How to add christmas snow effect + free cute cursors!

Christmas is coming! Who doesn't like christmas anyway? Turkeys, christmas tree, santa claus, smiles, the moment of togetherness.. :D

Of course you would want your blog to have that sense of christmasy, right? Well you've came to the right place.

I have the script for making your blog have this falling snow effect. Just paste this script between <head> and </head> code.

You might wanna add some cute christmas cursors too!
Check out these :

Sweet Candy Cane Cursor

Rainbow Candy Cane Cursor

Christmas Santa Stocking

Cute Gingerbread Man

Cute Christmas Reindeer

Small Blue Candy Cane

Cute Santa Claus

Decorated Christmas Tree

Snowy Christmas Tree

Pink Heart Snowman

Blinking Gingerbread

Red Hat Snowman

More? Click here.
P.S : All cursors belong to cursors4u.

If there's a problem you can comment on this post.
Have a jolly christmas!

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  1. wow! my hun is so generous! :DD

  2. These are all cool & cute FX! I was happy to see that Wordpress started snowing on my page automatically: Thank you for posting this fun Christmas stuff to spice up my page.

  3. Don't know why but my cursor doesn't move (doesn't have animation)

    So sad :(

  4. @Marisa : Darling, the animated cursor only works at Internet Explorer. I just found out about this too and i am terribly sorry D: