Sorry the image quality look like shit. I took it with my phone, you can see me on the left bottom of the photo. hahaha... *awkward laugh* my hunnie looks creepy here. Zomg i feel very guilty. :-|

So that above, is called Mhyr Xieh (zomg do i spell your name right hun sorry T___T). She prefer to be called Lmyx or just Myx. She's from Philippines, and she, is my first cybermate slash friend slash honey . I remember when i was still a noob (although now i'm still one) and she's all new to blogger too, and she said she wanted to have a cybermate friend and i offer myself to be her friend lolz, then i still remember the time when we talk about google adsense thing, then we talked about our own boyfriend, and then i remembered too the time where we broke up with our own boyfriend at the same time, LOL. And we wrote letter to each other (do you read my letter yet, hun? if not try searching it in this post ;P). She's a very fun person if you get to know her enough.

It's funny thinking all the things we had done. :D

And last night, i webcamed with her. On skype. Well, she's my first cymates that i webcamed with. And she's the first one, again! Lulz. We had a lot of fun, and we tell secrets to each other ;D i love her.

Oh and she had made a doodle for me!! Her talent is amazing. Why don't you take an art class, hun? You're great.

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