cool or whaattt?? *throws confetti*

finally every single hardwork are paid off, and guess what, not to sound cocky but i got 88/100 marks on my last exam wohoooo what up bitchezz.
But i don't know how much marks i got for the other exams hope it's as fly as my last exam though.

So anyway last night i went to a church with Richard. Well it's not about what happened when i was in that church since everybody knows the main purpose of going to the church (duh). Since i'm new at Richard's church i'm going to tell you guys about the awk.. wait for it wardness. Anyone who knows who's phrase is that (the wait for it thing) thumbs up yo ;D

So yeah, awkwardness. The slight moment of silence and don't have a clue what should you do next. Well it's pretty much hard on me because i'm actually with a crowd of strangers that time.. and some acquaintances which doesn't really help the situation either. And since i'm pretty much a shy person when it comes to strangers it makes the situation worse. I mean of course Richard is there but hey, he's not even my boyfriend. I mean even if he is, he'll probably talk to his other friends too cause obviously those strangers are all friend to him. So yeah i was left alone... Which is kinda freakin me out.

Richard and I did have a conversation like this :

R : Richard
S : Susan (me)

S : omg what should i do? I don't even know these people.
R : come on, that's what this is all about. make friends with them, know them!
S : mmm okay.


Just look back at some previous conversations you made with a stranger before.

End up being BFFs? No. Awkward? Definitely YES.
How could you possibly say i'm overreacting??

Let's take some conversations with a stranger as an example :

S : Stranger
M : Me

Awkwardness 1

S : /le talking to, of course, her friends
M : Hi, nice to meet you.. What's your name?
S : Hi i'm Michelle..
M : Oh hai Michelle.. (she didn't ask my name..)
S : /le talking to her friends again
M : *staring at her cause don't know what to do anymore*

Awkwardness 2

M : *le pats a stranger's shoulder* Hi!

Awkwardness 3

S : Hi! New here?
M : myeah, you new too?
S : Nah, i've been a while here :D
M : Oh i see! What's your name? :D
S : Stella, you?
M : I'm Susan! Nice to meet you Stella :D
S : Nice to meet you too! Haha..
M : Haha..
S : emm..
M : ...
S : Well i should probably be goin, i kinda have stuffs to do over there.
M : Oh yeah sure! sure :D
S ; Hope to see you soon (SHE DEFINITELY DIDN'T HOPE SO!!)
M : Hope to see you too :)
S : *walks away*

Awkwardness 4

*lots of strangers joking around*
M : /le saying puns that only me and Richard understands cause you know i still don't really know how they roll here and wanna act all close and stuffs
Ss (Strangers) : ....... *silence* *cricket sound*

That above i give two Awkward picture cause it's definitely the most awkward of all.

See what i mean here? Awkward! It's so awkward around strangers, and trying to fit in there; just thinking it makes me irk. For a shy person like me being like that is totally like soooo hard, you know. So being awkward with strangers is totally my greatest.. my greatest worriness so far.

How about you? What's the most awkward moment of your life?
How did you handle awkwardness?
Share with me! :D

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  1. Omg your conversations with those strangers are super awkward!! :OO
    Ahaha my awkward moments are daily now :L Even with my close friends ._.
    *Sigh* But it might just be me though since I'm just an awkward person :L
    Unless I'm with a really, really close person :D

  2. Oh yeah, yr exams are over now. Yay. Mine just begun, yippie. But, hahaha, the awkward situations are so funny, haha, got me chuckling over here.

  3. That's really awkward, if I were you I would feel reaaally embarrassed :|

  4. toinks. that's really awkward hunnie X| its like you've got a disease that they dont want to spend their time talking to you.

    ps, if I were you, I'll use my charisma so people won't ignore me. XD (kiddin)

  5. my whole life = awkwardness lmao