my creative experiment!

So Thursday is gonna be over soon, it's been a long day today.

Last night i slept at about 2 or 3 AM and woke up at 7.30 AM (almost late) so i only have 5 hours of sleep. Which is not enough for a sleeper like me. Or should i say not enough for a pig like me. But well uhh that's not the point. I just want to say that i have been lack of sleeping for 3 days, and now i have slight fever and epic headache that's booming in my head right now..

But since everyone of you guys are like "Susan y u no more update?" "Susan why yo blog so dead now?" i'm sacrificing my spare time to blog for a while and let you guys know how much i love you guys... *teary* (thumbs up for me updating blog even though i'm sick! :D)

So last time i promised that i will post a picture of my creative experiment right? Well wait no more folks, cause here it is!


So yeah it's a pixel art, and it's made by little pieces of square paper sized 0.5cm. It's about teenagers these day that tend to smoke, have free sex, drink while they're still in middle high school. I'm making this pixel art because i want to show people and make people realize how messy this world is, and to persuade them to tell their teenagers family or friends to not into these things. I hope you got what i mean cause my brain's literally exploding here.. (thumbs up again for the pixel arrrtt! :D)

Made this in 3 days, sacrificed my sleep and my spare time, even my meal time boo :'(
So i'm literally in hunger right now.. orz

Enough with the emo-ing thing though, at least now i have time to rest. Thank God i have time to rest omgggg


So when i was on my exam this afternoon, i received a text from guess who? Yes Lmyx (i kinda sound stupid here cause obviously everybody can see her name in the picture but oh well never mind). To be honest, i'm surprised and happy cause i didn't expect she would text me cause you know, she's in Philippine. But hey who knows!

She's been a darling to me. Although we seldom chat now, she always comment on my every post (literally) saying how much she missed me. AND EVERYTIME WHEN MY AFFIES TELL ME THAT THEY MISS ME I FEEL SO EFFING GUILTY CAUSE I HAVE BEEN MIA FOR SUCH A LONG TIME OMG *cries* I'M SO CRUEL AND INHUMAN SDAJSDLAJSDLKASJDLKA

But at least i am trying to be more active now. :| (excuses much)

She asked me if we can chat later on Skype. I said definitely yes. But after my exam ends which is in 20 Oct next Tuesday.

So for you those who don't know me but interested in chatting with me, you can add my Skype SusanKucing. (i sound like i'm having a giveaway now wtf)
What are chu waiting foooorrr? Add now!! ;D (see?)

Think that's all, see you on the next post when i have inspiration on what should i blog. Baaaiiiii~

P.S : This song is sick, plus the video clip rocks to the core too. Recommended maan!

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    PRETYY!! ~ (^-^)

    I'll wait for you to officially come back lah ;)

  2. wow! really nice pixel art! :D impressive!

  3. OMG the pixel art is sooooo freaking cool kak susan so very artsy bangettt (look at how pro I am talking in your language.)

    nice song :o

  4. @lmyx : hun... i forgot to text you last night orz

    @ julie : thaaankkss ;D
    that means a lot to me! :'D

    yesshh well i literally am back now ;D

    @ tharangni : thankkk youuu :'D

    im impressed 8D

    IKR?? that videoclip is like super awesome xD

  5. You are not cruel and inhumane lah. Don't say that abt yourself. You can't help it if you've got other things to do as well =)

  6. Finally someone who understands me SUVI I LOVE YOU