when ennui strikes


Holiday sucks.

it sucks really bad, for me.
and just when i think this holiday is gonna be a blast, tons of shits starts to going on and bam, my expectation. ruined.
what an epic ending of August.

first, it's about all this racist thingies again. mom and her bad habits. i really don't understand her anymore. i don't even.. wanna talk about this anymore. fuck. and now, i'm at my hometown but i can't even hang out with all my buddies because of her stupid racist principles and her temper. and TV is literally conquered by my dad, and if i try to change the channel my dad would like.. Ugh. plus i don't have a phone right now, and i'm sharing laptop with my sis and my bro. can you hand over a knife or a gun to me now?

second, i just realized that my audition's ID got hacked by some son of a bitch but idk who. and some clothes i bought for my ID is gone. this really fucking piss me off. if i found out who the fucking son of a bitch who hacked my audition's ID imma slap his/her face hard with a AK-47 and shot right on his eye to death i fucking swear. you got no other things to do meh besides hacking people's ID. amateurs fuckers.

third, someone is copying some of my tutorials and she didn't even give any credits to my effort. okay i really don't like this. REALLY. you guys can take any resources from me (even tutorials) and modify them as much as you like. but if you take my tuts but didn't modify it, PLUS didn't give any credits, i WILL pissed off. cause all tutorials i made here are written from scratch by me. if you guys don't respect what i did, i will do the same to you, or even worse.

so little girl, i'm being nice to you here by not putting your identity and links to shame. if you still don't take MY tutorials down on your website and still claim it as yours, i will make you suffer twice from what you had done to me and imma make you retire from this blogging world. i'm giving you a warning here.

Every month of this year sucks for me. really sucks. i don't even wanna wish for any miracles anymore. For those who wish "September oh my September please be nice to me" cut it out. cause it's not going to be nice to you. life is hard.

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  1. omg who is that person? maybe I can help. maybe tell me on my formspring or something (formspring.me/heyaddieee)

  2. omg you is pretty 8D.
    /le hugs you

  3. You know, you look so diff to me :O But, still gorgeous as EVEERR, duhh <3

  4. Don't be so bummed, cheer up please <3

  5. Damn that girl. She copied the tutorials I wrote from scratch. She even copied my blockquote styling! I'm giving her a 24hours warning and if she hasn't take down those tutorials from her site, I will have Blogger admin to tear it down. I might need your support in this when I'm writing to the admin.

  6. Oh another note, I'm not being subtle about her. I'm going to blog about this copycat on my main blog (nekonette.com) later.

  7. @addie : seeeennnttt~
    help me kick-ass, kays? i know you're expert on this <3

    @lionel : naawwwww really?
    -hugs back-

    @wanting : but... but.. ;(

    @suvii : how different? :O
    but you know, it's not that easy :(

    @kitty : ikr? she copied my tuts and my resources too! what should i do to help you kitty? i'll be glad to!

    oh oh and i read yo posts too 8D

  8. OMG don't emo lah :(
    who's that person who copied you? I wanna attack her tagboard >:(
    Cheer up and don't worry, you are waaaaaay too awesome to even care about that stupid bitch! ♥

  9. @karen : okayyss :(
    LOL okay then, her blog URL is this.
    feel free to attack as much as you can <3
    you guys really know how to make my day <3

  10. people listen. she already apologized to me and credited me and i have forgived her also (because i'm just too nice 8D)
    so just call it quits okay? :3

  11. I would need the links to your tutorials that she copied so that I can show the admin the original copy of the tutorials.

    I'm going to draft out the email to the admin and if she hasn't taken down the tutorials from her site by tomorrow, I will send the email.

    And oh, I would also be sending out an email to her to remind her to remove the tutorials.

  12. mine : http://www.susandwiasmorojati.com/2011/04/old-post-editor-updated-post-editor.html
    hers : http://yeoju-onlinediary.blogspot.com/2011/08/tutorial-old-post-editor-updated-post.html

    mine : http://www.susandwiasmorojati.com/2011/04/how-to-add-searchbox-into-your-blogger.html
    hers : http://yeoju-onlinediary.blogspot.com/2011/08/tutorialhow-to-add-searchbox-into-your.html

    mine : http://www.susandwiasmorojati.com/2011/04/how-to-add-searchbox-into-your-blogger.html
    hers : http://yeoju-onlinediary.blogspot.com/2011/08/tutorialhow-to-make-spoiler-button.html

    but she already changed her searchbox tutorials to her own version :O

  13. hey pretty, lat us see that girl who rip your stuffs!

    REVENGE!!!! 3:|

  14. the link to her blog is above you~
    but she privated her blog already LOL

  15. oh, hahaha, i didnt saw that. :P sorry hahahahhahahaha