three of my biggest imperfections


I just read a post from Florence (click click! she's a cute girl) about how she wrote about three of her imperfections and how she wants other to tell theirs too. And i thought, why not? Everybody has their imperfections anyway, and you are no exception. Everybody's the same. So don't be shy to tell the world how imperfect you are and still can be happy and living great out of it! (okay i'm being too positive here after my breakdown lol do i look fake? yes? uggghhh okay D:)

That is the first thing i thought about when i heard the word imperfection. Yes, i have zits. No, it's not just one or two, it's covering my whole face and it makes me look like shit. Lemme tell you the history of how zits have been growing on my face. Prepare to be disgusted. (uhh omg what's with me i've been telling honesty to my reader these days and they are going to leave me cause i'm not as awesome as they thought orz)

So, two years ago, when i was in high school, zits starts growing on my face, slowly. And like other typical teenagers, i freaked out, like OMG there are zits on my chin on my forehead what should i do with it and stuffs. I've tried all the freakin facial foam i can ever find, and i've tried all the recommendations my friends gave to me like masking your face with white egg etc too, but no cure. In fact, it's growing a lot more than usual, and it started to grow all over my cheek. I look like shit, i admit. T_T And now, i've been using doctor's medicine, the zits indeed has gone, and my face looks slightly better, but still.. The scar on my face is still there and my face is not as smooth as before anymore, cause i like to squeeze my zits so it leaves a mark T____T /le creyz like crazy

I admit. Zits is my biggest imperfections, if we're talking about physics here. Sometimes Everytime i see a beautiful flawless girl, i get really really sad. Sometimes i even cry to myself. Because i always think about how she can have every little perfect thing every girl wants, while i can't. And because of this evil thing, i didn't dare to do anything, anything. i walk with my heads down, i stay at home till i rots, and i can't do eye contact with people. Zits changed my life, and believe it or not, i feel like i'm a loser now. But yeah, of course. I am learning to be a little bit confident now. I try to think of how zits is only a temporary thing, and how it's going to be dissapear when i waits. I'm picking up pieces of me that i've been dropping all these two years now. Think positive after all is the key to my recovery. :)

This is my second bad habit that will slowly but sure gonna drive people away from me. I get offended too easily. Too easily that even jokes will make me mad. If i get mad, i will scold every little thing that's in front of me, and people around me will pay the price. I really hate this habit of mine, and trying hard to be a more patient person. But of course, it's not that easy. :(

I am kinda emotional too. It matters a lot to me if there's a one person that says me ugly or insult me or whatever. I take it really seriously. And the worst part is, if there's no one there to comfort me, i will cry, and i will think that i am the most pathetic person in this world. Wo tai xiang bu kai, aren't i? But that's what happened.

I'm not trying to be a perfect little bitch here, i'm just trying to love myself. I don't want to see every little things in my body or in my soul as a imperfection, cause baby, i was born this way 8D (LOLOLOL GAGA'S SONG FTW, PERFECT TIMING, RIGHT?? LOLOLOL) So yeah, there is no number three. Or there is according to you guys? :3

So that is my imperfections, and i'm proud cause i didn't do something stupid to harm myself. what is yours?
say it to the world, and pass this on! ;3

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  1. hehe i posted about my imperfections :|

  2. Aw, thanks for mentioning me on your blog. 8D
    Drop by and leave a tag guys. :)

    I'm glad you didn't do anything to harm yourself too~
    Love you, Susan. ^__^

  3. And don't worry about zits and pimples and whatever, everyone gets them. :)
    I might not have zits all over my face, but lemme tell you guys something. I have 13 moles on my face. ):

    I hate moles. LOL. My friend was once like "You have seaweed on the side of your lip."
    "Errr, that's my mole. >__>"
    Awkward... LOL.


  4. I'll post three imperfections as well n.n

  5. Omg dw Susan because guess what, I have zits too, LOL :o I'm like trying hard like crazy to remove them and I guess it's going well but my forehead is like a monster :x /sigh, I think it might be because of my fringe but, but I don't want to clip up my fringe ;_; -cries forever in corner-

    SUSAN WE'RE SO SIMILAR, LOL BECAUSE I HAVE TEMPER TOO~ I don't even know why I'm happy but yerrr ;) But when I'm like angry I always get angry at the littlest things -__-" I think I should like fix it, LOL :x

    I'll think about posting my imperfection lah ;D

  6. @addie : i read it ;D

    @florence : love you too!
    really? i nver thought moles could be so annoying to ppl :O
    i think ppl with a lot of moles look cute, to be honest ;3

    @michi : i read it :DD
    hugs for being so brave!

    @Julie : really? omg i thot it was just me :OOO
    lol ikr? i hate how i can be so temperamental smetimes xD

    yeah yeah post it post it :DD

  7. That's right. All of us are born imperfect in some way. Though some people are even more imperfect than others. I have a lot of imperfections, I can't even list them down here. But I learn to accept them. :)


    Haha, I'm not against IE actually. It is IE version 7 and earlier (that includes 6) that ticks me off. I'm okay with IE8 and above. To me, as long as the browser is up to standard, it doesn't matter which one it is. :)

  8. I posted my 3 imperfections as well [: I hate pimples too! & they seems to like me so much tht, i cant get rid of them no matter how :/

  9. Thank you ^ ^
    Hugs back- You're brave as well
    I used to have zits everywhere on my face as well . I understand what it is like.
    People kept mistaking them for food as well .__.
    And they were my enemies as well. But as long as they're gone now. I think it's because I've stopped staying in the kitchen and eating oily food .:S I hate that kind of food now. I'll blame myself for that xD

  10. i typed so hard for my comment yet it didn't appeared!! T.T

    gosh, ill just tell you that if we'll talk on skype. kk hun??


  12. @kitty : i dont even think you have an imperfections. you are so perfect in my eyes, plus you're so genius when it comes to website designing :O

    LOL yeah true to that :P

    @Qiaopei : aawwww hugs for being so brave! yeah ikr, pimples sucks D:

    @michi : food? lol xD
    yeah oily and spicy food makes pimples :O
    i tried to avoid those food but i can't. :/
    they're just to delicious, compare to those fresh veggies~

    @hunnie : waeeee D;
    okaayyyss :*
    -hugs and kisses-
    i miss you so much hun!

    @puiling : I KNOW RITTTEEEEE <3 <3
    and i just have to find those who accept me the way i am <3 <3

    @ amelia : :D?

  13. i miss you too hun :((

    i texted and misscalled you, didn't you recieved?? :((

  14. HONEEEYYYY my phone is broken so i didnt use any phone naaaooo /creyz hardcore
    are you online right now?

  15. I'm definitely doing this un.