Awesome contact lens are awesome.

Ordered Princess Mint circle lenses last Saturday.

It arrived today! I am so loving it!!
Bought two of them, blue and grey..
Blue looks very satanic. Kinda look like my sis' last contact lenses that had gone expired.
The grey one looks vampire-ish.

Here are some pics of me wearing it.

Here is the blue one :

Close Up.

I ish ugly because i didn't use any make ups.

Here is the grey one :

Not really close up.

You see, i was inspired to buy all these contact lenses after i watched this video of Michelle Phan :

Her eyes are so pretty it literally blew me away.
But actually she's not wearing a princess mint lenses.
The one she wears is called Hidrocor ICE contact lenses.
But too bad, it costs $88 one pair and it doesn't sell in Indonesia :(
Thank goodness, people sell Princess Mint here.
They're pretty much alike don't you think?
Plus princess mint has minus available so i don't have to go through some problems finding glasses to match a lens :3

Oh i am so in love with the lenses..
I can't wait to put on make up to match with it!
I wanna try makeup-ing myself as seductive vampires, like Michelle Phan did *A*
She is so pretttyyyy

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  1. Lol omg the colour. Looks good when cosplaying though =P

  2. oooooh! the colours look pretty :D is it hard to put on the contacts? :o

  3. WHOOO! hunnie!! dont look at me like that! :PP

    those lenses are lovely. my mom dont allow me to buy any. :((
    havent tried lenses yet. (BOOO!)

  4. @Clarissa : LOL no, imma wear it to school 8)

    @Julie : ikr? naah not really, at dirst of course you'll be like teary and such, but after that its gonna be okay :DDD


    naaaw never mind! i always get jealous over people with healthy eyess.. you know :3

  5. How many contact lenses do you have anyway? O.O
    They look cool, btw (Y)

  6. i have 5 currently..
    actually i have 6, but the 6th one is ripped :/

  7. Those princess mint lens.. At first I thought they were comdoms...

  8. The lenses you manufacture will not captivated by all people in world. I dont like this type of lenses, because naturally i dont have an interest in blue color things. But some people may like this.