mustaache by SPV.

just went shopping and cleaning house. a lot of things had happened today. lots of bad things for me. well idk if others feel it too or not but for me it's bad.

today my hometown which is called Tanjung Pinang rained the whole day. actually, since i came the rain never stops pouring. it's freakin cold.
this morning me and sis went to my aunt's kopitiam. my mom already at my aunt's kopitiam cos she take bro to school earlier. you see, we dress like average town people would wear. like using pasmina and others (actually it's my sis who wears a lil bit extra =A= but still!) then when we're there, people are like freakin stare at us like we're aliens or something. well that's because they never see it before. well, that's understandable for us so it's not a really big deal for us.

then we ordered 4 portion of meal for me and sis. emm. i had a confession. actually i eat 3 times as much as you guys. if you guys eat 1 plate of rice or meal i would eat 3. but i never get fat. idk why. it's kinda a blessing and a curse really haha. so yeah sis also ordered 2 portion of meal like i do so it's a total of 4. i eat Kwetiau and Nasi ayam, while sis eat Lontong and Nasi Ayam. then since we all eat like a monster (i admit), everybody's really looking at us, like we're a big freak or something. my mom is a permanent vegetarian so she doesn't eat anything we eat. then an auntie and an uncle said to my mom like "are your daughter eat all those? you're a vegetarian right? don't say you eat that also" and kinda laugh and look down upon my mom. of course i feel very offended lah, how could they say my mom like that while they know already my mom is a vegetarian. so i kinda took my food a lil bit away from my mom and i give a very not-so-good look to that he-think-he's-so-cool uncle. then he kinda feel offended too cause i give him that look so he stares at me while i'm eating. lol so what? im not afraid at all. then i said to my mom and my sis that he-think-he's-so-cool uncle is staring at me bcos he's offended but my mom said he's just looking at you, nothing matters. well im so sure he's offended. cos he stares at me with a very boi song* look. lol serves you right.

then that he-think-he's-so-cool uncle and another gossiper auntie always looking at us for awhile then whisper2 along the way while we eat tull they went home.

what's to be gossiped of? stupid old-fashioned outdated auntie and uncles. puih.

then after eating we kinda have a chat for awhile at the table. my mom says my sis skin's is so tan, and she kinda says something like "ugly" and "got look-down by others cos your skin is tan". i kinda not agree with my mom. you see, every chinese here in Tanjung Pinang is white skinned. so if a chinese is not white-skinned here it's kinda like fugly or looked down by others or look like muslim or something. since EVERY TANJUNG PINANG PEOPLE think like that, my mom got influenced too. so when she sees sis is tanned, she kinda dont like it or whatever.

actually i dont get it. i don't understand why every people in Tanjung Pinang thinks like this. i know white is prettier but? don't you think it's a bit abnormal if someone is told ugly or something just because she is tanned? it's kinda like a occupational disease, i assuma, really.

then we kinda explain to her how big city thinks and their peoples and whatever.
but my mom's kinda like boi song* and she kinda said something like "IF YOU DON'T OBEY WHAT I SAID YOU'RE GOING TO BE DOOMED I TELL YOU"

yeah right mom. obey you who lives in a very small town that don't even know what's happen out there? i don't think so.

people in Pinang always follow the flow in what happens and what they sees in TV only. they don't even know how fashion has been changed and so improved in the outside world. they only sees those who look cool in the TV, not outside world. it's kinda sad, really. i mean wtf? when i was shopping i hardly see any chinese girls wearing long skinny jeans and proper T-shirts. they all wear like sleeveless shirt and super mini-shorts like almost show their whole legs. AND IT'S RAINING OUTSIDE. i mean wtf is that? all so typical and think that's cool. and all the chinese girl all dye their hair. wtf.

well, for me, that's tolerable. they have their own opinion, and so do i. since they only have the chance to live in a very small town, i forgive them. BUT WHAT MAKES ME SO FURIOUS AND HATE THOSE FUCKING AMOI IS :

they fucking look-down others who look different than them.

okay, i honestly tell you guys that my face is terribly pimplish. and since my sis is tanned and wear clothes a bit extra (actually for me she don't even wear extra!), when we're combined together we look a bit messy. so when we're in the middle of shopping, there's a store called "GIRLS" (kays im going to make the word BOLD so that if those amois see it they will be embarrased and oh, fuck you guys moi). when we entered the store, a fucking amois is giving me and my sis the "meh...." look. i mean WTF miss?! is this how you fucking treat your fucking customers? i know we don't dress the same AND TYPICAL as you guys but puh-lease? then when i was browsing clothes i kinda drop a clothes. but i just picked it up and put the clothes on the table whatever i see. then when i was a bit far from that clothes i just dropped, the amoi came approaching that clothes and kinda say to the other amoi who also wear as TYPICAL as the other one and i kinda hear they said something like "blabla..mei you zuo guo jia wu.. blabla" (the italic means never do houseworks). i don't know if my sis heard it or not. i don't know also if they were talking about me or not, cos when they say it they are fixing the clothes i drop. but what i know is, I AM OFFENDED. and i don't like their attitude. so i kinda walk around looking at their clothes and say to my sis "there are no pretty clothes here" loudly enough to be heard by that amoi and walk out the store. fuck you guys if you guys were talking bout me. i do housework even more than you guys work for 100 years. so like stfu.

i don't really care if you guys all look typical and think that's cool but please at least respect others who don't follow you guys' style? like you guys' style are that MUST-HAVE look. please. you guys are wearing like balloon blue big jacket and wear mini-shorts wtf. so lebay*.

kays enough talk about you amois. my blood's boiling even just by imagining you all. not saying that i'm cool or what but i just don't like how you treat other people. please change. don't make me call you a bitch.

oh yeah. btw i bought a very pretty white long dress for my CNY. not showing it till' it's CNY :P


Time is Money by SPV

after we shop we went home and mom called us to clean the side terrace. our house has a front and side terrace. but we seldom use our side one so it's kinda like err.... filled with spider-webs? yeah. our house is kinda old so if it's abandoned for a while a pile of dust and spiders can fill up already.
so the door to that terrace is kinda blocked. me and sis are trying to get rid of EVERYTHING that look trashy to us, like those old shoes and unused things, everything. but mom in the end got angry because we get rid of those TRASH =A=
she said they still can be used.
i mean, mom? they are all TRASH i must say. why? because they are old already, and dusty, and some even melted cos it's melt of plastic, some even has a bee-hive or whatever hive that has larvas in it wtf =A= why do you wanna keep them?
well she answered "they can be sold, you know! if we sell them it will pretty much earn us a lot of money. you guys only know how to throw away, earn me money never know how to and never will"
err, mom, cos we still young and still studying? and sis already earning money, if you still have no idea which i think it's impossible if you don't know. and yeah.. they can be sold. but it's kinda like years already? they still in our house.

and yeah.. our house it's kinda like karang guni house already cos mom likes to keep trash and since my stepfa is old he likes to keep some weird chinese plant for chinese medicine or whatever.
so yeah.. karang guni's house. you can imagine how worse is that.

but it is okay now :D err.. i guess.

so i think my ranting is done here. this post pretty much fill up my whole blog hahaha the longest post i had ever wrote lol.
well i don't really expect you to read it but if you read this sentence then you had read the whole post and you're a lovely people who deserves a hug from me ;D *hugs*

lol i think that's all. gotta update tomorrow again. i think. lol bye :D
i can't wait for chinese new year to come. clothes bought, cakes and beverage (yum!) bought, cats fed (err :D) and house cleaned! now to wait the days to come <3

mom bought me a super drop dead gorgeous heels and i totally love it! too bad i can't show you yet cause it's not CNY yet and i can't show you guys any of my new stuffs till cny ;D

so yeah, im going to be busy these 3 days. but i will keep up with you guys as much as possible.

keep tagging okay? i love you guys!

oh yeah and for the prev post :/
i deleted it cause too much F word.
still, someday i will tell you guys what had happened yesterday <3

kthx bye my bro's pestering me now
yosh! i know i'm not supposed to blog at this time, it's like 4 am in the morning but i really can't sleep!

i'm going back to my hometown today!

i'm so excited. already done packing up, now it's to wait the morning to come, take a cold fresh shower and go to the airport <3
hope i got to my hometown safely, i can't wait to meet my besties and eat all the food there, i miss all the food in my hometown xD xD

just now i kinda got some problem with the locker for my baggage. i forgot what's the password; i remember but it won't open up ;__;
it got 3 digits on it.
i tried a zillion times but it's like won't open or something. so i decided to try the password from number 001 to 999. kinda took a lot of minutes to count t5hough and i'm already like "ASHFJKSAHFASHDFSHF BLAAARRHHH" and my sis went to sleep already, can't stand the tireness lol.
then after few minutes when i count to 406 it opened xD
i was like "YYYYEAAAAAHHHH BABYY!!!!!!" and took the locker highly at the air. my sis was already like "WTF >__>" LOLOL XD XD

the password is 406 when the press button is on the right side but it's 159 when the press button is on the left side, taje note, just in case i forgot again.

lol gotta have some little nap now, and gonna get ready for the flight <3

not going to open this blog till i have time to update again ~

P.S FOR LISA : i think you gotta see this blog [link]
i kinda checked my formspring just now and i saw a lot of questions about my blog, here are my answers.

Erm. Can you summit this blogskin? It's nice. -by Anonymous
lol im still using it D: and what's more the basecodes it's not made by me, it's made by kharnyee so i can't submit it. sorry whoever you are x(

your last name is hard to spell or say if seen for first time, does other ppl like ur teacher have trouble pronouncing it? -by Anonymous
lol :D
yeah it's hard cause it's in Javanese ~
sometimes they have problems pronouncing it but sometimes they don't.
It depends :)

YOU ARE A GENIUSSS! -by Anonymous
XD thank you whoever you are :3 (i think i know who this is)

love ur simple blog! <3 -by Anonymous
aaawwww thank you :'D i wish you could put down your name so i know who you are.

where do u come from ?? -by Arisardinus
Tanjung pinang, Indonesia :) it's written clearly in my profile section. why?

if you wanna ask me something too you can ask me at the contact section over at formspring :3
today blog is so dead, no visitors, no people tagging in my tagboard. all have gone to school and do their daily things. i'm kinda bored.

tomorrow i'm going back to my hometown. all my friends call me to reunite with them or whatever. and they also want me to buy some goodies for them when i go home. yeah, like i has a lot of money.

so Richard is uploading photos of us yesterday now. he snapped me playing Rambo and holding guns though but looks like he's only uploaded few, and that photo has not been uploaded yet. well i think i has to wait

spam some photos now.

from the left top to left bottom (Richard, Christine, Didi, Benita, me)
hendra was taking pictures so he is not in this photos
WTF so hate this photos i was smiling like fugly and my big nose look even bigger with light effects

from front to behind (me, Benita, Didi)
my very shy looks
i don't even remember who took this.

i think that's all i have to rant, been online since i woke up now, and my hands feels very cold idk why.
6 hours of playing in timezone today with 5 of my college friends.
i don't know i should say this is a happy ay or not, i'm totally confused and drowned deep down in my thoughts.
so i went there about 9.30 am and just went home around 8.45pm. at first, i thought this will be a very memorable day with my college friends, although not all of our group members join the fun.

but then i realize something, something that will change my whole life and my socialization around, just like that.

they actually don't need me. they don't at all. they just know how to be friends, that's all, but not family. another family that is worth me loving for. i don't even know this is my fault or not. i don't know, is it only me who hopes too much for something i'm not sure? i don't know. i really don't.

when i was at timezone with them, they said they've come here before with the others, 7 others that some went to tidung today. yeah, only 7. but those 7 are the most influencing people in my life. melia, juli, didi, richard, suhendra, even evelyn..

i don't know how should i say this.

honestly, i'm jealous.

jealous of how meli and juli can be so close, yet i can't.
every little things they do together feels like a thorn stabbing straight through my heart.

i know i shouldn't say this things cause we all are a big group of friends but hey, i know meli first. if it's going to be best friends and close things happening, i am supposed to be the one, not juli.

so you paired up with meli, which means you left me and evelyn (your first close friend) alone. i tried to comfort myself sometimes. meh.. so what. we are still a big family. and deep down i hope evelyn could replace meli in my heart. that close friend that has been paired up with another person.

but i am so wrong.

i can see evelyn don't even think about these things, let alone feels how i felt. she is so capable of everything, she can do almost anything without a close friend. she even beats me in ayodance and ddr. how could possibly she will need me? who am i kidding. even all the guys admire her. and of course, i am no match for her and i am nothing, no matter how hard i have tried.

i didn't say that i hate them. i also didn't say that i hate meli, nor juli, nor evelyn, or anybody..
i just feel after what had happened and what had i see and hear, i look like a failure. a big failure in social life and looks like i always will. it's always the same. never changed.

i just need someone, someone who can be there with me always, help me with everything, teach me how to be a person, and.. a bestfriend i think.

all the bestfriends i have all at tanjung pinang now. yet in jakarta, i'm alone. and i can't keep up with people here.
how could i possibly find a person called bestfriend here? or should isay second family..

i think i'm hoping too much, lying my self day by day that everything is okay and WILL be okay, although i know it isn't.. till now i've waken up.

i think i won't be as close as before to them. i better off alone. that's better for them and for me.


he hasn't talk to me today. i said i wanna go to timezone and he didn't reply my text until 5PM, he text me only few sentence and using the word "I".
usually we would call each other by the mushy name but today he didn't, in fact he used the word "I" and "YOU" which we only use it when we're in a fight.
i don't know what's wrong with him, or what did i do wrong.

everytime i went out or whatever, he's always like that.

can you give me space to breathe please?
i'm not living just for you. i have my own life to live on. can't you see my life's falling apart now? i'm so falling down, yet you make me fall down more, way to go to be a boyfriend.

so he got fever. and he said he just wanna take a rest.
and he wanna quit texting with me and went to sleep.

i know, it must be something more than JUST A FEVER.

you're killing me slowly.
nothing had really happened in my life. no problems, no adventures, no fun, nothing. everyday just sitting in front of computer online. what a shitty holidays.

last time me and Kevin fight again. but it's okay already now. and then this afternoon we chat through phone, then he said . way to make people feel broken hearted huh, boy. i know at first you never liked me dye my hair but can you at least not say something so awful? i'm a girl too and i wanna be respected, okay? then he said i have to take the consequences after i do something, which means i have to accept every opinions from ppl about how my hair look now. but come one, please. you're my number one most important person. and all your words mean so much to me. can you at least say something a bit nicer although you don't like it? jesus.

then after that we kinda have a fight and we both cried on the phone. and we made up. he ask me to think wisely and i told him to be more careful using words. he said okay. then everything went smooth. it's okay now.

all my college friends are going to Pulau Tidung today. feel like a total shit cause i can't go and at the same time Kevin didn't come to Jakarta too so everything i decided went useless. well never mind lah. so what. tomorrow imma go to timezone to play with my college friends who also didn't go to Tidung so that doesn't really make me feel like a total shit.

layout changed, graphic site updated, and i got my first SOTD. thank you so much. ratings are all appreciated :')

and i also got gifts from my hun-hun Lmyx. she's soo, idk how to say. all i wanna say is i love her so much! xD YOU HAVE TO VISIT HER OR ELSE I SNAP ALL YOUR NAILS OFF.

what a clever girl i can't even doodle that lol<3
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KRRS online is over now. i filled the form successly. :3
actually it's not as bad as i imagined, senior made it sound so horrifying =A=
and ive also made up with Kevin already. so i'm okay now. :3
and my day still as boring as usual, so nothing had happened. :/
oh and my landlady's kids are fighting like hell right now when i'm updating my blog, like they are hitting each other and crying so loudly i can't even concentrate =A=
what the fuck are those two twins fighting at?


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Please don't say "You are lazy"
datte hontou wa Crazy
hakuchoutachi wa sou
mienai toko de BATAashi suru n desu

honnou ni juujun chuujitsu honrou mo juujuu shouchi
zentoyouyou dashi...
dakara tama ni kyuukei shichau n desu

kono me de shikkari misadamete
yukisaki chizujou MAAKU shite

chikamichi areba sore ga oudou
hashoreru tsubasa mo areba joutou

YABA tsume wareta GURUU de hoshuu shita
sore dake de nanka tasseikan
daiji na no wa jibun kawaigaru koto
jibun wo aisanakya hito mo aisenai

Please don't say "You are lazy"
datte hontou wa Crazy
nou aru taka wa sou
mienai toko ni PIKKU kakusu n desu

souzou ni isshoukenmei, genjitsu wa zettaizetsumei
hattentochuu dashi...
dakara fui ni PICCHI hazureru n desu

sono me ni utsuranai dake datte
yaruki wa MEETAA furikitte

itsudemo zenryoku de yumemite
sono bun zenryoku de nemutte

YARI choi yaseta choushi'zuite kutta
sore dake de nande? haibokukan
sukasazu ni mokuhyou kahoushuusei shite
juunan ni rinkiouhen shichihenge ga kachi

Please don't say "You are lazy"
datte hontou wa Crazy
kujakutachi wa sou
koko zo to iu toki bi wo miseru n desu

gozouroppu manshin ganbou wa soushin reijin
yuuwaku tahatsu dashi...
dakara yake ni ishi kudakechau n desu

sore dake de nante zennoukan
daiji na no wa jibun mitometeku koto
jibun wo yurusanakya hito mo yurusenai

Please don't say "You are lazy"
datte hontou wa Crazy
hakuchoutachi wa sou
mienai toko de BATAashi suru n desu

honnou ni juujun chuujitsu honrou mo juujuu shouchi
zentoyouyou dashi...
dakara tama ni kyuukei shichau n desu


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tomorrow i'm going to have a big day. i'm going to have a war with tons of other college students.
im going to fight for my college class tomorrow, and i have to fill class form online tomorrow and fast or else it will be taken by other students and i will not have a class. so yeah, i have to fight!

dang, i'm really afraid though. cause everytime there's something like this i'm always got left behind. what is fucking wrong with me? i don't fucking know. don't fucking ask me. i fucking hate it too.

all i know is tomorrow, i really have to fight. ganbate!

hope i can get my class. and i hope my friends can get it too so we can be together.

ngisi KRRS goblok. kenapa sih arus ngisi klas kek gini. kenapa gak ngikutin jadwal semester dulu aja sih. bikin orang susah dan kawatir aja.

Kevin won't talk to me although i talk to him already even if it's not my fault.
he's also sick.
i don't know if he really don't want to talk to me or he really is sick.
all i know is, i can't sleep with us arguing like this and i can't even put my mind on peace.
he's like my everything.
fucking sick of life.
what the fucking hell is fucking wrong with you. datang2 langsung bentak2 orang. ko kira aku apaan, yang bisa ko bentak2 gitu aja?
ko marah karena aku gak bales sms ko, ko uda bolak balek internet cuma buat ngeliat ada tempat kosong ato gak. tiba ada masalah, ko langsung marah2. tak ada otak ato apa ko? tak pernah e ko mikirin selama 1 taon ini aku udah banyak berkorban buat ko? pernah aku ngungkit2 dan tiap ada masalah kecil aku langsung marah2 ke nko? pernah tak? JAWAB KO!!
kecewa x aku ama ko. dateng2 langsung marah2 gak jelas, pake acara nuduh aku ama cowok laen segala. AKU PALING TAK SUKA E, YANG NAMANYA KELAHI KO PAKE ACARA NGMG AKU SLGKH AMA COWO LAEN SEGALA. ko selama 1 taonan ini, tak kenal sifat2 aku e? dan tak perlu d tanya lagi, aku rasa ko pasti lupa kalo ko dulu pernah janji ama aku, tiap kelai jagnagn prenah bilang aku slgkuh ama cowo laen. ko ingkar janji ko tu, untuk sekian kalinya.
aku tu tadi uda sabar x ama ko, padahal ati aku udah sakit ati x. aku sabarin ko, aku ngmg baek2 eh, malah makin nyolot. kan jadi kek gini jadinya, tiba aku marah ko sialan, mati dan segala macem, ngambek ko, marah. padahal entah sapa juga yang mulai duluan.
makanya, jangan cari masalah lah. sabar tu ada batasnya juga e. ko marah2 aku sbarin tapi ko malah makin menjadi2 bentakin aku dan segala macem, jangan salahin aku kalo aku nyakitin ko dengan kata2 aku nanti kalo aku udah meledak. bikin panas aja. niat nak wb ama ko tuh udah tak ada, tau tak.
belajar lah buat sabar dikit ngapa. males kali aku ama ko tuh.
aku tuh ya, kalo udah marah tuh, kata jorok tu smua keluar, asal ko tau aja.
ama ko aja tuh aku tahan2n gak marah. tapi konya malah gak tao diri gitu..
sekarang ko malah suruh aku doain ko cepet mati dll. ntah lah, terserah ko.
semua ini ko yang mulai, ko yang bikin. aku kek gini juga karena ko.
terserah ko mau apa lah, aku tak urus. masih panas aku, masih emosi.
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here is my another daily life stories.
finally i got the answer of "can toothpaste cure pimples?".

the answer is exact no-no.

you see, last 2 nights i tried to use toothpaste to cure my pimple, cause i've read articles in some random websites that toothpaste can somewhat cure your pimples. well at least not cure it completely, but make it better looking lah, not that reddish on your face.

but guess what?
total fail. so wrong. fuck those who sais toothpaste can cure pimple thing.

my face ended up filled by a lot of red pimples caused by toothpaste-night-cream wtf.
it's a total wreck for my precious face nooo. D:
*sob sob*

so embarrasing though cause after night-creaming using toothpaste the next day i have to go shopping with my sis. so you can imagine how myself going shopping with very red pimple on my face. fuck. so humiliating =A=

so yeah, today i went shopping with my sis at Mangga dua. it was soooooo effing crowded wtf i can't even walk and all the shops there are super small so liek it's full already even just a few people inside it. so i kinda walk 2 floors looking at clothes with sis. first we both bought 2 face mask, for closing our mouth at road when there's a bajaj cos, you know. bajaj. we bought it at Cindy Shop.

here is my mask.
looking so effing cute lolol
ahh yea i'm in a taxi and i'm super tired so that explained my messy hair isn't it?

just took the picture just now when im blogging lol so pardon for the effing background.
sis bough a pink cow furry mask D:
don't like sis, don't liek.

lol after that we straight ahead to window shop and real shopping ~
oh sis also had ordered my ruby red contact lenses too weeee xD
can't wait for my lenses to come and show it off to public fufufufu ~

after that sis bought herself a nice white blouse with a blue bow in front of it.
i don't really liek it tho =A=

then we both bough a nice turquoise and orange cardigan for both ourselves. i'm the orange one.

after that it's afternoon already and i'm like fucking hungry so we try to find a place to eat ~
that's not hard to find though.
what's hard is finding a place to eat WITHOUT crowded ppl.
i mean there are a lot of place to eat, but all are full full and no table to sit anymore wtf.
u can imaginbe how crowded already right?
im liek soooo drowning in crowds you know when im walking lol

after that it's around 3 pm already.
we are kinda fed up with the crowds so we decided to went straight to Ambassador to get our hair done <3 <3
i love this part LOL
so when we went there and we went straight to Johny Andrean ~
who knows that sis also want to dye hair lol =A=
so we both dye our hair and we both chose the same colour, mahogany light brown or what the fuck the name is.
and here is my result ~


(picture above with my mask)


(sorry for the censored mouth, my mouth was looking liek this in photo ----> o3o
i don't wanna ruin the perfect hair i've snapped lol)
kawaii right? i feel liek i'm one of the 2NE1's member that has the red bob hair one idk what her name is lol

all i wanna say is, i love my hair <3 <3
i don't wanna change it lol >:D
ready to flaunt it later when i go home lololol
oh yeah 1 week till i go home <3
count with me ~

P.S : yes, Kevin is angry because i wanna dye my hair, paranoid as usual =A=
but i've convinnced him already and now everything it's okay :3

heehees ~
and tomorrow i wanna go to Kelapa Gading for shopping again ~
and i wanna buy some treatments at THEFACESHOP for my irritated pimples wtf =3=

and now, it's time to sleep ~
thatha bloggie ^//3//^

and oh yes, done watching K-ON season 1 ~
can't wait for season 2 ~
oh Gema please gimme season 2 data faster D:

and and i forgot to tell you also.
Kevin's not going to come Jakarta anymore, it's final. He dont want to come cos his uncle is petty.
Oh well. dissapointed = yes. but what can i do?
decision is his.

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i dont think Kevin is going to come later at 29.
i don't know, i just don't think so.
tadi dia telfon papa mamanya buat minta izin ato apa, aku juga gak jelas, terus kata mamanya jangan ke jakarta. bukan karena aku, tapi akrena gak enak ama omanya kevin ama omnya kevin, om nino. kata mamanya kalo mereka gak suka ama seseorang mereka gak langsung ngomong, tapi nyindir-nyindir gitu. aku paling gak suka kalo da orang yang benci ama kita, tapi pake acara nyindir-nyindir segala. kalo emang gak suka ya langsung ngomong.
yah itu lah orang dewasa sekarang. demi menjaga reputasi dan tingkatnya pada kehidupan sosial, mereka rela capek-capekan memakai topeng dan berpura-pura sepanjang hidup mereka dan idup dalam kebohongan. orang yang menyebalkan di ajak ngobrol dan bersenang-senang, tapi tiba di belakang celanya setengah mati. well i'm not going to be that person though when i grow old later.
so yeah mama papanya kevin gak kasih kan, tapi kevin insist. akhirnya mama kevin pun bilang iya.

setelah itu kevin sms om nino, berhubung udah gak ada pulsa, dia sms aja rather than telfon. kata om nino boleh tinggal disana, tapi gak bisa kasi makan kek sebelumnya kevin kesana. kevin marah-marah, katanyamcam dia mo kesana numpang idup enak aja. well, aku gak bisa ngomong apa-apa.

terus ni dia bilang dia udah males mo datang kesini. yaudah lah, keputusan dia yang ngambil, aku juga gak bisa ngomong apa-apa. cuman yaa... jujur lah, aku pasti kecewa lah, gak bisa ketemu dia. dan akupun uda rela capek2 lama di perjalanan cuma buat abisin setengah hari ama dia di semarang, tapi dia gak mau berkorban buat aku. what can i say? arus marah kah? ato apa? aku juga bingung.
ni lagi blank aja, gak bisa ketemu dia + suntuknya setengah mati.

feel liek wanna die or something.

i don't even know why i tried so hard to please, after all i got in the end is nothing.
Okay first, i wanna say sorry to Kharnyee.
your layout is fabulous and amazing, you're still my biggest idol but i'm sorry, i decided to use this lay because it's more like a formal version and i don't wanna fool around anymore, i decided to blog for me and only for myself, no affiliates-related thing anymore so yeah, i'm so sorry >< i hope you don't hate me for this or anything.

second, i had removed and also hide my tagboard forever, now if you wanna contact me or whatever you can contact me through twitter nor formspring or just comment at my random posts.

third, i also deleted my affiliates section. but i still link you guys over here. so i guess that's not a changing or a problem :) i just wanna tell you guys.

so yeah!! i'm so sorry ~

hope you respect my decision, thank you so much.
from tomorrow i will only posts things about myself and myself only.
i'm so excited. tomorrow is saturday already, and i'm going to have another shopping weekend with her.

only the difference tomorrow is, i'm going to dye my hair!!

how cool is that, i'm so excited.
hope the plan's not going to be cancelled though. i hate that.

i'm going to have red contact lenses too, my sis already asking the seller further info about the contact lens xD

it's not that an anime kind of lenses, it's an ordinary one, only it's red.
cool, right?
i'm gonna spam a lot of pictures when i have those too.
hope my hair turned out great though. :(

i woke up at 11 am today. another wasted holiday. done nothing except blogging wtf. it's been 1month im liek this. feel liek a nonsense. =__=
it's raining today. feel so cold and comfy though.

oh btw last night i've used toothpaste as a night cream. last time i read at some article toothpaste can somehow cure your pimples xD
but sounds stupid though.
i don't even know why i try =__=

(icons are from Special Pour Vous)
seneng banget gw ari ni

so di post aku yang sebelomnya kan aku udah bilang aku bakal keluar ari ini, jadi sekitaran jam 10 aku mulai brangkat ke kampus, pake busway yang biasa nyebelin. hehe
aku pake cardigan ijo muda dengan daleman tanktop, celana selutut, tas selempengan warna coklat dan rambut berantakan (hahah gak bangga seh, cuma mo ngomong aja ). so on the way ke busway stasiun aku singgah sebentar dulu k ATM gw mo ngambil duit sekaligus ngecek duit rekening gw apakah ada berkurang, berhubung beberapa hari yang lalu aku kan ada daftar account gw k situs
awalnya aku ndak tao itu situs paan, cuma join join gtu aja. kirain sih mirip nuffnang gtu, tapi gak taunya salah besar hahaha

dia tuh semacam situs yang meminta orang untuk mengklik iklan pada situsnya gitu, dan setiap klik itu kita dapet duit.
yah since it's just a paid to click site, duit yang kita dapet juga gak banyak2 amat lah, what do you expect? (more info about ---> click here, kalo mao join ikut referal aku aja ya, atas nama missusan :3 boleh di klik bannerku dibagian contact)

okay so first aku kira tuh website bakal makan duit aku banyak, tapi eh gak taonya nggak

dan ntar kalo aku udah ngeklik sebanyak 100 x dan saldo aku udah 20.000, aku bsa tarik duitnya
gak sabar banget mo narik duit hasil jerih payah pertamaku fufufufu ~ (evil laugh)

soooooooo setelah d cek dan ternyata duit aku gak berkurang (tapi karena buat jaga2 aku narik smua duit aku haha) aku sambung berjalan k arah halte busway.

seperti biasa aku menaiki busway itu dengan perasaan rindu dan serasa baru pertama kali aku sampe akhirnya d dukuh atas.

disana aku nemui first surprise aku.

papan busway udah diganti dengan papan yang lebih bagus dan lebih informatif!

i mean kalo dulu kan papannya cuma nulis haltenya doang kan, kalo yang sekarang papannya udah ada tertulis nama2 halte sepanjang rute buswaynya, kek papan2 d singapur gitu yang dalam MRT gitu

gak tao niru ato apaan yang jelas it's better dah, terus tambah lagi penjaga buswaynya uda makin bertambah, jadi kerusuhan2 d busway kek dorong2 gak jelas, motong dan segala macem uda agak berkurang, naek busway pun menjadi semakin nyaman hahaha (sok promosi gitu)

so aku tetep nyambung perjalanan aku dan sampe lah d kampus.
ternyata lola, ricard, didi dan anton ada d sana juga.
tapi anton lagi ngurusin soal pulau tidung ama anak2 matahari jadi aku gak gabung

yah... you know lah... matahari is not my gang...
pure awkwardness dah kalo aku gabung since aku nih bukan orang yang pande bergaul. haha

richard, lola, ama didi juga baru abis ngambil kartu KHS.
richard ama didi uda mo pulang, tapi lola masi nunggu yuris so dia temenin aku naek gedung L (ato K? whatever lah) buat ngambil kartu KHS.

eh, sial, gak taonya malah tutup berhubung lagi waktu makan siang.

jadi kami k kantin deh.



gedung sekretariat tuh kan deket mading2 gitu tempat karya2 terbaik dipajang, jadi tiap kami kesana, kami gak pernah gak liat karya2 yang dipajang tersebut.

and guess what?


seneng banget, gimanapun aku begadang setengah mati bikin itu cuy, ama kakak aku, dia bantu2 juga.

pokoknya gak bisa terhitung deh, seberapa bangganya aku.

akhirnya, setelah sekian lama.. hiks hiks HUAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

so setelah itu, cerita berlanjut ke bagian makan, terus kenalan ama temen lola namanya itin, dan lain-lain.

setelah itu semua terasa begitu indah ooooohhhh ~~ (lebai)

so yeah, i think that's all. hahaha.

i'm sorry i don't post in english, not really in the mood haha =__=

btw aku gak bakal post foto2 d post aku hari ini, soalnya aku lagi downloading rockmelt ahahaha 8D

it's a browser for invited people only and yesh, i'm invited. 8D