Sometimes some boys are such an inconsiderate fuck. You treat them as good friends and with lots of love you are willing to hear them talking about their crush but when your turn to tell your story comes they just take it as a wind and don't even give a fuck. Sometimes even says that girls are such a pain in the ass and use feelings too much.

Just saw one of my friends' twitter, and he's saying about how just throw away your heart talk instead of telling it to him.

Fuck boys why so inconsiderate? Is it so fucking hard to just sit for a few minutes and hear our talk?

Yes we girls use feelings too much, and we think with our feelings first, not with our logic. But so what? We are born like this. We are born with feelings that's why we use our feelings. Unlike you guys who always use actions and your fucking brains and always lie to you and your feelings. What so great about lying to your feelings anyway?

Sometimes this is why i don't really like having boys as best friends. They suck.

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