Another personal update

Yesterday while in the middle of procrastinating and trying to bear with my hunger since i don't have enough money to buy food anymore cause it's end of the month i got a call from Richard asking me to hang out at Central Park cause William is having a birthday. He said they will go to the movies and then fun world and then go have a dinner. I said yes since i have the chance to be rescued from my hunger hahahahha

Sampai sana we watched The Billionaire. Spoiler alert, billionaire tells us about a boy who didn't do well at all in his study while he always got this rush to open a business and earn his own money. Of course along the movie he dealt with a lot of problems, bankcrupcy and debt but in the end after his super hard work (i mean it, he put a lot of effort in it) he finally became rich.

It's about the fried seaweed we often see at 7 eleven called Tao Kae Noi actually.

But yeah that movie inspired me a lot. a lot actually. :S
And made me realize how i had spent too much money on something useless over these 1 year and a half ppsshhh i'm so stupid

Then yeah, no time to go to fun world cause after watching it's already like almost 9 o'clock so we went straight to Jala Jala. The food there sucks yuuccckk i hate it. Well i didn't ate much since i was paid but what i ordered suckkss eewww (P.S i ordered La Mien Black Pepper Sauce Beef Soup ala Jala Jala ad i don't even know why i remembered the food's name)

I didn't even spend a penny yaaaayy! Everything's free ~

After that we all went home. But then i went to Abang Adek to eat again, since i was starving for a whole day and eating that la mien wasn't just enough. I ate two packs of noodles with their super hot chillies, ate pisang bakar with chocolate and drank ovaltine. I almost puked cause i ate too much but finally i was full. Then me and Icang went for a stroll over places near houses and we talked a lot about ghosts thingy....

He told me his house got this "little kid" behind the refrigerator and he said that that thing will came out on midnight sometimes. And i was like WTF ASKJASDJALSDJAKLDJALSDJALS I STAYED OVER NIGHT AT HIS HOUSE SO FREQUENTLY AND HE SAID THAT TO ME NOW THANK YOU I DON'T EVEN DARE TO STAY AT HIS HOUSE ANYMORE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

and that was it for yesterday. Time to take a bath and get ready for church now byee toodles keep the tagboard rollin'

"Spammer see me rollin, spammer hatin' - Mah swagger tagboard"

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  1. I haven't watched the movie yet but as you told us it seems like it might inspire me to get to the hard work, 'cos really, that's the only way we can ever be rich anyway, isn't it? XD Haunted houses are so real and they creep me out so badly, couple months ago there were all this weird stuff happening in my house (like noises, broken lamps, my mom even heart someone call her in the empty bathroom) it made me so sure we were being haunted.

    Sincerely, Ed

  2. UUUhhh i hate haunted houses -___-

  3. yeah. little kid. scary right?