Meeting with one of my cybermates, for the first time.

Okay so this is lame already cause she posted about this too and she already said all of the things we had done during our meeting, but yeaaahh i'm still going to post this event with my own version. If you wanna read her post about us, you can see it here. LOL but it's in Indonesian :3

Her name is Ika Dian Aruna. We all call her Ika. Some of you might already know cause she's like all over the place already luulz xD She's in highest grade of mid school now preparing to enter high school. She's around idk.. Maybe 14, 15. I forgot. And her blog, is here. She's a very sweet girl.. And well uhm, crazy. ;P she's a very crazy and kind person to talk to but when you're in trouble, she's there to help you to the fullest.

Soooooooo yeaahh we promised to meet at around 6:30PM but i ended up meeting her around 7PM D: i'm such a late queen. At first i got lost cause her house is in an alley between 84723847298342 others of alleys so i got lost and she wants me to meet her at some middle high school we both know so when i'm on my way to that mid-school i met her already like she's in glasses, white Tees and shorts but uhh since it's dark and i'm afraid that person might not be her so yeah i didn't call her xD

what's worse she saw me too but she thought i am a boy since i'm driving a motorcycle and i'm wearing a helmet so she just walked away wtf D:<

So to make sure that girl was really her i called her phone, and she came towards me xD
And it's really her who just walked away from me hahaha xD

Then i went to her house. We sat outside her living room, breathing fresh air :D *LOOOL like yeah*

And we just talked. Talked everything that we could talk. About self-esteem, families, blog which is very obvious, and others. I admit, at first i feel very awkward; LOLLLL i just can't control it okay i'm always nervous with new people. But after a few minutes of her warming up the ambience, my nervousness had gone. :D she's a very warm-hearted person, and she knows how to spice up conversation xD me gusta herrrrrr <_____> And ohhh, she's very cute! xD

i really really like her :"D *kamu jangan geer tapiii yaaa ;P*

Then as a typical girl, we camwhore.
Some chio, some just awkwardly fulgy, and some are stupidd xD

A bit blur here but you can see our faceeesss :'D


She's pretty here :O And LOL my the scream look :'D


So that's all for the camwhoring section, and yes it's a very good time for me to meet one of my cybermates for the first time :'D

Can't wait to plan our second meeting 8D

P.S for Ika : Aku ga bakalan cerita tentang abang lo d siniiiiii xP
Lagian abang lo ngeri langsung minta pin BB ama aku =A=

LOOOLLLSSS till then byyesssss

And oh stay tuned for my Karaoke photos with my friends.

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