Quick update!

Hi guys, currently i'm very occupied by assignments so much that i just don't have any spare time to blog about anything :(

I have a lot of Photography assignments, I have Psychology presentation about Motivation, i have to draw a vector of myself for homework, plus lot more lot more homeworks that i don't even remember urgh. Photos of my awesomely awesome assignments will be uploaded on my blog, of course. But it'll take some time. And maybe i just too lazy too open my blog and upload it here so i might just upload it on twitter, so follow my twitter also.

Last 9 November i was baptized as a Christian and last 13 November i went to a nursing home to give some love for those old peoples that don't have a family so remember to stay tuned for the pictures also :D

Meanwhile i just fell in love with a song called Oh Darling by Plug In Stereo ft. Candy Groves.
It's a song about a boy and a girl meeting each other and fell in love and do the whole realtionship thing.
Sweet, yes. Very. In facet every couple would probably like this song.
I don't even know why i like this song so much while i'm pretty much forever alone here *cries*
*Le imagining a imaginary handsome boyfriend. Like a boss.*

I put the video below. Enjoy.

I have included a link for download the song here by 4shared. Am i nice or what? Haha.

Last of all, here are a few of my Photography homework that i took while ago.

Oh wait, imgur is being a dick so i can't upload any shits. FYL.

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  1. you're like me, my sister, my high school classmate which happens to be our neighbor, my other highschool classmate who live 3 hours drive away from our house, they love that song.

    oh how i wish i had someone who'll sing that song and make a duet with me.

  2. OH I goddamn LOVE YOU SUSAN.

    (for letting me know this song).
    *still smiling like a nincompoop*

  3. heyyyyy susan.
    how have you been???
    and congratz on your baptism.
    may your baptism be just a start of a life of faith that comes from the heart <3

  4. Oh congrats! Do you have like a Christian name 'cause some of my friends have haha.

    Imaginary handsome boyfriend: unbeatable.