halo thur~


AAHH. Harlo thereeee. how long have i abandoned this blog? 1 week? hahaha.
Well, i miss blogging already. But the fact that my days are boring and there's nothing that can be blogged about cannot be denied. LOL :-|
Blame holidays.
What about my games? Well.. They bore me to death already D:
This is just a post to prove that i am still alive and breathing~
But i am about to go to college again though, so i probably will blog daily soon~

I noticed that some of my cybermates never blog anymore.. What happen? Blogging world is so quiet these days~
I miss the days where i can chat via tagboard with a lot of people and still having fun :D
But oh well.

I think that's all, i really don't know what to blog about, my life is just too boring D:
I can't wait to go to college! And i'm waiting my hair to grow long cause it wud look pretty... I think. :3

Oh and sorry for those who tag me..
Imma reply it on my own tagboard cause my internet sucks dick :3


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