shit happens.


I didn't expect i could change my layout this drastically. maybe it's just because i'm too tired with my old ones. too plain, too boring, too much drama, cbox got a few bitches bitching too so i replaced it with a new one too. well i guess i go back to vintage style again. wohoo i'm so happy.

mom's getting worse rather than feeling better. i don't know what should i do anymore; all things seems to be my fault, while mom always being naive, always thinks what i do will gone wrong. she never believes me. or anyone else. but then things fucked up. and she blame anyone. anyone. i really can't handle it, but after all she's my mom.

she talks about other kids taking medical faculty in college while i took design and how she say design won't bring me anywhere. well it's quite true, but choosing design as my faculty has been my plan before i enter college, while medical never cross my mind at all. i mean duh, i take IPS leh. besides if you work harder; design might make you successful leh! and then she said how miserable she is because she always dreamed to be in medical faculty and to be a doctor but failed and wants us to get into medical faculty so that she can be happy but then we only dissapoint her cause sis took IT and i took design. and she wants me to encourage bro so that when bro grows up bro can enter medical faculty. FYI my bro just enter middle high this year.

i don't understand this at all. i don't understand, is that only my mom or every single parents wants their kids to have the "dreams" they didn't get while they never even think about their kids' dreams. why do they so self-egoistic? i've seen a lot of this case in TVs, like there's a military dad that wants his son to enter military school cause he's a military general or whatever shit and he wants his son to inherit his career while his son prefers playing music in a band and then the daddy didn't like it and got mad and never approves his son playing music and they hate each other.

why is this happening?

shouldn't parents support what they kids dreams of? shouldn't they let their kids decide what they want in life and then encourage them more? anything could be successful, even those unimportant ones. for example, games. you think games can't get you anywhere, but in fact there's a lot of gamers outside who earned a lot of cash just by playing games and entering battle contest or whatever. and then there's blogging. look at how rich Xiaxue is now! but why parents just can't see the bright side of all these little things?

i just can't get it. sometimes parents can be sooooo soooo annoying. and heart-breaking.
just saying.

P.S : 7icon, that newest girl group in Indonesia's music industry really really really really really really really really really disgust me. Besides copying korean's girl group whether it's 2NE1, or SNSD, or whatever group it is which is totally obvious that they copy KPOP, their song is all auto-tuned. i repeat. ALL. AUTOTUNED. and they are not pretty. not even close to the word pretty. and they have no choreography, and they don't know how to dance, and their voice irks me, really bad. they don't know how to sing properly. i just watched their music video on Youtube which is this link if you're interested to get nauseous and puke, i closed the video on 1:20.. too weak to watch it. can't stand the sound and the video. oh how music industry had gone from good to bad to worse.

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