogger friends of mine called Clarissa (and yes me, clarissa, and suvii together are the perverted trio) gave me this friendship button that she got from another blogger. Here it is. IT'S A FRIENDSHIP BUTTON MAN. YEAH BABY. but who even made this button.


I have an assignments last time and i was asked to make a collage and we have to choose what theme should we pick. There's (if i'm not mistaken) 5 themes, they are feminime, macho, hi-tech, exclusive and funny. I chose to make a feminime collage and here goes nothing.

sorry for the dark photo.


Last Thursday me and my 3 other girlfriends promised to wear the same color shirt, up-do our hair and wear our friendship bracelet.

Here is some of the narcisstic photos we took.

uhh don't even say i'm cute or anything. i look the worst there.
feels like wanna change my hairstyle but idk...



is it just me or this person's blog layout look exactly like Xiaxue's layout?

[link to the blog]

Comments are welcome.
P.S : This will only work in Google Chrome, Safari and RockMelt.
Sorry Mozilla Firefox users. :(

There are lots of people asking me how to make scrollbar like mine. Well because today i'm feeling awesome (LOL RANDOM MUCH) i will tell you how to do it. GIMME SUM DRUMROLLZZZ.

For my scrollbar, i used this code :

::-webkit-scrollbar {
width: 10px;
height: 10px;
background: #ffffff;

::-webkit-scrollbar-track-piece {

::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb:vertical {
height: 50px;
background-color: #54777B;
-webkit-border-radius: 5px;
-webkit-box-shadow: 0 1px 1px rgba(255,255,255,1);

::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb:horizontal {
height: 0px;

::-webkit-scrollbar controls the entire unit of your entire scrollbar. background, width, height, you can control it through here.

::-webkit-scrollbar-track-piece styles the thin background where the scrollbar moves. i leave it empty there cause i want my background to be transparent.

::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb:vertical is the bar that goes up and down your screen. i put border radius on my scrollbar, and a little nice shade of shadow so it'll look real and 3D. Notice the vertical. Vertical is the one that controls the up and down on the right of your screen while horizontal controls right and left on the bottom of your screen (usually). i put ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb:horizontal's height 0px cause i don't need a horizontal scrollbar.

Notice that my scrollbar has no up and down buttons on it. I have no buttons because i didn't put the code for it. If you wan't a button like the default one, you have to put this code :

::-webkit-scrollbar-button:end:increment {
height: 30px;
display: block;
background-color: black;

i set the height 30px and black background so it'll have a 30px black background button between your scrollbar. now change the style whatever you like and it'll do the trick.

well actually it has more features but so far that's all i know.

You see i'm a sucker at explaining so if you have any questions or curiosity just comment on this post or tag me on the tagboard.
Or if you want to, visit this website for more details.
I met a person named Kitty and we had a little conversation about this giveaway. She said she's giving it free to 5 people!

And i joined it! And now i will post about this so that others will know..
Oh man, oh man. If i got this domain for free it will save my life many times.

This is a good news for those of you who can't afford to buy a domain name on your own but reaaaallllly want to own one.

NOTE: This giveaway is only for those who do not own domain names.

I am going to give the first 5 people who commented in this post the opportunity to get a domain name of their own (I know, I know, this is exciting isn't it?). :D

So what do you have to do?
Before you pick a domain name of your choice, make sure it has not been registered yet. You can check the availability of the name [here].

What domain name extensions can you request?
You can choose either: .com/.net/.org/.info extensions.

The catch!
Right, nothing in this world is truly free, so I have my own price. But no worries, you don't have to pay me anything. What I need from you is simply a short blog post about this giveaway and put up this button:

Also, I will pay for the domain names for one year only, after that you may choose to let the domain expire or you can renew it yourself.

Why am I doing this? What's in it for me?
No particular reason and I gain nothing from this. I'm just feeling tad generous. :)

If you've read everything above, you may comment in this post using this format:

Email (valid email please):
Current website URL:
Desired domain name (make sure it is available):
URL of the page where you posted about this giveaway:

Once I have 5 people in the list, I will close this giveaway.

I will be sending out emails to those who are accepted for the domain names giveaway to discuss about several matters. Please check your email regularly.


so what are you doing now?? grab for the domain now; AND FAST!
she only gives 5 first people that comment on that post!

...someday. idk i feel like wanna buy a domain for this blog :D what do you think? should i buy or not?
heehee. sorry for making you excited first :B

btw i have been tagged by a few person now with the 10 things about me thingy and an award. so i'll just post it as one okay? and i'm not gonna tag it to anybody, just let other bloggers do it.

  1. i don't really share my problems with anyone. if i have problems or something i'll keep it myself until i found the answer.
  2. i'm a pretty awkward person.i don't know how to start a convo and i don't know how to react on certain things.
  3. i am not comfortable with my self. i like to envy people's perfectness -__- not something i'm proud of though.
  4. i am called Kucing at my campus and Cece when i was in high school
  5. I have a genius little brother. He's only 11 and he already knows how many satellites on Saturn. And when you come to my house and see his bookshelf, it fills with scientific books and anatomy books. HE READS IT. i feel dumb as her big sisters lol
  6. i drink a lot of waters. i can drink 3 big bottles of water in 1 hour or less.
  7. I eat a lot. i can eat 3 portions of your average portion.
  8. I LOVE spicy food.
  9. My mom is a Mandarin teacher. She always ask me to learn Mandarin but i'm too lazy to tho =A= but i love her to death.
  10. My dad passed away when i was 2 years old.

There. Mission completed.

And thanks to Clarissa and Panda for giving me this award :


Last night my faculty has an annual ceremony called 'artnaval'. It has lots of bands performing there. One of them is called "Angel Of Fire", a band from Australia (if i'm not mistaken). They are great.

Here are some of the photos i took when i was there.

my face is fucking oily wtf. everyone look preety except me =A=

and yes it's a narcisstic photos of me and my girlfriends. i didn't take a photo of the stage cause it's dark.

it ends on 12am in the morning. and everyone went home with sleepy eyes.
and that's where shit happens to me one by one.

and as i mean 'shit' i don't wanna tell anyone what that 'shit' is cause it's really a disaster for me.

Only trusted affiliates or cybermates can read this.

Oh, and btw, i have updated some batches at SPV though.

check it out.

WEBKIT SCROLLBAR TUTORIAL COMING SOON though so stay tuned wooots.
*this is faster than i expected but oh well


ignored my blog for quite a few days now. i'm sure quite miss it.
and YESSSSS i changed my blog layout. how's it? nice? too plain? too white? too simple? too awesome? too perfect? 8D

LOL yes. it is done by accident (in fact, i always make all my layouts in accident).
i wanna change my layout so bad so i started to wade through the codes and try to change it one by one but then it got screwed and when i try to fix it by uploading the codes that i saved in my PC i uploaded the wrong one and there goes my previous layout. LOL.

but i'm glad i have this one though. cause i have my drawing as the blog's background, and yes you can guess how proud i am.

So yeah, i hope you guys like it as much as i do and it will bring me moar followers :B you wish...

Oh, and one more thing,


you know. just to make sure everyone can read it. haha



yes, still sucking up all my assignments, and in my assignments i was told to make a signage for shaman (witchdoctor) and for singers in streets. you know, those who sings in the streets asking for money ones.

and FYI, signage is signs you see often in the toilets and lifts.
for example this,

or this,

LOL you see the last one? very funny.

so i made this two.

this one is for shaman, and yes shaman in Indonesian is called Dukun.

and this one is for street singers, and yes in Indonesian is called Pengamen.

So what do you think?

Does the sign look obvious for those two professions or not?
Gimme your opinion so i know where to repair :B


Oh and actually i actually drew a sign for you too. In 'you' i mean Clarissa, Suviinthra, PuiLing, Chloe, Lmyx, Julie, and Cherie.

But some dick at the stationery store forgot to scan it even though i had asked them so yeah pitures will be coming soon be patient kays :(



it's held by my awesome babes Julie in her newest graphic site Colorful Sweets. IF YOU THINK your layout has a swagger or IF YOU THINK your layout is a perfect ten, you should join and compete with me >:3



i was fine. okay am still fine. but i admit i got a cold since yesterday and i was planning to update my blog with some useless shit until i caught a cold and flu and cough and the list goes on till i almost died. and yes, i still got a cold now but i'm feeling better, and i miss blogging, so i blog, although there's nothing special to blog about except how miserable i'm feeling right now. and i look like shit. worse than shit. so no self-narcisstic photo for this post except some random birdy GIFs i got from vagina blood.

So i have lots of assignments waiting for me. Here are the list; i'm gonna write in Indonesian cause my brains are too fucked up to think for the perfect words to match this whole subjects:
  1. Kolase desdas, cut and paste work
  2. Makalah DKV + make 2 signs of dukun and pengamen + make 2 Figure and Ground
  3. Nakalah KWn (you don't have to know what is this but i fuckin hate this subject)
  4. Mengdas 7 sketsa cepet tentang lingkungan
  5. Gampres yang di besarin d kertas A3

shit i hate runny nose.

so there's the list of my assignments, and i haven't done all of them, and this shitty cold came to me in the most wrong time, and my last term exam are going to start at 6 or 8 June.

what can be better than this.

i hope i'm not gonna collapse by my schedule there.

PLUS, I AM SO CRAVING for Audition. haven't play it in like, ages. okay not exaggerating but that's how i feel.

i think that's what i can say in this post. other than that nothing great happens.

P.S : AWKWARD MOMENT ALERT >> peeing in the public toilet. i mean, how awkward is that? just imagine the public toilet is full of womens not talking to each other (which makes awkward silence) and then suddenly the peeing sound of yours came and then everyone can hear you pee.


thi.. it's just too awkward.

oh and one more thing for you so that you're not too bored reading my shitty post about how miserable i am, another random GIF for you.

Hi this is a short quick post about my cat, Sabbath. And i'm missing him. And no he's not fierce, he just look fierce. Differenciate that. And i hope he still living when i graduate on my studies later. I love him way too much.


Last night i was introduced to this anime with my sister and YESSSHH i'min love with it already. it's an anime about a boy known as "Koyuki" who enters junior high school with two childhood acquaintances. One is a pervert, and ironically the other is a highly sought after female student. Koyuki's boring life is changed when he saves an odd-looking dog, named Beck, from some kids. Beck's owner turns out to be an emerging rock musician, Ryūsuke Minami, who soon influences Koyuki to start playing the guitar, and even gives one to him. The story focuses on the trials and tribulations of their rock band named BECK, and Koyuki's relationships with the members of the band, in particular Ryûsuke Minami and his sister, Maho Minami.

You probably know that description above is copied from Wikipedia cause i sucked at explaining.

what i wanna point out from this anime is that the picture is damn great, the boys is damn hot, and the story is very interesting and it makes you wanna continue watching it. it makes you feel like.. idk. you feel awesome when you're watching it.

well basically there's five boys in that band.

Yukio "Koyuki" Tanaka (田中 幸雄 Tanaka Yukio), the main character of the BECK anime. Joins BECK after his hard practicing on guitar (which reminds me of K-ON cause the storyline are kinda the same) and a vocalist. Kind of a loser at first, but as the episode goes by, he kinda learn how to be a man and knows how to play guitar and swim properly. His hairstyle kinda look like Nobita in anime, but looks cute in human version of BECK. :3

Ryūsuke "Ray" Minami (南 竜介 Minami Ryūsuke), A slacker, but incredibly talented guitarist, he inspires Koyuki to begin playing guitar. He is the lead guitarist of BECK as well as its founding member. Handsome in anime, but look sissy in human version one. No offence, though. xP

Maho Minami (南 真帆 Minami Maho), sister of Ryusuke, a nice vocal. kinda wild but match well with Koyuki. I only watched the anime till episode 10 which Koyuki and Maho are just friends but i have a feeling they'll make a good couple.

Ken'ichi Saitou (斉藤 研一 Saitō Ken'ichi), a 44 year-old single and perverted man who teaches Koyuki how to swim and play guitar perfectly. Although he's like fugly and perverted and all, he's a good ol' man.

Yoshiyuki Taira (平 義行 Taira Yoshiyuki), BECK's bassist. Blonde, hot, charming, aawhhh ~
LOLOL. okay, he's perfect. and he's cool. Looks charming both on anime or human version.

Tsunemi Chiba (千葉 恒美 Chiba Tsunemi), main vocalist of BECK, crazy and all. but he's a good person. and oh he's the one with the big round curly hairstyle above.

Yuji "Saku" Sakurai (桜井 裕志 Sakurai Yūji), at first he's only a friend who dares to approach Koyuki even though Koyuki's been bullied but later joins BECK and his position is a drummer. Happy and easy going guy, have slant eyes in animne but in human version he's super handsome <3 <3
and i love him.

So you guys must be wondering how the human version looks like, right? Well here's a picture of it.

from the left : Maho, Chiba, Ryusuke, Koyuki, the goddamn sweet Saku, and the sexy Taira.

for clearer picture seek Google -___-

so i guess imma cling to this BECK anime for awhile, and if you're interested of it you can read the manga HERE (click it!) or watch the anime live HERE (click!) (and yes i recommend watching the anime rather than the manga).

Happy BECK-ing :3
Hey guys. Nothing much. Just wanna tell you guys that lately i'm in love with Skrillex(click click) which is a dubstep music and Christina Grimmie's song (click!). They both sounds so sick, i can't resist listening to them everyday. So because of that, i thought i'm gonna share it with you guys. :D

One of my favourite songs of Skrillex is this one called Weekend. The bass is sooo amazing i feel like i'm so rocking out LOL.
Oh, Christina Grimmie likes Skrillex too. In fact i know Skrillex from her! LOL.

Here it is.

The other-also-sick songs is called Seventeen, Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, and My name is Skrillex. Oh you should check out all of Skrillex's songs.

While with Christina Grimmie, i recommend you hearing this first.

and yes, Sam Tsui is handsome.

Oh this one rocks also.

Her voice is damn nice.
So yeah, enjoy. :)

And uh, one more thing. I just received a picture from my Honey, Lmyx (she's always so awesome) and i wanna show it to you guys.

Thank you so much, hunster. You'll always be my number one cymates <3 <3

i didn't expect that i'll ignore my blog for 5 days. I'm so sorry you guys. T____T
So much for asking you to stay tuned while i didn't update at all omg guiltyyy i apologize, okay? ;_______;

oh and i wanna thank you all for the birthday presents and greetings whether it's on the comment post or on the tagboard. it was amazing to know that you guys care for me! especially my bitches (AND YES CLAR AND SUVII I'M TALKING TO YOU 8D)

also thank you Julie for the lovely cake image you had made for me :

it's freakin' cute.

and also thank you for Lionel for wasting your time just to make a sign for me :

thank you so much.

i seriously love you guys to death.

And oh as i promised i had put you guys opinions about me (including link) on my About page. GO GO GO see it see it! xD


so imma tell what had happened to me in this 5 days.

First, i wanna tell you guys that i'm so lucky that i didn't get flushed with water by my friends xD
they all didn't bear to :P (or more like didn't dare to cause i'm damn fierce trololol)

Second, i went to a study tour on Thursday which i really had fun to cause that study tour really inspire me a lot.

We went to an artist's house and we get the chance to see him paint a canvas LIVE in front of us and we also get a chance to play clay and make sculpture of our own (uuhh, but because we all don't know how to do a sculpture we just make random shizz like kids playing play-doh lolol). Then we can fishing there (which is really fun, Meli caught a big fish that day idk how, she is really talented in fishing LOLs) and we drank lots of coconut too. they have coconut trees there. it's so fun and it feels like you're living in the wild. no cars, no technologies, everything looks so artistic. damn love it. then we go home at night and i went to sleep. :D

Third. I see raining hearts in my dreams :'D OHH you don't need to know what is this. It's a secret! <3

Fourth. I spent the rest of my time playing Theme Hospital and Audition, yes you heard it i procrastinate a lot. And just so you know, it feels good. LOL.

Fifth, i'm wondering to change this layout again but this one is just wondering. Maybe yes maybe no.

So yeah. Rather than that nothing special happened. Kay don't be so dissapointedddd!!! D:<

and oh, My twinnie Chloe ask me to include her into my post so i did. LOL. HAAIII TWINNIE ;D ILY!! <3 <3
(actually it's on 11 May, that means tomorrow but oh well)


I am finally a year older now. 17 going to 18 and ready to be an complete adult. well, actually i'm happy but on the other side i'm also sad. happy cause i can live an adult life with my wonderful friends and family (oh not to mention i thank God for giving me a chance to live 1 year older), sad cause i'm closer to the word 'death'. well. not really that 'sad' though, but you know what i mean. mixed feelings, up and downs.. yeah.

Just now i went to D'cost (it's a seafood restaurant with average price!) with my friends. or should i say half of my class' classmates are there. me, Melia, and 3 of my other friends (who also have birthday around May) buy all of my friends a feast and we're all so full and so having fun. took a lot of photos but since it's just happened this afternoon, photos are still not uploaded so you'll just have to wait.. or not.

decided to karaoke after the meal but somehow no one wants to so it's cancelled. but oh well. i can play online games or something :3
(wtf it's my birthday and i'm spending my birthday playing online games LOLOLOL)



nothing really happens today, but idk tomorrow -_____-
maybe i'm going to be sprayed water like Melia or maybe worse; my friends all have evil plans already. i don't know. just stay tuned and wait for my updates about what will happen tomorrow. -____-



i want you guys readers to give me a birthday present! :3

the present i need from you guys is very damn simple (AND OF COURSE NO NEED MONEY).
i want you guys to comment under this post or tag me saying what kind of person i am to you this whole time.
just start with the word "Susan is.." and write down your opinions about me. Simple isn't it? :'D

Thank you so much if you guys wanna write about me cause, later i'm going to put all your opinions about me on my about me link + your blog link so yeah. Win-win solutions. ;D

I felt like my explanation is confusing is fxcked up. Did you guys understand what i mean? :'O


out of nowhere there's a photo of me with my girlfriend, Julie!
and oh i'm the left one. :')
Hi there. I just chat with Kevin (you know this guy? yeah my ex, or should i call him douchebag? oh whatever) and webcam with him tonight. I don't know.. I feel so wrong, but on the other hand i'm glad i still can get in touch with him. And yes, if you ask me i still love him or not, i still love him! Whatever i do to try forget about him, it makes my heart hurts more cause this memories about me and him are too precious to be forgotten. If i try my luck to come back with him and try fixing everything i still have the chance but can i really fix it? that's actually the problem.. cause you know, long distance thing the trusting and communicating become number one priority things.. it's just not me, you know? if i can't even meet him, what's the point of having this plain relationship?

for me a relationship needs meeting each other. i mean come on. chatting with him using phone and computer every single day and minute? it's more like having a relationship with your phone, you know. than with him. so yeah.

i think imma be like this for a while. communicating with him while i give each others a break with no status between us at the moment. i think it's the best for us but i know, different people different opinions so i'm asking you.

what should i do with me and him between this distance?

Today one of my girlfriend is having a birthday. Her name is Melia Cindy and we call her Meli. Well no party or any food feast to eat, but me and my gang intended to do a prank for her. We planned to ignore her all day but that seems to be quite failed cause some of my girlfriends couldn't bear to do it. So we kinda changed the plan. :D

First we throw one of her slippers into a pond which makes it super wet, then we hide it. I was the one who has the responsibility to hide it LOL xP
then she kinda get a lil' mad and she wants the slipper back, but no one give her her slippers LOL so she just sit on a bench and yell at people and that is hell funny ahahaha :D
everyone was like blaming each other like "your flippers must be with her" or "he must have kept the slippers" LOL epic. no one pointed me. and i was like acting innocent xP

you know i am an expert on pranking people, just so you know.
If i plan to prank people, either i prank her to cry or not at all. :P
yeah, man. cruel but it's true so beware >:D

so yeah, after a few hours of searching her flippers, everybody was like "oh come on just get over it and get the hell out of the bench" but she didn't want it cause i'm sure she smells something fishy from us but she had no more choice so she was like standing up to find her slippers.

Then when the moment she stands up everybody was like spraying water to her and she was like so wet soo drenched in the middle of the campus and students from other faculty was like cheering and "boo-ing" hahaha she sure is embarrased lah xP

then after that her close friends spray fanta, pulpy orange juice, flour and others to her. but she was okay cause her dorm is just near the campus. :D

well so i think that's all, happy birthday Meli hope you like our presents and may you have all the best :D

(oh man and my birthday was like 11th on this month idk what will they do to me, better beware -___-)
When all the world is spinning around
Like a red balloon way up in the clouds
And my feet will not stay on the ground
You anchor me back down

I am nearly world renowned
As a restless soul who always skips town
But I look for you to come around
And anchor me back down

There are those who think that I'm strange
They would box me up and tell me to change
But you hold me close and softly say
That you wouldn't have me any other way

When people pin me as a clown
You behave as though I'm wearing a crown
When I'm lost I feel so very found
When you anchor me back down

When all the world is spinning around
Like a red balloon way up in the clouds
And my feet will not stay on the ground
You anchor me back down

Mindy Glenhill, Anchor.

This is my new blog song. Try to hear it with heart and you'll know how touching is this song. I love it so much <3
Hey guys, i've changed my layout again. This time i'm aftering the beauty of typography and i dumped my vintage look. How do my blog look like now? Does it look professional? :D
Okay so i've removed my tagboard again; like seriously, i don't really want to put it in cause i just.. idk, i just don't want to. If you need something urgent you can just send me email through form i've prepared for you or send me a mention through twitter.

Kaysoo give me a comment about how my blog looks like now okay?
I'm designing it for a whole night now and it's like 4am now, i gotta catch some sleep.
Before knowing how to have a favicon, one must know the definition and the use of it. Favicon is a shortcut icon, an URL icon someone have on their own website, and usually it shows right besides your address bar. People are using favicon on their website so that visitors and traffic acknowledge your website. It's like a logo on a company. Once they see your favicon, they know right away it's your website (unless people is copying your favicon which is not cool at all =="). It's not a javascript, it's not an iframe. It's just an ordinary HTML code that will give you a beautiful favicon right away! :D

If you search 'how to make favicon' on Google, there's probably a lot of sites that'll teach you how to make a .ico format picture, and upload it to your host and blah blah blah. I've been there before, and it's stressful, it's complicated, there's like thousands of steps that you must do and others. But actually, you just have to make a 16x16 pixels of .GIF or .JPG to make an actual favicon, and of course, the right code.

So to shorten things up, lemme just give you the code :DD

<link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”http://YOURIMAGEURL.gif” type="image/x-icon" />

As usual, place this between your <head> </head>. :3
replace YOURIMAGEURL.gif with your own favicon picture and voila! That should do the trick.

If you have any problems with this code, comment below this post and i'll try to help you as much as i can~
Happy blogging!

Know this painting?

Yeap, this is the famous painting, The Scream, painted by Edvard Much on 1893–1910.
Today i drew my own version of it on Basic Design Learning class.

While the screaming guy on the original painting covered his ears, i drew mine covered his mouth LOL xD

Oh, and a recent self image of me that i just drew

P.S : i love my new dorm :3
Finally after 7 months (or more..) i've moved to a new dorm. The newer dorm is so much more bigger with a queen size bed and inner toilet, with Air conditioner, of course. I thought of having a room alone for myself and one for my sis but too bad the dorm is full and occupied already. :(

But oh well at least i've moved! No more long and torturing journey to college.

Last night i packed my things a lot! I didn't even take a sleep -__-
took my rest time to go online and make a blogskin instead wtf lol.

While packing i found some unique things of my sis, took some photos of them. :D

Look what i've found!

Stuff earphones for winter :'D

preview / download

I was inspired by a Tumblr layout, so i made a blogger layout look similar to it, and i tweaked it a little.
Using accordian script, i made a navi that opens itself when you hovers over them. With super simple navy blue for the main colour only, plain accordionate suits you guys who afters simplicity.
You see people holding your dream camera, taking lots of pics and proudly shows their photos to the world while you're like taking pics with your low quality phone.

You see how flawless people are, with her long super silky hair, white skin, non-pimple faces and long legs walking down the street, while you look just like an old-hag.

You see people so talented, can play piano or guitar and can even make it to the international, while you're just sitting in front of the computer, sucking and complaining on your own made-up-no-traffic-website.

You see people so good at social life, have cool friends and so popular while you only have like cybermates to talk with?

You see people lovey-doveying with her/his girlfriend/boyfriend, while you are forever alone hugging your stuffed dolls.

How suck life is that.

Well, to be honest, i'm some of the mentioned above. I have no good quality cameras, i'm not flawless, and neither do i have a popularity. When i see people the same faculty as me drawing illustrations or arts better than me, i started to think 'oh wow. what am i compare to her/him?'. When i see people with a lot of technologies to support her drawing talent like cameras or tablets, i started to think 'oh she got all the things an artist need. what am i? i have nothing'.

Have you ever felt like what i feel?

Have you ever felt like you can do nothing to the world?

Have you ever felt that there's not even a point having you alive in this world?

No talent, no good-looks, no money. Nothing!

And you started to curse your God, why were you even born in this world to suffer this kind of emptiness. You cry for nothing sometimes, thinking how useless you are.

Am i right?

Well to be honest, i'm writing this article because just now, i also felt the same. I saw a blog of a girl with the same faculty as me, with her posts fill with every bits of her took photos, and all was like gorgeous, and compare to mine and my creations, mine was like...


I can't even draw properly, can't even took a photo cause i have no camera, etc etc.

Kinda sad and blaming myself though for being so useless.

Started to think that, i'm gonna be left out.

But then, God wakes me up.

I started to remember back every little bits of quotes i've ever heard, whether they're just a piece of bullshit or not, i started to remember it.

"You are made by God for a reason!"
"You are unique on your own way"
"You're stronger than what you think"
And others and others and others..

Then positive mind started to came across me.
Oh i'm not that bad after all. Oh well i still can sing although i sing like a crow. I still have my family welfare, i know how to code a blogskin (HELL YEAH babe remember HTML is a knowledge you might need in the future too!), well i have humor-sense, i know how to write a good article, etc.

Although i don't have as much money as she does, i can still be happy.

Although i only have a blog to write into, at least i made some worldwide friends!

Like there's so much more things that you have that she don't have.

So i just wanna say here, although you're not as perfect as her, although you're like broke to the max, you have to be positive, like always!
Tell to yourself that you have sooo much more things that she never had.
Convince yourself.

Every single people in this world have different kinds of life of their own anyway, so you never ever compare yourself to theirs!

Before you know it, they might envy of your life too..

So before thinking that you're close to the word useless, well think again!
Cause' you might be the most perfect person in this world, you'll never know.

Like, even disabled person can be more successful than us, let alone us, a perfectly fine human with disabilities!

So be proud!

"Change the voices in your head and make them like you instead.."

Be positive, girls. I love you guys.

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