angry birds!


Har har harlo peeps. So today i arrived at my hometown on afternoon and um, this is a post to show you that i have recovered from my stupid emotional self (read previous post). I learned that sometimes people just feel useless once in a while. It's normal. Thanks to you guys who comfort me though. It really helps me a lot, and i promise to you guys, i will never harm myself no matter how sad and stressed i am, from now on. :)

To be (very embarrasingly) honest, i cut my wrist before. But, um. Not with razor or knife, of course. I'm too timid to even do that. orz well i used a scissor. It's not bleeding though, it's only scratched and swollen. But it did leave a little mark on the left of my wrist, but not that visible too, cause it's like zillion years ago.. When i was in middle high, i think.

That was the stupidest thing i have ever done in my life. Not only it ruins my self, it breaks hearts of those who love me too. My family, of course, don't know a thing, cause i hid it. But now i dare to say it, cause i wanna admit it, and to tell them that i'm terribly sorry for doing such a stupid thing. God i'm sorry, okay. T_T

Now whenever i feel like shit i just sleep, or play hardcore online games D:
Or maybe still life 2. GAWD THIS GAME IS SICK. i super love it.

But currently i'm very into Angry Birds.

I love their looks, their voice (the little chirping-chirping sound GAWD IT'S SO CUTE I'M GOING TO DIE) and how the pigs laugh whenever they win. that. is. funny. i' m addicted to it very much, and i think i'm going to play it for a week ahead cause in my hometown here there's no other games than angry birds D: (FYI, i'm using my mom's laptop here so yeah)

K think that's nuff said for today's updates, sorry for the tags i just too super lazy to reply it, it's pointless to reply people with "thanks for visiting!" or shits like that anyway (uhh sorry but it's true it didn't give you any advantage, rite?)

I'm tired, and i wanna go to sleep now. Gawd what should i do with my typography assignments, anyone wanna volunteer to help? D: /le scratch head

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  1. ANGRAAAAAAY BIRDSS. You know, I started playing that game on my sister's iPhone in Australia 'cause I wanted to know what all the hype abt it was for, and now I'm missing it, quite a biiit.. Though I like friendly birds, angry birds are aite too :P

  2. OMG ANGRY BIRDS FTW!! :D I always see so much plushies and even bags with angry birds on it!~! :o LOL I'm the same too!! I'm always so lazy to reply to tags ~~

  3. @suvii : LOL really? just dnload it to yo computer or yo phone :O
    LOL friendly birds are boring! Birds who still look super cute although they're angry FTW ;P

    @Julie : FO SHO. ikr? angry birds are soo popular these days, if im not mistaken it's already been months and angry birds still rawks, rite?
    kinda like monokuroo boo i think :/

  4. Hehehehe, I'm glad you're feeling better. :)

    Angry Birds on Google Chrome. 8D
    I have Angry Birds on my iPod too. :3

    It was so much fun~

  5. thank you! :D

    lol xD
    ikr? angry birds is so cute <3