Ordered Princess Mint circle lenses last Saturday.

It arrived today! I am so loving it!!
Bought two of them, blue and grey..
Blue looks very satanic. Kinda look like my sis' last contact lenses that had gone expired.
The grey one looks vampire-ish.

Here are some pics of me wearing it.

Here is the blue one :

Close Up.

I ish ugly because i didn't use any make ups.

Here is the grey one :

Not really close up.

You see, i was inspired to buy all these contact lenses after i watched this video of Michelle Phan :

Her eyes are so pretty it literally blew me away.
But actually she's not wearing a princess mint lenses.
The one she wears is called Hidrocor ICE contact lenses.
But too bad, it costs $88 one pair and it doesn't sell in Indonesia :(
Thank goodness, people sell Princess Mint here.
They're pretty much alike don't you think?
Plus princess mint has minus available so i don't have to go through some problems finding glasses to match a lens :3

Oh i am so in love with the lenses..
I can't wait to put on make up to match with it!
I wanna try makeup-ing myself as seductive vampires, like Michelle Phan did *A*
She is so pretttyyyy
Just got home from the church, i feel happy (*^o^*)
Exam's getting near, i should do my assignments and start preparing myself rather than procrastinating this much~

Christmas is near too yaaay i can't wait for holidayssss
What's your new year resolution anyway?
Assignments demand us to make a logo for ourselves.
I got sports category.
Therefore i made a logo of a soccer club named Soccerism.
And this is how it looks like.

Can't blame me for the lameness.
I'm still a fucking noob at Adobe Illustrator :/

Then we were asked to do some Graphic Standard Manual of it.
In a more simple way, we were told to make the company's stationery (stationeries with company's logo and design in it)
And this is the results.

An envelope of my Soccerism :3

A memo block.

Name card...

4 more stationeries to go and the deadline's 2 weeks ahead..
I feel depressed oh my fucking God T____T
Look at my noobie stationery ppfffhhhtt.

BTW out of the above, i have also made a vector of myself for another subject of mine..

I have to say i am a little bit satisfied by my effort with this one.
Nyahahaawww :3

A comparison side-to-side with the actual photo..


Melia, July and me iz awesome-ing.

I feel like blogger world has changed so much geez.
Blogskins.com as usual, boring and standardddd
boy i miss those awesome blogskinners.

BTW i miss my blog :(
I was supposed to do my assignments now but what the hell, lemme type some craps first for this blog. Haha :3

I have an awesome life lately. I enjoyed my life so much, and i make a lot of friends.
In fact, last night i just watched Breaking Dawn Part.1


For you guys who don't have a damn clue who the hell is Booboo Stewart, he's the one who accompany Jacob when every wolf pack of his hates him, his name on Twilight is Seth Clearwater, but his real name is Booboo.



A part of me had just died inside because of his handsomeness.

Well i like this type of guy. This kind of look of guy.

In fact if i look back and see all of the guys i like..
They all look kinda the same o____O

Yang Yoseob

Mason Lee

Booboo Stewart

*hearts attack because of handsomeness spamming my blog*

MIND BLOWN. They do look a little alike goshh.


anywayysssss this 8th December i have my exam agaaaiinn gosh so fast. Wish me luck okay.
I think that's all yaall give me thumbs for handsomeness spamzz
Here's what i was going to show you last time.

Water Freezing

Panning. Red car is hot.

Richard, watching cars moving.

Wine tracing using Adobe Illustrator CS4.
My sister said it's impressive. Impressive? Try awesome.
Hi guys, currently i'm very occupied by assignments so much that i just don't have any spare time to blog about anything :(

I have a lot of Photography assignments, I have Psychology presentation about Motivation, i have to draw a vector of myself for homework, plus lot more lot more homeworks that i don't even remember urgh. Photos of my awesomely awesome assignments will be uploaded on my blog, of course. But it'll take some time. And maybe i just too lazy too open my blog and upload it here so i might just upload it on twitter, so follow my twitter also.

Last 9 November i was baptized as a Christian and last 13 November i went to a nursing home to give some love for those old peoples that don't have a family so remember to stay tuned for the pictures also :D

Meanwhile i just fell in love with a song called Oh Darling by Plug In Stereo ft. Candy Groves.
It's a song about a boy and a girl meeting each other and fell in love and do the whole realtionship thing.
Sweet, yes. Very. In facet every couple would probably like this song.
I don't even know why i like this song so much while i'm pretty much forever alone here *cries*
*Le imagining a imaginary handsome boyfriend. Like a boss.*

I put the video below. Enjoy.

I have included a link for download the song here by 4shared. Am i nice or what? Haha.

Last of all, here are a few of my Photography homework that i took while ago.

Oh wait, imgur is being a dick so i can't upload any shits. FYL.

Some of you guys must have a long time coding and learn HTML and having lots of hard time dealing with HTML codes. I recommend you to visit codeislove.net, really. First of all, the owner is super kind and friendly. Just call the owner Kitty. She's the one who gave me this domain for free (look out for giveaways!), she also had helped me a lot through the journey of coding this layout too. The owner alone is awesome enough, let alone the site she had made!

Inside codeislove.net is filled with tons of tutorials you should check out for, such as displaying tweets on blogger, displaying list of labels, etc etc. It's really cool, besides that you are free to request a tutorial too!

I'm not promoting her site because she told me to, but i am willing to do this because of how kind she had been to me all this time. I love her so much you should check out her website!!

Here are her personal website, ranting blog (lol), and her twitter.

Cheers for being an awesome teacher and blogger friend, Kitty.
First let me tell you the definition of dangdut.

Dangdut is a popular Indonesian music mostly enjoyed by lower class Indonesian. The music itself sounds too "traditional", that most of the city people wouldn't want to hear it. Or at least i think so.

So lately there's a dangdut singer who coincidencely got popular because of some reality show and people starts talking about it everywhere. Everywhere. Her name is called Ayu Tingting. I know her name sounds so noobie but don't ask me why her name sounds so weird. I don't know why either. And people would sing that one hit song of hers and make fun of it cause it sounds so hidious that you'll instantly creeped out. But the singer itself is not that ugly, in fact she's the only dangdut singer who follow korean style so she looks "okay" and that's what makes her popular.

Typical dangdut singer these days,
trying as hard as it can be to look sexy yet ended up trashy.

Ayu Tingting.

But to me no matter how "okay" she looks she's still a dangdut singer and i have been putting no respect to any dangdut singer so yeah she's out.

But guess what.

For you guys that had read my blog must be knowing that i just dyed my hair a few weeks ago.
But i don't know why and i don't know how..

My hair turns out look like hers.

And everybody says i look like her and starts calling me

Susan Tingting.

Susan Tingting.

Susan Tingting.

One FFFFUUU face is not enough. Even these much is not close enough to express how i feel.

I swear to God when i picked my hair colour on the catalog the colour doesn't look like that. It's somehow blonde with a lil' bit greenish and yellowish. But it turns out orangey and when the hair first turned out like that i was like "Oh well never mind, the colour's still awesome, still looks good on me. What's the worst thing that can happened, right?"

Turns out assuming that is a big wrongey wrong.

And because of that, my name had officially became Susan Tingting.


Okay i may have exaggerate a lil bit and i may have overreacted. I just wanted to show how much i dislike being called Susan Tingting cause personally i hate dangdut and i hate that i have to be someone who look like a singer who sings dangdut. Okay. T_____T

Last, a comparison photo of me and her (edited my pic's angle and contrast to be as exact as hers)


P.S : And for you guys who are still curious about dangdut industry and want to hear how exactly dangdut sounds like, i've put a video below of Ayu Tingting's one and only hit song that has been everyone's topic nowadays..

Enjoy, and prepare your heart and soul.

I. Am. Outta. Here.

But you don't even give a fuck, do you?