How to add calendar to your blog

I'm in the mood for making tutorials today :3

So well you are a blogger. Night and day. And one day you're thinking "hey maybe i should get a calendar on my blog just to remind me but i don't know where should i get the code", well fear not, this tutorial is going to give you one! 8D

Just past this code to your desired place (ex. sidebar, on top of the page, or wherever)

To change the font : find the word FONT face='arial' above and change arial into your desired font
To change color, add border, and other styles : find style='font-size : 12px; color : #000000;' cellpadding=0 cellspacing=1 above and add any CSS code you want after the word style='
To change the width and height : find the word table width=170px height=170px border=0 above and change 170px into your desired width and height.

If you have any problems, comment on this post :D

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