To all the friendzoned guys out there

Hi people. This is a post about as you can see the title, friendzoned guy. It is based by my opinion so for anyone out there who disagree with this post can fuck themselves cause i don't give a single damn.

I noticed there's a lot of friendzoned guys out there. I personally, had friendzoned a guy before, and i was guilty since i know how much he likes me and all. In the end i avoid talking to him so that he know i don't give hopes for him anymore. But now, i just can't stand seeing guys still hanging to that one girl that had so friendzoned him.

My friend, let's just call him Stupid, fell in love with another friend girl of mine, let's just call that girl Ulala (i don't know why i use that name that is sooo random). Ulala is his first love, but sadly ulala already has a boyfriend. Since ulala dont wanna hurt stupid's feeling, ulala been good to stupid all the time.

But stupid just wont understand no matter how hard he tried he will never be with ulala.

I mean sometimes i get a little pissed off seeing guys who fell in love with a girl, and knowing that the girl will never be hers but he still hangs on to it. Stop being a bitch please there are soo many girls out there why do you have to hang on to that one girl who treats you like a nobody? Girls like to friendzoned guys and guys who are friendzoned mostly are nice ones that means you are one of the nice ones so stop being a douche and move on and find a girl who can truly likes you for who you are dammit.

"I will wait till she accepts me" will never happen in your real life cause in that girl's mind she already eliminated you for being her boyfriend that's why she's friendzoning you in the first place. Except you're in a mushy stupid romantic dramas or you saved her life like what the heroes which will never happen in a real life.

Girls who has a boyfriend is even worse. If you unfortunately like that type of girl, do not wait for her. If she said she likes you, or maybe even say if she don't have this boyfriend she will definitely be with you, that's even worse. It means she is putting you in a replacement bin. Why spending so much time waiting for a girl to break up with his boyfriend while in that waiting time you can move on and who knows you could actually find a better girl who are ten times prettier and ten times nicer? Right?

And to all the girls that friendzoned a guy, get away from them please. Let them go. Avoid them. Don't even consider having them as friends cause all they want from you is to become a lover. Not a friend. And if you make them wait, you just know they're gonna wait for nothing. And that's just sad and unfair to them cause everybody deserves the truth. Instead of lying to their face why don't you just let them accept reality and let them move on. Don't be such a bitch for letting a guy hangs on to you just because you can't bear to lose him as a friend or whatever. You just have to let them know you're not the one for them, say to them clearly and if he decides to hangs on, ask to yourself. If he's the one for you? If yes, be with him. If not, go away from him cause later he's gonna hurt a lot.

And for the girls who got friendzoned by guys? Needless to say that guy is a complete bastard that you don't deserve with so just say "fuck you" to them and go away.

But well.. Despite all of the above, friends with benefits is a different story ;)


Personal update

After CG (Connect Group, it's a church thing) at ko Winsen's apartmment me and my CG friends decided to go to Strawberry Cafe to have dinner and hang out. Strawberry Cafe, as you can see the name, is a cafe which almost all the food has strawberries in it, including the fried rice and spaghetti wtf. Actually i can't even imagine it eww. But people say it's delicious though. But what makes it more awesome is that there are so much games provided at the cafe (board games, card games, block games etc. etc.) and most people would probably choose that place or hang-outs. Last night was my first time.. Well. Not really. I went there before but that time it was raining so hard and by the time i got there i was soaking wet already so i decided to go home instead (P.S i ride motorcycle there so yeah). So that doesn't really count.

Strawberry Cafe is a nice place for hanging out, great place to be exact, only last night the place was so crowded and people there is so noisy because of the games and such soooo minus points yikes. But still awesome.

So yeah. We had a lot of fun playing there. UNO spin, hula-hula, kind of a charades games also, and me, Stephanie and Mondy ended up losing and we have to wear clippers as a punishment. Super embarassing lol but not really people there don't give a fuck.

Blur cause it's dark there and oh what i'm holding is the Vanilla Rum.
Perfect beverage /le smile delicately 8{D

From left to right : Ochie, Stephanie, me, Nita, Yonathan, Mondy
Stephanie is the first person who loses! You can see those clippers hanging out on her hair

She had to wear lots of clippers lol

But then Mondy and i catch up.. -___-
And when i wear those clippers my friends were all like "OMG Liberty Statue Liberty Statue" cause the clippers are standing o my hair like the statue's crown uuhh super embarassed LOL

Awesome night.

So that's it for today toodles and oh i ended up sleeping at 6 AM last night cause i'm afraid of the "kid" behind Icang's refrigerator uuhh i don't even want to talk about it. But mostly it's because i wanna watch KevJumba too though LOL

KevJumba's cute :'D
And his father, too.

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  1. Friends with benefits different story aye? ;) Hey hey, Suuuuusaaan :P

  2. hai bbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy <3 <3 <3
    lol of course it's a different story ;P

  3. HELLO SUSAN. BOOMZ. lol idk how much tags i didnt reply cuz cbox killed them and now many were gone (SHIIIIIAT)
    and yay KEVIN! XD