The brutal weird dream i had

Read at your own risk.

Last night i had one of the weirdest most scariest dream ever. So it goes like this.

I only remember the part where i'm on my elementary school, where the toilet was very creepy (and still creepy) and i had this friend named Royati (she's a real friend of mine but idk why she appeared on my dream and why she had that weird name) she was crying and she said she wanna go to the toilet so i waited outside, a little bit far from the creepy toilet. I waited and waited but she didn't came out, and slightly i feel that my friend is calling me for help so i approach her to that toilet and i saw her crumping by herself and beside her there's this black human-shaped shadow whispering something to her and as soon as that thing saw me it ran away to the wall in front of Royati. It freaks the shit out of me by just writing it here but werdly in my dream i wasn't freaked out at all. Royati approached me and she's all trembling and she showed me her "bruised ear" but i saw nothing at all.

But that's not the scary part.

After that incident suddenly my dream appeared to be changing places and by the time you realize it i am already at an abandoned train station. But i remember the main character in my dream wasn't me, it was some cold-hearted girl that you wouldn't wanna be friends with. Let's just say she's kind of a bitch at your school who only have fake friends, something like that. But strange enough, everything she feels i feel it too. Weird.

Let's just call her Derpina.

So this derpina was brought to a train station, and long story short, she was told to do lots of activity that will cost her life. But derpina was all strong and tough and she could last and still alive. Till the last activity. I still remember it in my head, sooo clearly. The "thing" that told her to do all those activity (i call it a thing cause i don't even know what it is) ask her to get inside a train, and run away. If she succeed, she can survive. If she don't, she died. Derpina agreed. And so the train started, and on the way derpina saw all of her friends' corpse. ALL. Her friends die hanging, left only head (all i see is those two, hanging and left-only head but the left-only head ones wasn't just one person but many) and yes, i saw it all in my dreams. Wasn't that scary enough. I was supposed to dream about a prince came to me with a white horse and propose to me but instead i dream about these kind of shit. I'm forever haunted wtf. So yeah back to the story, derpina saw all of that. But i remember she was laughing to some of the corpses which i assume is her enemy so she laughed. But still psycho. And so the train goes running and running, but then i, not derpina but i, realized that the train didn't take her to a destination, at all. The train was looping. In a circle. And there's a note saying "If the train loops 9 times straight it will explode." somewhere and by the time i saw derpina again the train already explodes. And that thing laughed. i heard it.

Soon enough the scene of my dream changed again. I can see that thing now. It was a person. But of course i can't see it clearly who he is. All i know is he had a lot of workers. And suddenly i became a girl who was hiding behind a train station's wall. And yes, that girl is Derpina. Now i became derpina. Now my role is to run away as far as i could from that psychotic places. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY I GOT THAT KIND OF ROLE SHIT. it's scary. and adrenaline shocking. So i tried to flee but unfortunate enough, HIS WORKER SAW ME. SHIIIT. LIKE SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTT MAAANN i can't even do something right in my dreams. And then the worker told that psycho and that psycho wasn't happy cause he taught i'm dead already but the fact is i'm still alive so he summoned the workers to after me. And thus the workers after me. And not just one but a lot. A. LOT. but long story short again somehow i managed to ran away and i change my look as soon i reached a village and i turned myself into an Indian wtf. But yeah i became an Indian but the workers still searching for me and i live my life forever being wanted and that's kinda scary.

And in my dream i was scared by even seeing a fake knife. That was really scary.

And so i woke up. And i found myself alone so i'm afraid to do anything till now. Shit......

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  1. At last, did you look like me? Indian wtf? :)

  2. Haha maybe it Looked like me too Haha Indian so farny

  3. Lolololol. It's a freaky weird dream! U rmb so clearly, i cant rmb my dream most of the time -.-

  4. @suvii : no no genius, i don't wtf i became an indian, i wtf why i randomly dreamt of that :(
    you seemed so offended omg T___________T

    @addie : actually i remembered i only wear indian clothes though but my face still chinese but i do have a husband in my dream and he's an indian :DD

    @qiaopei : hahaha my dream was scary thats why i remembered..
    i wish i didnt tho .__.

  5. Haha, aites, aites. No worries :) And hey, your husband, panas ke? :P

  6. oooo he's hot alright ;)