Some of you guys must have a long time coding and learn HTML and having lots of hard time dealing with HTML codes. I recommend you to visit, really. First of all, the owner is super kind and friendly. Just call the owner Kitty. She's the one who gave me this domain for free (look out for giveaways!), she also had helped me a lot through the journey of coding this layout too. The owner alone is awesome enough, let alone the site she had made!

Inside is filled with tons of tutorials you should check out for, such as displaying tweets on blogger, displaying list of labels, etc etc. It's really cool, besides that you are free to request a tutorial too!

I'm not promoting her site because she told me to, but i am willing to do this because of how kind she had been to me all this time. I love her so much you should check out her website!!

Here are her personal website, ranting blog (lol), and her twitter.

Cheers for being an awesome teacher and blogger friend, Kitty.

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1 comment:

  1. Aww thank you so much for the awesome plug and the very nice comments on my blog Susan! You're just so sweet, love you!!

    Ah yes, the ranting blog is.. well, obviously where I write down my rants. But I haven't got the mood or motivation to update the blog as often as I should so it's kind of being neglected at the mo. :x

    Once again, thanks for the post. I truly appreciate it. XOXOXO