Be You Ass Why

Guess what's that title means.

So these weeks has been a real busy weeks for me. Exams maybe over but assignments still flow as fast and as many as waterfalls. Gone to a few places for photo hunting, one of them was Taman Bunga Nusantara.

It was supposed to be an epic photo hunting moment but stupid me didn't check my camera before going so i ended up didn't bring my memory card and have to borrow my friend's camera which was unpleasant and that day turns out raining so hard that we can do nothing except watching the rain and wait for it to stop boo :(
But at least we took some pics on the greenhouse tho :)

Although it's just a little..

One of my best photos.. I think.
And no, this is not edited at all.

And we did had some fun splashing our feet on the rain puddle after the rain and took some piccies! :D

That was me being outrageously hyper under a lot of stress and my friend Melia.
And my hidious camera bag which i wrap with plastic so that rain won't barge into mt bag and screw my camera.

So that was it.

And i still have typography and computer graphic homework to go..
So my life isn't that chill anymore. Gonna be so busy until Christmas..

God i can't wait for Christmas. I wanna go home so much.
Lately i have been calling my mom and homesick :(
I miss mom. I miss Sabbath. I miss my silly bro and all the things at home. /le creyz

Oh and i may not be online on Skype as much as i said before though cause i realized my phone didn't support Skype /le creyz again
But i did online Yahoo Messenger 24/7 (okay maybe ym is a bit old school but that's the first messenger i have so i heart it) so if you guys wanna talk to me add my ym susan_miaomiao32708

And *cough* i made that yahoo messenger id *cough* when i was a kid *cough* so it sounds a lil bit *cough* noobie *cough**cough*

Kthx bye

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