I've changed some bits and pieces in my blog.

First, the lullaby song. I've changed it into somehow more lullaby-ish and more relaxing than the previous ones. I forgot what the song is called, but if you love it you can right-click my youtube player (below my blog) and choose 'Watch on Youtube'. It opens in a new window.

Second, i've modified my comment section! Yeesss, and i'm so super proud. Modifying it is like a living hell, i faced a lot of new codes like comment-author-image or something something and i got confused, alot. But thank God now it looks a lot better. Yes, click and comment, baby.

Third, i've added a blogger reaction button on my blog 8D For those who are a lazy-ass when it comes to commenting, have no fear! I have added a blogger-reaction button now, so if you like my post or wanna give some impression on my post, you can just clickidy click away 8D how good am i?

I have been finding this code for like, decades. For classic template ones.

Actually i've seen people using this code already, but when i asked her what's the code for it, she didn't wanna share it with me. What a bitch. But at least now i found it thoooooo wohooo 8D *throws confetti* in yo face sucka.

You don't even know how much i love this iframe.

Enough for the layout thingies, now let's talk about my college life 8D

Well, the classes are boring today. There are two classes today, first classes starts on 8AM and ends on 9.30AM, while the second class starts on 1PM, so we have 3 and a half hours of break time. Since campus is sooooo boring, we all head to Fun World arcade to play 8D
As usual, i played pump it up (it's like dance dance revolution only it has 5 arrows not 4), and i played chimera. Chimera's song is like....

Wait lemme just show you the youtube video so that you know.

Yes, i played that. That fast. And i'm like super tired already in the middle of the song (cos i'm like old and fragile already *cough*) but i have to keep going. LOL. But it was SUPER fun. SUPEERR!!!!! i wanna do it all over again.

Anyone likes to play Pump it up besides me here? 8D

LOL. Those who didn't play pump it up play gambling kinds of arcade games. Smh smh xD

After that we all went to classes cause it's almost 1PM already, but when we reach the class the lecturer hasn't arrived yet, so me, and some of my bro-friends kinda played something like red hands. And whoever loses have to push-up 15 times. LOL cause i'm the only girl who played with them, i was given toleration. If i lose i only have to push-up 5 times :P

So we played. And of course i didn't lose 8D
Anton lose!! LOL and he pushed-up in front of the classes 15 times. And lol when he was pushing up the lecturer comes in to class and saw him pushing up xD
Everybody was like "OMG LOLOL LMFAO LMFAO" and Anton was like "Teeheehee :"3" xD

So i guess that's what funny today :3
Finally, weekends!

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