i'm preparing my armor

Uhh September and October must be the toughest months of this year. I mean i have never been attacked by so many assignments in one time. Imagine, you have to do this drawing and photoshooting and illustrating and etc etc..

Just by saying it makes me wanna puke. Urgh.

I've been negelcting my blog very much. Blame the college. and games.and tomorrow are the first day of my mid-term exam. I'm not prepared, to be honest. I still can't believe holidays ends so fast. I love the meeting with my friend part, but nooo college assignments puhleaseeee

btw I just realized my previous' post photo ish very scary. Took it down already.

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  1. Good luck SUSAN!!! :D
    Don't worry about your blog too much because your life/career comes first (^-^)

  2. But, aren't those assignments fun? :O Well, good luck Smarties ! =)) We understand, you're on a tight schedule =)