Le butterfly in my stomach


I just met Neti, my middle high school best friend after a 238192381239 months of time. She changed quite a lot, her hair is long and curly now, and she can ride a motorcycle; even have a motorcycle now. It's cool, since the last time i saw her she's still a good girl and such. Now she's a big girl now, she even had a boyfriend already and just had their first anniversary. :3 So sweet, yet so making me jelly since i'm single and forever alone now. /Le creyz

Few minutes later imma hang out with Pinge and friends again. It's saturday now, and on next Monday imma go back to Jakarta. Gonna miss a lot of things here, but i can't wait to go back to Jakarta too since i'm gonna have my own computer and i just ordered three new contact lenses. CAN'T WAIT TO TRY IT OUT WEEEEE.

/Le jump around like a crazy batch

okay i think that's enough. A lot of people also say my zits had grown a lot. Oh fuckeries, i don't really care anymore since it's just a temporary shit that sticks on my face. But kinda pissed off too though cause because of the fucking zits i don't dare to approach my cute and handsome little crush ;O

but my friends say be confident, and be yourself. OH WHATEVER IM ENJOYING MY LIFE HERE.

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