capitol respect ++ and waterfalls

Every now and then blogger tends to change their layout. They all get bored, and will change their layout into a better ones. I guess this happens to me now. And this layout, is by capitol.

He's the best blogskin coder i've ever seen on

To be honest, i've been longing to use his layout, but i don't know how to modify it into my style, nor change it to suit my style. But this time, i dare to take this risk to spend an entire half day to modify his codes. His codes is so neat, so proper. And for a noob like me, those codes are very very hard. I met a lot of troubles, problems and such, cause i *cough* after all am a *cough* bad *cough* HTML coder *cough cough*.

But i'm glad i finished it, i feel very proud now. :'D

How ish me layout look now? <3

Anyways 2 nights ago i went to puncak with sis and Gema. we went there at midnight. So we reach there around 3 to 4 am, when the sun almost rises :O we planned to watch the sunrise though, but we all ended up sleeping inside the car LOL. couldn't take it anymore. Gema takes us to a place where there's a lot of waterfall; but we have to climb a lot to reach one waterfall to another. I was deadbeat, what's worse, i saw a lot of.... *starts to weakened before i even say it* orz

i saw a lot of ferns.

and it's not those ordinary ferns. it's those with a lot of circle ring on the trunk of the tree; even saying it makes me chill right now *le shaking*. And FYI, i have a phobia of circles. well not all kinds of circles, but those who look like bacteries, or messy circles like big Os and small Os becoming one scares me. Even seeing a lot of Os scares me, a bit, now. orz

i don't wanna talk about it, i can't take it. orz

Back to the topic. We went to most of the waterfalls, and we met all kinds of little weird animals in there. We took a lot of pictures, too...

Then something happened.

I asked my sis to take a picture of me. So i posed, and i hide my phone on my boxer. Then when i stand up after my sis took my pic, the phone falls down to the waterfall.


I went shocked for a sec, panicked for a sec, then took it up from the water.
It was fucking soaked..

Which is why this post has no any pictures. *le creyz*

After playing on waterfall we went into a butterfly garden. Saw lots of worms, cocoons, and butterflies. We even saw butterflies mating. And we also has a picture of it. But yeaaaaaaaahhh.... orz

And we went home. The end.

Idk what should i do with my phone now. It is dead. And i am phoneless. And you know, living a day without phone feels fucking empty these days. Even for you who have boyfriends wont feel this empty when your boyfriend leaves you or something. Damn and now i can't contact anybody. I feel like i'm back to being a freakin' homo sapiens. what the hell. That phone of mine is my blood and sweat, i bought it with my angpao money leh. *le creyz*

Buy new phone? I don't think so. No one would buy me one D: *le sigh*

Anywaysss today's college have nothing special happened. <-- wait this sentence sounds weird.


Hope tomorrow's college gonna be fun. I really am looking forward to this term cause it's all about photography man :'D

P.S// btw i don't know how is this happening but i have 145 followers now! ZOMG i feel so honoured. I love you guys all so much :'D
Believe it or not i checked all you guys' blog, and it's all awesome (Y)
Yes i stalk you guys back 8D
I am nice or what.

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  1. Uuh, I didn't realise, there's a comment section here. Whoops!

    Anyway, you saw butterflies mating??? o_O Wouldn't that be awkward..?

  2. never mind xD
    im thinking of putting it down too tho, cause most people prefer tagging rather than commenting D:

    LOOOOLL of course nottt xD
    the butterflies wont mind :3