Happy first blog anniversary!


I can't believe how far i have gone through blogging..

To be honest, i never thought that i went this far. Last year's 21 August, i created an account for blogging. I made my website susandwiasmorojati.blogspot.com (till now that URL still exists, only it's redirected to this website). I still don't know anything about blogging, nor HTML, nor changing layouts. I was a total noobie! I don't know what should i blog, so i wrote a lot of craps, and a lot of lovey-dovey posts about my ex-boyfriend. Ugh. Haha, everybody does that, didn't they? The writing craps on their first blog and stuffs thing. Writing introdution that no one ever cares. Hahaha. But i have to admit first post is always the most exciting, though. Then after a month or two of desperately searching for good layouts for blog, i discovered blogskins.com, which i thought it was a miracle, cause all the blogskins there are so pretty. But then i feel kinda stupid and a loser cause all the pretty blogskins there is made by teens younger than me...

So i try to learn HTML. And boy, it's actually easy! Kind of. So i start to code a skin, which i never thought would pull-off.. And then, recognizing cbox, for people who came to my blog and can leave me hellos or such. And that's where i found lots of new cyber friends! First cyber friends ever, Lmyx. She is sweet, she is pretty, she is friendly, and most of all, she is willing to be a friend of mine *cough*. At first i never thought someone would make a friend through internet though, cause you never know what that person would look like, or worst, they are actually a bunch of old perverts who imitates as a teen-girl (ugh...). But who knows having with cyber friends is more fun than having real friends? At least when we talk we don't judge each other by looks, at least we don't wear a mask, or being fake, at least we can be ourselves! But of course, no matter how great cyber friends are, it's still cyber, and real friends is better.

So yeah, i get along very well with Lmyx (at least i think so), and then came Julie, Clarissa, Suvii, PuiLing, Ika, Lionel, and lots of lots of others.. I love them all, honestly! They are all so hyper, and i've webcamed with some of them already, and i met one of my cybermates, Ika too! Although our age are a big difference, but that never matters to me..

And haha, i had also changed my layouts a zillion times! I can't even count how much layout i've been changing this whole year. Hundreds, maybe? I never get to stay with one layout for too long.. I get bored easily! And people are already like "Bitch stop changing yo layout.. I'm confused" but i never be able to pull that off.. orz sorry guys LOL.

And about the followers.. I don't even know how can i get so many followers. I mean hundreds? Wow... I feel so honoured!

I mean i never blog something great nor useful, needless to say funny or fun to read D: so where did i get those followers, i have no idea myself. LOL. What i'm going to say here is, thank you so much for those who had followed me from the beginning, thank you so much i don't even know what should i do to repay y'all's kindness. Dancing naked on the streets won't even enough to repay you guys, i guess! But of course.. I would never do that too. I mean you crazy? People would like so freakin out seeing all my stomach fat bouncing all over HAHAHAHAHAHAH

And there's also the time where i sometimes lost my passion for blogging.. Not just once, not just twice, but many times, cause my life is just too boring and i have nothing to tell, and how i always thought blogging is just a waste of time.. But then i went on and bam! My blog is full of my craps again.. HAHAHAHAH

And lots lots more..

There are just too many stories to tell about my blogging world, and how this one year have been so great to me with all this blogging thing. This one post will never be enough to tell all the stories.. You just have to go along with me throughout the years to know what i've been going through! Those ups and downs.. Ranting and swearing.. Hahaha.

Anyways.. I just want to say to my lovely blog.

Happy first blog anniversary!
I promise i will blog till the last breath of my life.
Cause i just love blogging, to death.

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  1. WOOO GRATS :D <3
    AHAHA, some of the things you've said is pretty much what I feel also :o Like I could never stop blogging :D I think I'll probably be the same and blog until I die which won't be for a long time.... I hope :x

  2. haha happy anniversary lol :D and I agree with you, I won't stop blogging either.

  3. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to your blog! Woot! :D
    I pretty much share your sentiment about blogging. I've been consistently blogging for the past 2 years (and I blogged on and off for four years before that --- a total of 6 years, lololol!). I don't think I'd be quitting blogging anytime soon but I'm not promising anything. Life is unpredictable. XD

  4. @Julie : thank youuuu~~ <3 LOL i know right? blogging is like, uuhh so addictive D:

    @Addie : thanks :'D yeah you shouldn't :P

    @Kitty : THAAANKKKSSSS :'D :'D
    LOL yeah i guess blogging is just like drugs, you can't just say stop :P

  5. Hello! visiting form Kitty's Cbox XD
    Happy 1 year anniversary! oh, I can seriously feel the love you put on your site and I must say, all the best for your site! I've been blogging for a while too but I can't find myself writing good stuff >< at least your posts are meaningful XD
    congrats again!

  6. @ Rain : thank youu ganteng :3

    @ Chazz : omg thanks for spending the time to read my post! xD
    thank you thank you, teehee you made my day :'D
    all the best for you too!
    lovesss <3

  7. i always read ur blogs from the changes till now im happy that u got the blogging thingy well done me as far as blogging goes i suck i still havent even posted a post since jan 2011 i started aroudn the same time as you deleted so many blogs change so many names and layouts and hell yes thank god for blogskin i would be lost :D

    a little late but here it is CONGRATULATIONS!