Short quick update


Haaaaii all human being that stumbled upon this post. I just wanna say i might go hiatus for quite a long time cause emm i got 2 addiction currently (which obviously both are games LOL) so i might abandon this blog.. if you still wanna stalk me you can find me on facebook. please don't go twitter, cause i never open it anymore D:

well uhhmm. that's all. And oh last night i watch Transformers 3 in 3D with my friends. Super cool. I super love the bumblebee, almost cried when bumblebee almost got killed by one of the Decepticons. LOL

Then after that me and my friends go to Abang Ade (restaurant that serves noodle + a lot of chilli, i posted abt it before) and Anton's car got crashed by some ol' son of a bitch that don't even know how to drive properly and the whole dinner ambience changed drastically. Anton's car is quite damaged, in the front. Stupid old man.

And my sis lost my wallet too last night. I mean what kind of fuckery is that. Okay the end.

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