As far as i know silhouettes are awesome.

Oh my gossshh it's 2 December already. 8 December in a blink of an eye will be a tomorrow. Shit, and i haven't done anything yet except 9gag-ing all day long, pretty much like a boss or a retard. But i would pretty much say like a boss. What am i talking here.

Anyways just so you know 9gag are a blog full of memes and awesome pictures, like this :

Or this :

Or this :

Or this :

Or this.. *shows image*

Or this.. *shows image*

Or this.. *shows image*

Okay sorry, i got carried away by their awesome posts.

Where was i, oh, yeah 9gag. So you should check it out sometime.
But i would rather say don't. Cause beware. It's addicting. *insert scary background sound here*

Sooooo uhm, i want to show you guys some silhouette pictures i took last time for my assignments, as i promise.
It's not level professionals though, but at least i tried to took some awesome moments.

"You know jumping will never get you away from earth."

"I've tried not to. But she got pregnant anyway."


And this one is taken by my friends, model ish me.


Sorry for the shitty description, i am not really poetic to make up some poetic and romantic-ish descriptions.

So i think that's all, and oh just wanna let you guys know that my sis bought me a bigjill shirts and i'm happy :'3

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1 comment:

  1. (LOLOL Spongebob)9gag is pretty much as addictive as tumblr :/ cyah bad for my poor innocent eyes

    i like the second and last photo :3