Hi people. This is a post about as you can see the title, friendzoned guy. It is based by my opinion so for anyone out there who disagree with this post can fuck themselves cause i don't give a single damn.

I noticed there's a lot of friendzoned guys out there. I personally, had friendzoned a guy before, and i was guilty since i know how much he likes me and all. In the end i avoid talking to him so that he know i don't give hopes for him anymore. But now, i just can't stand seeing guys still hanging to that one girl that had so friendzoned him.

My friend, let's just call him Stupid, fell in love with another friend girl of mine, let's just call that girl Ulala (i don't know why i use that name that is sooo random). Ulala is his first love, but sadly ulala already has a boyfriend. Since ulala dont wanna hurt stupid's feeling, ulala been good to stupid all the time.

But stupid just wont understand no matter how hard he tried he will never be with ulala.

I mean sometimes i get a little pissed off seeing guys who fell in love with a girl, and knowing that the girl will never be hers but he still hangs on to it. Stop being a bitch please there are soo many girls out there why do you have to hang on to that one girl who treats you like a nobody? Girls like to friendzoned guys and guys who are friendzoned mostly are nice ones that means you are one of the nice ones so stop being a douche and move on and find a girl who can truly likes you for who you are dammit.

"I will wait till she accepts me" will never happen in your real life cause in that girl's mind she already eliminated you for being her boyfriend that's why she's friendzoning you in the first place. Except you're in a mushy stupid romantic dramas or you saved her life like what the heroes which will never happen in a real life.

Girls who has a boyfriend is even worse. If you unfortunately like that type of girl, do not wait for her. If she said she likes you, or maybe even say if she don't have this boyfriend she will definitely be with you, that's even worse. It means she is putting you in a replacement bin. Why spending so much time waiting for a girl to break up with his boyfriend while in that waiting time you can move on and who knows you could actually find a better girl who are ten times prettier and ten times nicer? Right?

And to all the girls that friendzoned a guy, get away from them please. Let them go. Avoid them. Don't even consider having them as friends cause all they want from you is to become a lover. Not a friend. And if you make them wait, you just know they're gonna wait for nothing. And that's just sad and unfair to them cause everybody deserves the truth. Instead of lying to their face why don't you just let them accept reality and let them move on. Don't be such a bitch for letting a guy hangs on to you just because you can't bear to lose him as a friend or whatever. You just have to let them know you're not the one for them, say to them clearly and if he decides to hangs on, ask to yourself. If he's the one for you? If yes, be with him. If not, go away from him cause later he's gonna hurt a lot.

And for the girls who got friendzoned by guys? Needless to say that guy is a complete bastard that you don't deserve with so just say "fuck you" to them and go away.

But well.. Despite all of the above, friends with benefits is a different story ;)


Personal update

After CG (Connect Group, it's a church thing) at ko Winsen's apartmment me and my CG friends decided to go to Strawberry Cafe to have dinner and hang out. Strawberry Cafe, as you can see the name, is a cafe which almost all the food has strawberries in it, including the fried rice and spaghetti wtf. Actually i can't even imagine it eww. But people say it's delicious though. But what makes it more awesome is that there are so much games provided at the cafe (board games, card games, block games etc. etc.) and most people would probably choose that place or hang-outs. Last night was my first time.. Well. Not really. I went there before but that time it was raining so hard and by the time i got there i was soaking wet already so i decided to go home instead (P.S i ride motorcycle there so yeah). So that doesn't really count.

Strawberry Cafe is a nice place for hanging out, great place to be exact, only last night the place was so crowded and people there is so noisy because of the games and such soooo minus points yikes. But still awesome.

So yeah. We had a lot of fun playing there. UNO spin, hula-hula, kind of a charades games also, and me, Stephanie and Mondy ended up losing and we have to wear clippers as a punishment. Super embarassing lol but not really people there don't give a fuck.

Blur cause it's dark there and oh what i'm holding is the Vanilla Rum.
Perfect beverage /le smile delicately 8{D

From left to right : Ochie, Stephanie, me, Nita, Yonathan, Mondy
Stephanie is the first person who loses! You can see those clippers hanging out on her hair

She had to wear lots of clippers lol

But then Mondy and i catch up.. -___-
And when i wear those clippers my friends were all like "OMG Liberty Statue Liberty Statue" cause the clippers are standing o my hair like the statue's crown uuhh super embarassed LOL

Awesome night.

So that's it for today toodles and oh i ended up sleeping at 6 AM last night cause i'm afraid of the "kid" behind Icang's refrigerator uuhh i don't even want to talk about it. But mostly it's because i wanna watch KevJumba too though LOL

KevJumba's cute :'D
And his father, too.

Another personal update

Hai people currently it's 3:42 AM in the morning and i'm staying at Icang's house and i just wanna say that Icang don't have trouble sleeping at all i mean he slept in like seconds wtf

i am so jealous with people who don't have any trouble sleeping. i mean look at me. i was supposed to sleep already but instead i'm here blogging shits FFUUU fml maann

Goodnight anyway

Another personal update

Yesterday while in the middle of procrastinating and trying to bear with my hunger since i don't have enough money to buy food anymore cause it's end of the month i got a call from Richard asking me to hang out at Central Park cause William is having a birthday. He said they will go to the movies and then fun world and then go have a dinner. I said yes since i have the chance to be rescued from my hunger hahahahha

Sampai sana we watched The Billionaire. Spoiler alert, billionaire tells us about a boy who didn't do well at all in his study while he always got this rush to open a business and earn his own money. Of course along the movie he dealt with a lot of problems, bankcrupcy and debt but in the end after his super hard work (i mean it, he put a lot of effort in it) he finally became rich.

It's about the fried seaweed we often see at 7 eleven called Tao Kae Noi actually.

But yeah that movie inspired me a lot. a lot actually. :S
And made me realize how i had spent too much money on something useless over these 1 year and a half ppsshhh i'm so stupid

Then yeah, no time to go to fun world cause after watching it's already like almost 9 o'clock so we went straight to Jala Jala. The food there sucks yuuccckk i hate it. Well i didn't ate much since i was paid but what i ordered suckkss eewww (P.S i ordered La Mien Black Pepper Sauce Beef Soup ala Jala Jala ad i don't even know why i remembered the food's name)

I didn't even spend a penny yaaaayy! Everything's free ~

After that we all went home. But then i went to Abang Adek to eat again, since i was starving for a whole day and eating that la mien wasn't just enough. I ate two packs of noodles with their super hot chillies, ate pisang bakar with chocolate and drank ovaltine. I almost puked cause i ate too much but finally i was full. Then me and Icang went for a stroll over places near houses and we talked a lot about ghosts thingy....

He told me his house got this "little kid" behind the refrigerator and he said that that thing will came out on midnight sometimes. And i was like WTF ASKJASDJALSDJAKLDJALSDJALS I STAYED OVER NIGHT AT HIS HOUSE SO FREQUENTLY AND HE SAID THAT TO ME NOW THANK YOU I DON'T EVEN DARE TO STAY AT HIS HOUSE ANYMORE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

and that was it for yesterday. Time to take a bath and get ready for church now byee toodles keep the tagboard rollin'

"Spammer see me rollin, spammer hatin' - Mah swagger tagboard"
Read at your own risk.

Last night i had one of the weirdest most scariest dream ever. So it goes like this.

I only remember the part where i'm on my elementary school, where the toilet was very creepy (and still creepy) and i had this friend named Royati (she's a real friend of mine but idk why she appeared on my dream and why she had that weird name) she was crying and she said she wanna go to the toilet so i waited outside, a little bit far from the creepy toilet. I waited and waited but she didn't came out, and slightly i feel that my friend is calling me for help so i approach her to that toilet and i saw her crumping by herself and beside her there's this black human-shaped shadow whispering something to her and as soon as that thing saw me it ran away to the wall in front of Royati. It freaks the shit out of me by just writing it here but werdly in my dream i wasn't freaked out at all. Royati approached me and she's all trembling and she showed me her "bruised ear" but i saw nothing at all.

But that's not the scary part.

After that incident suddenly my dream appeared to be changing places and by the time you realize it i am already at an abandoned train station. But i remember the main character in my dream wasn't me, it was some cold-hearted girl that you wouldn't wanna be friends with. Let's just say she's kind of a bitch at your school who only have fake friends, something like that. But strange enough, everything she feels i feel it too. Weird.

Let's just call her Derpina.

So this derpina was brought to a train station, and long story short, she was told to do lots of activity that will cost her life. But derpina was all strong and tough and she could last and still alive. Till the last activity. I still remember it in my head, sooo clearly. The "thing" that told her to do all those activity (i call it a thing cause i don't even know what it is) ask her to get inside a train, and run away. If she succeed, she can survive. If she don't, she died. Derpina agreed. And so the train started, and on the way derpina saw all of her friends' corpse. ALL. Her friends die hanging, left only head (all i see is those two, hanging and left-only head but the left-only head ones wasn't just one person but many) and yes, i saw it all in my dreams. Wasn't that scary enough. I was supposed to dream about a prince came to me with a white horse and propose to me but instead i dream about these kind of shit. I'm forever haunted wtf. So yeah back to the story, derpina saw all of that. But i remember she was laughing to some of the corpses which i assume is her enemy so she laughed. But still psycho. And so the train goes running and running, but then i, not derpina but i, realized that the train didn't take her to a destination, at all. The train was looping. In a circle. And there's a note saying "If the train loops 9 times straight it will explode." somewhere and by the time i saw derpina again the train already explodes. And that thing laughed. i heard it.

Soon enough the scene of my dream changed again. I can see that thing now. It was a person. But of course i can't see it clearly who he is. All i know is he had a lot of workers. And suddenly i became a girl who was hiding behind a train station's wall. And yes, that girl is Derpina. Now i became derpina. Now my role is to run away as far as i could from that psychotic places. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY I GOT THAT KIND OF ROLE SHIT. it's scary. and adrenaline shocking. So i tried to flee but unfortunate enough, HIS WORKER SAW ME. SHIIIT. LIKE SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTT MAAANN i can't even do something right in my dreams. And then the worker told that psycho and that psycho wasn't happy cause he taught i'm dead already but the fact is i'm still alive so he summoned the workers to after me. And thus the workers after me. And not just one but a lot. A. LOT. but long story short again somehow i managed to ran away and i change my look as soon i reached a village and i turned myself into an Indian wtf. But yeah i became an Indian but the workers still searching for me and i live my life forever being wanted and that's kinda scary.

And in my dream i was scared by even seeing a fake knife. That was really scary.

And so i woke up. And i found myself alone so i'm afraid to do anything till now. Shit......
Example : Follow me?

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First, you choose the link that you wanna make popup.

Then at the href section you put javascript:void(0); so it became like this :


then after putting that, insert onClick=window.open("http://YOUR LINK","Ratting",
"width=YOURDESIREDWIDTH,height=YOURDESIREDHEIGHT,0,status=0,"); followed by text you wanna show.

Overall it became like this:

<a class="navi" href="javascript:void(0);"

Simple as that.
But if you got a problem, comment on this post :)

Wonder what are they doing at hometown right now.
Can't wait to pack my things and go home next monday ♥

I have no life. Okay, seriously i don't. I mean, how is watching KevJumba and How I Met Your Mother all day is having a pretty productive day? Seriously, i love holidays but holidays without activity? It sucks. (  ̄っ ̄)

Haha (awkward laugh)

So 2011 is going to an end, i thought maybe i would share some of my events on 2011. (・∀・)
Check this out.

Most terrifying moments

Even googling for this picture scares the shit out of me. I'm going to have nightmares tonight. Shit.

I don't remember when but last time i watched this movie called Grave Encounters, it was the scariest movie i had watched this year, ever. I remember when i saw the posters on the 'Now Watching' and i said to Richard "hey how about we watch this one, it looks stupid and unscary" I WAS WRONG. Okay. Grave encounters was like the most terrifying, most scary, unpredictable horror movie i have ever watched. There's this scene where they all meet a girl standing at the corner of a room, and when she turned back,

There is no need explanation for this. I don't even know why i'm doing this to myself. I mean putting ghost pictures in my blog page? Goodbye sweet dreams of Mr.Smiley in a white horse.

What do you mean i was hoping to dream that?! I. MOST. CERTAINLY. DID. NOT! pppssshhhh

So yeah. That movie makes me paranoid for a week. Even going to bathroom is scary to me. Most horror scene happens in a bathroom. I mean come on. When you're taking a shower and a hand touches your shoulder? Isn't that scary enough? Or when you're washing your face and when you open your eyes there's a little kid standing in front of you looking at you 'innocently'? Or when you found out there's 'someone' standing at the corner of your bathroom? Goodbye showering?

Yeah. Pssh. You're welcome.

I mean this movie is so sick, i could never had a peaceful life, again. Even speaking about it like this makes my life scary, again. (P.S : My sister is looking at me right now with a poker face so it's two times scarier since my sis has a scary withcy face *runs away* LOL just kidding sis)

For those of you who had a gigantic interest with horror movies i strongly recommend you to watch this. It's ten times scarier than Paranormal Activity. Yeah. Honestly i never watch paranormal activity before but i assume that grave encounters is scarier so IT IS. ALL ARGUMENTS IS INVALID.

Most annoying moments

I love my friends, but seriously though, sometimes they annoy the shit out of me. One thing i hate the most about my friends is about how they always DE wait for it LAYING. DELAYING.

I mean they are like delaying queens and kings. When we're planning to go somewhere it's always ended up cancelled cause they're always delaying schedules and times and places. It's like they never had any interest to go whatsoever.

Last time i was planning to go to this waterboom places with my friends, but i ended up not going just because there's this one friend who said that he cannot go AT THE LAST MINUTE. Yes Ferdian i'm talking to you. And because he cancelled it at the last minute, Richard ended up not going too since he and ferdian are like soulmates. And since Richard is the one who come pick me up, i ended up not going too because i don't have transportation.


Most embarassing moments

I don't recall having an embarassing moments since i'm awesome so yeah, skip.

Most touching moments

I don't wanna sound cheesy and fanatic, but actually i cry a lot when i was at the church. Seriously, like knowing Jesus and becoming a christian makes me cry so much. What makes me cry is knowing that Jesus always there for me and always forgive me although i had done numerous of sins and crimes and others and He always there for me.



Yeah. I have to say most touching moments is knowing Jesus in my life. It's like part of me has been stuffed by His undying love. True Story.

This cracks me up and mindfucked me though. LOL.

And this! HAhaahahhahhahahhhahaha!!

I am going to hell for this.


So yeah, what is your most terrifying, annoying and touching moments? Share it with me!
And and do you have any more questions for me to answer? I would gladly answer it :D

So yeah goodbye toodles, see you next time and happy new year!

P.S : I had an awesome sister, and she got a youtube channel..

Have a merry happy christmas everyone! Christmas eve went well.. Went to church to have some moment with Jesus

Staying the night at Icang's house again, chillin' out the rest christmas eve at his house watchin V channel and playin' playstation lol..

BBMed Mr.Smiley, wonder if he will reply my message :'|

Too bad i didn't see him at the church tonight.. I miss him so much.
Hello to my new followers :3

I noticed girls these days like to act like a child. And by a child i mean acting all spoiled and making bogus high-pitched voices and acting all dumb and vulnerable in front of dudes just to get attention.

I dislike that.

It's not that i am against them, i just can't understand their way of thinking that acting all childish and stupid will bring them lots of friends. Or do they? I mean who wants to be friend with a childish acting girl except for those two-faced friends who will speak and stab them in the back and boys who only think about fcking them, right?

Except they themselves are an idiot.

I have this friend, let's just call her Derpina since i don't want anybody to get offended, she had this really weird made-up voice and she acts like a child. One day when i was walking with my friends (one of them is her) and she was eating ice cream and then the ice cream fell on her top and she started to like, crying. And all my dude friends were like "aawww honey are you okay?" "here take this tissue" and etc. Suddenly all my dude friends were like became suuupppeerrr considerate with her.

And then there's another childish-act friend of mine who i just met and i can see that boys like to spend time with her, joking around with her and stuffs and i can see boys like her.

I mean, seriously. Really?

Is it just me or every boy like that type of girl? I am definitely not jealous, why would i be jealous of a girl who acts like a child and not be themselves anyway. I just can't figure out why boys fall for that. I mean obviously, girls acting like that are dumb. And dumb girls won't get you anywhere.

Just now i watched this one episode of How I Met Your Mother (if you know this you're awesome btw) about Ted dating a co-worker of Robin named Becky who acted like a dumbfuck child and how Ted likes her because Ted says he feel needed. Needed.

Oh so now the reason you stupid boys like childish girls is because you like to feel needed, huh? So now independent woman look worthless, huh?

How would you like it if one day one of those child-acting girl became your wifey wife and she needs your help to cook, to clean the house and to even sing her to sleep? How would you like it if she can't even feed a baby? How would you like it if she cries everytime you wanna go to work because she's afraid of ghost and weird shits like that? How would you even like it if everytime you guys wanna had sex you're the one who always make a move cause she don't know how to start? I mean, how is acting like a child even attractive anyway? It irks me, to be honest. But i don't know if that actually turns you on maybe it's just because you're a pedophile anyway.

Feeling needed is great, even if you put it in a relationship, huh?

My point here is, girls acting like a child is not cute, nor attractive, nor even mature. Boys who likes it need to start think it over, especially those who wanted girls like that to be in a serious relationship, except if you only wanted one night stand, of course. Girls who acts like that need to stop, cause it's stupid and annoying. It's true. And by acting like that, you won't get a boy who take you seriously also cause you're a joke.

Independent woman ftw. Thumbs up if you agree. :)

Why hello there. How are you guys. I feel like i am a stranger to my own blog now and i can't believe of how lately i've been always blogging but yet i only post some pictures of myself and always saying how depressing i am with my life.

Since i've been neglecting my blog like it's a nobody, i am going to start ranting and i will end this post with a really long post of my life story. Prepare some popcorns y'alll

YOSH. so here we go.

First, i cannot stand the new Blogger design. I know that design has been a while and it's a bit too late to start complaining about it right now but still. It is a very complicated shit to control, unlike the previous one. (believe it or not, i'm using the old ones right now FUCK YEA) <--- how? first you go to blogger.com then you go to the earnings tab. There you can see it says the earning tab has not been properly designed yet so it asks you to use the old earnings tab. Click that, and you can fully use the old blogger.com again. Like a boss.

I know it is very stupid for me to switch back to old blogger but it really is a big deal for me. Really! -____-

Second, i forgot what i was going to say.....

epic fail.

Oh yeah i remembered.

Exams are going pretty well. So far. My photography's score just got out today and i got 70 for the awfully done picture i posted before. FUCK YEA. i am gonna pass. at least i am not going to fail LOL. argh hopefully that goes for other subjects too. I am so desperate wtf errrrr

Third. I've been hanging out with this dude called Stefanus Ivan Cahyadi but i usually call him Icang and so does his other friends. HAIII IF YOU ARE READING THIS but i think he wouldn't cause he doesn't even have a clue i have a blog LOLOLOL

Here is a picture of him 'monkeying' around.

We've been in this diet thing for a while but we'll get to that later.

So yeah i've been hangin out with him. he's a super nice guy. Can't even believe how nice he is to me and to his other friends. I've been staying night at his house and lately i am sooo in the fever of playing PS in his house especially fatal frame biiittchh that game is sick. It's about some random vulnerable chicks trying to brave herself to go into some haunted house with her twin sister and on the playing of the game they meet lots of demons and ghost and OMG that game is freaking scary yet so adrenaline rushing. And yeah but of course, exams first. I am so game maniac help me can't stop thinking about fatal frame asasljkdalsd ;___;

And oh, he got this two unbelievably pretty niece called Jennifer and Mercedes. Jennifer are around 6 years old while Merci is 2. They are gorgeous. They are mix of Arabians and Chinese so their faces are incredibly pretty omg i wish i had those kinds of faces ;___;

Here are Jennifer and Mercedess waddaaapppp. Pretty right? Told ya.
Too bad the picture is a bit too dark and Jennifer and Merci's face is not really shown :(((

Fourth, lately i've been having a crush on someone at the church. Omg this is a bit personal but what the heck. Blog will not be interesting without some personal stuff am i right or am i right. So yeah let's just call him Mister smiley cause he smiles all the time and aaahhhhh that always makes me skip a heartbeat whenever i see his smile. He's also has this weird Javanese accent whenever he talks and it's funny and it's adorable and alksdjalksdjas i am going to die. But i am not close to him and i can only see him from distance since i am shy and he is friendly and has lots of friends at church and that is quite T__________T to me. *sigh*

But this will never be a problem to me since i don't need a boyfriend right now and i never plan to have one either.

Fifth, i've gained a lot of weight. And i've been getting a lot of "Susan, you look so fat right now" from everybody. EVERYBODY. well that sucks cause when i was in the middle of high school i can eat like 3 portions of food and not getting fat and i can eat super spicy food but now i can't. I CAN'T. AND IT'S DEPRESSING. I IS A FAT PIG NOW. FAT PIG.

I am trying to exercise but laziness told me not to. Laziness love me too much to even care how i look. It accepts me the way i am. Too bad i don't love it.

Sixth, i has removed my tagboard, if you even realized. Because i think why should i keep a tagboard while i don't even reply their messages? And the thinking of replying one by one of those tags irks me. It's such a waste of time cause, i don't even need that. Twitter is enough if you want to contact me. But of course since i'm nice i still put formspring in the guestbook section.

I think that's all, i really wanna talk more but it seems like everytime i'm trying to tell it the words all went away.

This post shall end with a hillarious scene of Ken Joeng on Hangover 2

Christmas post will be right upppp so stay tuned WWWOOOOO IMMA HAVE MY FIRST CHRISTMAS AS A CHRISTIAAAAAANNNNNN :'D :'D :'D

and try to hover to my website banner.

Last, i will end this post with a very ah lian picture of me, Richard, and Evelyn with her derp face.


I am soooo dead beat right now.
But thumbs up for the awesomely edited picture above though. Haha.

Exams are sooo depressing. Only 2 exams are done, 5 more to go. And all are as difficult as fudge. Level impossibruuuu

Last night i went to PIK for painting with light photography again. And my the final photo for my submission is this

Richard being devil-ish.

Honestly for me it's not good enough. Could have done better. But oh well i don't have much time anymore.
I am doing 3 take-home exams today. Have to speed up cause later i'm going to print it all out with Meli and Richard.
God, help me please i am soo worn out uuurrghh.

The Original

My masterpiece

i no good at mosaic art.
Sometimes some boys are such an inconsiderate fuck. You treat them as good friends and with lots of love you are willing to hear them talking about their crush but when your turn to tell your story comes they just take it as a wind and don't even give a fuck. Sometimes even says that girls are such a pain in the ass and use feelings too much.

Just saw one of my friends' twitter, and he's saying about how just throw away your heart talk instead of telling it to him.

Fuck boys why so inconsiderate? Is it so fucking hard to just sit for a few minutes and hear our talk?

Yes we girls use feelings too much, and we think with our feelings first, not with our logic. But so what? We are born like this. We are born with feelings that's why we use our feelings. Unlike you guys who always use actions and your fucking brains and always lie to you and your feelings. What so great about lying to your feelings anyway?

Sometimes this is why i don't really like having boys as best friends. They suck.
You know what is my last term exam for photography is?

Wooooo penis. LOL

My handwriting with light is sooo terrible i'm like trembling all over yikes.

I fucking love design major.
Christmas is coming! Who doesn't like christmas anyway? Turkeys, christmas tree, santa claus, smiles, the moment of togetherness.. :D

Of course you would want your blog to have that sense of christmasy, right? Well you've came to the right place.

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Red Hat Snowman

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P.S : All cursors belong to cursors4u.

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Have a jolly christmas!