bonjour août


So July had passed (which i think it passed veeerrryyy quickly) and August just came. And this year's August is where Muslims fasting and where Chinese celebrate their hungry ghost festival. Kinda special month, ay? I wish allmy muslims friends can fasting the whole month without any absence. Amen :D

So as the previous post said, today imma go back to Jakarta. And here i am. Blogging with my OWN computer. HAHAHAHA. But here's what makes me a bit pissed off. I asked Gema and sis to install windows 7 but instead of installing that they installed a windows xp system that looked like windows 7 which is obviously is not an original system and worse than original windows xp. Reason? My computer is an old kind of type and my computer can't handle windows 7's swag. Sue? Definitely. So here i am, with my very weird windows xp system that looked like windows 7. PPPFFTTT.

Second, i had saw all my 3 contact lenses, they all raawwkkk :'D so pretty! i can't wait to try it. Unfortunately new contact lenses have to be soaked over night to be worn. Reason? So that the liquid for preserving the contact lenses in the bottle thingy didn't stick with the lenses and didn't hurt our eye :3

Third. Lionel gona make a vlog for me and he asked me to ask him a few questions so that he can answer me on his vlog. So here are few of my questions. YOU HAVE TO ANSWER IT HONESTLY OR ELSE >:D
  1. Who are me to you? :3
  2. How special am i in your eye? :3
  3. Ummm how many gurlfriend had you dated before? KEKEKKEKE >:3
  4. What makes you blog for the first time?
  5. So far how much cymates you have? :O
  6. Who is yo first cymate? :O
  7. And who is the most special one? :3
LOL i think that's all, or else Lionel gonna go crazy if i ask him some more ridiculous questions LOL
imma go to bed right now, it's only like 7pm but i'm dead beat already... Blame the delayed airplanes and my messy as shipwreck dormitory :'(
i have to clean it all over jasdlkajkldajsdasd

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