Girls acting like a child


I noticed girls these days like to act like a child. And by a child i mean acting all spoiled and making bogus high-pitched voices and acting all dumb and vulnerable in front of dudes just to get attention.

I dislike that.

It's not that i am against them, i just can't understand their way of thinking that acting all childish and stupid will bring them lots of friends. Or do they? I mean who wants to be friend with a childish acting girl except for those two-faced friends who will speak and stab them in the back and boys who only think about fcking them, right?

Except they themselves are an idiot.

I have this friend, let's just call her Derpina since i don't want anybody to get offended, she had this really weird made-up voice and she acts like a child. One day when i was walking with my friends (one of them is her) and she was eating ice cream and then the ice cream fell on her top and she started to like, crying. And all my dude friends were like "aawww honey are you okay?" "here take this tissue" and etc. Suddenly all my dude friends were like became suuupppeerrr considerate with her.

And then there's another childish-act friend of mine who i just met and i can see that boys like to spend time with her, joking around with her and stuffs and i can see boys like her.

I mean, seriously. Really?

Is it just me or every boy like that type of girl? I am definitely not jealous, why would i be jealous of a girl who acts like a child and not be themselves anyway. I just can't figure out why boys fall for that. I mean obviously, girls acting like that are dumb. And dumb girls won't get you anywhere.

Just now i watched this one episode of How I Met Your Mother (if you know this you're awesome btw) about Ted dating a co-worker of Robin named Becky who acted like a dumbfuck child and how Ted likes her because Ted says he feel needed. Needed.

Oh so now the reason you stupid boys like childish girls is because you like to feel needed, huh? So now independent woman look worthless, huh?

How would you like it if one day one of those child-acting girl became your wifey wife and she needs your help to cook, to clean the house and to even sing her to sleep? How would you like it if she can't even feed a baby? How would you like it if she cries everytime you wanna go to work because she's afraid of ghost and weird shits like that? How would you even like it if everytime you guys wanna had sex you're the one who always make a move cause she don't know how to start? I mean, how is acting like a child even attractive anyway? It irks me, to be honest. But i don't know if that actually turns you on maybe it's just because you're a pedophile anyway.

Feeling needed is great, even if you put it in a relationship, huh?

My point here is, girls acting like a child is not cute, nor attractive, nor even mature. Boys who likes it need to start think it over, especially those who wanted girls like that to be in a serious relationship, except if you only wanted one night stand, of course. Girls who acts like that need to stop, cause it's stupid and annoying. It's true. And by acting like that, you won't get a boy who take you seriously also cause you're a joke.

Independent woman ftw. Thumbs up if you agree. :)

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  1. I hate those kind of girls too . They're seriously dumb ! And i have a friend like that too . Well , more than i expected . Good post , Susan . :D

  2. why thank you. i'm glad you agree :)

  3. HAHAHAHAHA. You funny (Y) HIMYM FTW <3

  4. ughh story of my life @_@
    thank you for posting this, you saved me about 20 minutes of typing! if this was tumblr i'd reblog this 5 times a day XDXD
    i hate girls like that!

  5. So true! Now I know why independent girls are so rare, they don't have enough respect that they totally deserve anyway! (Okay so I could be pretty spoiled to my dad sometimes when asking for something kekeke ikr but yeah lol I'm not flirting with him)

    p.s. I know and watch How I Met Your Mother 8D