Graphic Standard Manual

Assignments demand us to make a logo for ourselves.
I got sports category.
Therefore i made a logo of a soccer club named Soccerism.
And this is how it looks like.

Can't blame me for the lameness.
I'm still a fucking noob at Adobe Illustrator :/

Then we were asked to do some Graphic Standard Manual of it.
In a more simple way, we were told to make the company's stationery (stationeries with company's logo and design in it)
And this is the results.

An envelope of my Soccerism :3

A memo block.

Name card...

4 more stationeries to go and the deadline's 2 weeks ahead..
I feel depressed oh my fucking God T____T
Look at my noobie stationery ppfffhhhtt.

BTW out of the above, i have also made a vector of myself for another subject of mine..

I have to say i am a little bit satisfied by my effort with this one.
Nyahahaawww :3

A comparison side-to-side with the actual photo..


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  1. Wow, you are very good in art :3 (Y)

  2. that's a great vector you got there hunnie :D i want one too! :)