Most ..... moments


I have no life. Okay, seriously i don't. I mean, how is watching KevJumba and How I Met Your Mother all day is having a pretty productive day? Seriously, i love holidays but holidays without activity? It sucks. (  ̄っ ̄)

Haha (awkward laugh)

So 2011 is going to an end, i thought maybe i would share some of my events on 2011. (・∀・)
Check this out.

Most terrifying moments

Even googling for this picture scares the shit out of me. I'm going to have nightmares tonight. Shit.

I don't remember when but last time i watched this movie called Grave Encounters, it was the scariest movie i had watched this year, ever. I remember when i saw the posters on the 'Now Watching' and i said to Richard "hey how about we watch this one, it looks stupid and unscary" I WAS WRONG. Okay. Grave encounters was like the most terrifying, most scary, unpredictable horror movie i have ever watched. There's this scene where they all meet a girl standing at the corner of a room, and when she turned back,

There is no need explanation for this. I don't even know why i'm doing this to myself. I mean putting ghost pictures in my blog page? Goodbye sweet dreams of Mr.Smiley in a white horse.

What do you mean i was hoping to dream that?! I. MOST. CERTAINLY. DID. NOT! pppssshhhh

So yeah. That movie makes me paranoid for a week. Even going to bathroom is scary to me. Most horror scene happens in a bathroom. I mean come on. When you're taking a shower and a hand touches your shoulder? Isn't that scary enough? Or when you're washing your face and when you open your eyes there's a little kid standing in front of you looking at you 'innocently'? Or when you found out there's 'someone' standing at the corner of your bathroom? Goodbye showering?

Yeah. Pssh. You're welcome.

I mean this movie is so sick, i could never had a peaceful life, again. Even speaking about it like this makes my life scary, again. (P.S : My sister is looking at me right now with a poker face so it's two times scarier since my sis has a scary withcy face *runs away* LOL just kidding sis)

For those of you who had a gigantic interest with horror movies i strongly recommend you to watch this. It's ten times scarier than Paranormal Activity. Yeah. Honestly i never watch paranormal activity before but i assume that grave encounters is scarier so IT IS. ALL ARGUMENTS IS INVALID.

Most annoying moments

I love my friends, but seriously though, sometimes they annoy the shit out of me. One thing i hate the most about my friends is about how they always DE wait for it LAYING. DELAYING.

I mean they are like delaying queens and kings. When we're planning to go somewhere it's always ended up cancelled cause they're always delaying schedules and times and places. It's like they never had any interest to go whatsoever.

Last time i was planning to go to this waterboom places with my friends, but i ended up not going just because there's this one friend who said that he cannot go AT THE LAST MINUTE. Yes Ferdian i'm talking to you. And because he cancelled it at the last minute, Richard ended up not going too since he and ferdian are like soulmates. And since Richard is the one who come pick me up, i ended up not going too because i don't have transportation.


Most embarassing moments

I don't recall having an embarassing moments since i'm awesome so yeah, skip.

Most touching moments

I don't wanna sound cheesy and fanatic, but actually i cry a lot when i was at the church. Seriously, like knowing Jesus and becoming a christian makes me cry so much. What makes me cry is knowing that Jesus always there for me and always forgive me although i had done numerous of sins and crimes and others and He always there for me.



Yeah. I have to say most touching moments is knowing Jesus in my life. It's like part of me has been stuffed by His undying love. True Story.

This cracks me up and mindfucked me though. LOL.

And this! HAhaahahhahhahahhhahaha!!

I am going to hell for this.


So yeah, what is your most terrifying, annoying and touching moments? Share it with me!
And and do you have any more questions for me to answer? I would gladly answer it :D

So yeah goodbye toodles, see you next time and happy new year!

P.S : I had an awesome sister, and she got a youtube channel..

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  1. EH WTF YOUR MOST TERRIFYING MOMENT IS GOING TO GIVE ME NIGHTMARES NOW :( Okay so I was pretty curious and decided to wikipedia the movie... worst decision. EVER.

    you should have watched the movie.

  3. OOO your sister looks awesome haha. AND I MISS YOU SUSAN D:.