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Why hello there. How are you guys. I feel like i am a stranger to my own blog now and i can't believe of how lately i've been always blogging but yet i only post some pictures of myself and always saying how depressing i am with my life.

Since i've been neglecting my blog like it's a nobody, i am going to start ranting and i will end this post with a really long post of my life story. Prepare some popcorns y'alll

YOSH. so here we go.

First, i cannot stand the new Blogger design. I know that design has been a while and it's a bit too late to start complaining about it right now but still. It is a very complicated shit to control, unlike the previous one. (believe it or not, i'm using the old ones right now FUCK YEA) <--- how? first you go to then you go to the earnings tab. There you can see it says the earning tab has not been properly designed yet so it asks you to use the old earnings tab. Click that, and you can fully use the old again. Like a boss.

I know it is very stupid for me to switch back to old blogger but it really is a big deal for me. Really! -____-

Second, i forgot what i was going to say.....

epic fail.

Oh yeah i remembered.

Exams are going pretty well. So far. My photography's score just got out today and i got 70 for the awfully done picture i posted before. FUCK YEA. i am gonna pass. at least i am not going to fail LOL. argh hopefully that goes for other subjects too. I am so desperate wtf errrrr

Third. I've been hanging out with this dude called Stefanus Ivan Cahyadi but i usually call him Icang and so does his other friends. HAIII IF YOU ARE READING THIS but i think he wouldn't cause he doesn't even have a clue i have a blog LOLOLOL

Here is a picture of him 'monkeying' around.

We've been in this diet thing for a while but we'll get to that later.

So yeah i've been hangin out with him. he's a super nice guy. Can't even believe how nice he is to me and to his other friends. I've been staying night at his house and lately i am sooo in the fever of playing PS in his house especially fatal frame biiittchh that game is sick. It's about some random vulnerable chicks trying to brave herself to go into some haunted house with her twin sister and on the playing of the game they meet lots of demons and ghost and OMG that game is freaking scary yet so adrenaline rushing. And yeah but of course, exams first. I am so game maniac help me can't stop thinking about fatal frame asasljkdalsd ;___;

And oh, he got this two unbelievably pretty niece called Jennifer and Mercedes. Jennifer are around 6 years old while Merci is 2. They are gorgeous. They are mix of Arabians and Chinese so their faces are incredibly pretty omg i wish i had those kinds of faces ;___;

Here are Jennifer and Mercedess waddaaapppp. Pretty right? Told ya.
Too bad the picture is a bit too dark and Jennifer and Merci's face is not really shown :(((

Fourth, lately i've been having a crush on someone at the church. Omg this is a bit personal but what the heck. Blog will not be interesting without some personal stuff am i right or am i right. So yeah let's just call him Mister smiley cause he smiles all the time and aaahhhhh that always makes me skip a heartbeat whenever i see his smile. He's also has this weird Javanese accent whenever he talks and it's funny and it's adorable and alksdjalksdjas i am going to die. But i am not close to him and i can only see him from distance since i am shy and he is friendly and has lots of friends at church and that is quite T__________T to me. *sigh*

But this will never be a problem to me since i don't need a boyfriend right now and i never plan to have one either.

Fifth, i've gained a lot of weight. And i've been getting a lot of "Susan, you look so fat right now" from everybody. EVERYBODY. well that sucks cause when i was in the middle of high school i can eat like 3 portions of food and not getting fat and i can eat super spicy food but now i can't. I CAN'T. AND IT'S DEPRESSING. I IS A FAT PIG NOW. FAT PIG.

I am trying to exercise but laziness told me not to. Laziness love me too much to even care how i look. It accepts me the way i am. Too bad i don't love it.

Sixth, i has removed my tagboard, if you even realized. Because i think why should i keep a tagboard while i don't even reply their messages? And the thinking of replying one by one of those tags irks me. It's such a waste of time cause, i don't even need that. Twitter is enough if you want to contact me. But of course since i'm nice i still put formspring in the guestbook section.

I think that's all, i really wanna talk more but it seems like everytime i'm trying to tell it the words all went away.

This post shall end with a hillarious scene of Ken Joeng on Hangover 2

Christmas post will be right upppp so stay tuned WWWOOOOO IMMA HAVE MY FIRST CHRISTMAS AS A CHRISTIAAAAAANNNNNN :'D :'D :'D

and try to hover to my website banner.

Last, i will end this post with a very ah lian picture of me, Richard, and Evelyn with her derp face.


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