I am not a nightlife person.

Few days ago right at Halloween day my sis were invited to have this girls' night out on some pub called Murphy's. And since i'm thinking well it's Saturday night plus i don't have any shit to do, why not?

Well it turns out not really as fun as i expected.

Well for some people it must be sick and awesome to have some drinks and laughs inside a pub but well not me.

Imma list out what i dont like nightlife in a pub or whatever.

1. You go home with a smell of smoke all over your body and you can't take a shower cause when you got home it's like 3AM in the morning already.
2. You can see a lot of sluts all over the pub LOL
3. The music is so loud it almost burst out my ear drum.
4. Headache. (well at least i am)

and the list goes on..

I guess i'm better off to be a home person.
Kthxbye i am so out of inspiration to blog right now

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