eye contact

Well, first day of college :D

Lots of new hairstyle from my collegemates and friends, and lots of them had changed too, as any usual college new term :3
Uhhm me? well, my pimple had decreased, a lot. so i guess that is my transformation? lol
First day of college, as i expected, no class. Going to college is just a whole waste of time besides the part where i can meet all my buddies. LOL :D
They are still as fun as before. I super love them. Hardcore, baby~
Anyways since there's no class we all decided to go to the cinemas to watch some good shits, well at first there were some who wanted to watch Kungfu Panda 2 (including me, actually, cause Kungfu Panda, duh? who doesn't love Kungfu Panda, right?) while the rest of them wanna watch Fast and Furious 5. But since most of them wanna watch Fast Five, we all watched Fast Five. And i thought boooooo :( this is gonna be loaded with a lot of racing bullshits and people acting all gangster-ish and swear here and there.

But bam, am i wrong.

Fast Five is sick. Although my expectation (the whole racing and gangster thing) is true, but the story line is fucking awesome. Like damn, baby. Don't wanna be spoiler butttttt Dominic Toretto and her sister and her sister's husband really kick ass.

To be honest i never watched Fast and Furious before (no, not even once) but watching that movie this afternoon, makes me wonder how the past Fast and Furious movie is. Must be as awesome as this one too, i think?

Then i went home and wondering how next day would be.

Anyways out of the topic above, i kinda realize i have this one thing that make people think i'm such a cocky whore. I can't do eye contact with people, nor smiling with a stranger or acquintance (is my spelling correct? But uuhh whatever) and since everybody always judge someone by their first impression, i always being judged as a cocky whore. Well nobody ever said that to me but i think i look like one .____.

Is it just me or people have that kind of weakness too? That awkward-when-meeting-stranger-and-don't-know-what-should-they-do kinda feeling?

You see, people do eye contact everytime they talk, or interacting, whether it's buying something or whatever. And i just can't. Well. Not like a hundred percent cannot stare people in the eye lah, but i can't stand staring eye to eye too long, like i can get awkward by myself or something although that person is acting just normal to me. That is weird and uneasy for me since that make my social life hard, but well.. Out of that above, i'm trying to be normal and get rid of that awkwardness .___.

That's why today's title is eye contaaccctt ~ *insert backsound here*

Anyways love life has been really complicated to me.... I dun wanna talk about it here. Boo.

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