is life always this bitchy?

what a fail start of July. It was supposed to be fun cause it's my term holiday but turns out sucks to the max. My mom is super sick, and all plans were cancelled and we all spend our days on hospital instead. This July is bitchy, i wonder what can get any bitchier than this. Hope July gets better.

Can't help but write some shits here although there's no much to update about. I miss my blog so much. I miss all the kick-ass cymates too, but unfortunately i really don't have time to visit their blog. OMG don't wanna sound exaggerate but i feel like wanna cry. Blog is so my life. ⇦ (ppssshhh dork much. but i don't care. keep hating, fuckers.)

Oh yeah btw my exam results are finally out. Thank God i still reach a 3 on my IP.

1 DK12152 DESAIN DASAR II - 4 B 3.75 15.00  
2 DK12162 MENGGAMBAR DASAR II - 3 B 3.08 9.24  
3 DK12172 MENGGAMBAR EKSPRESI II - 3 B 3.90 11.70  
4 DK12211 APRESIASI SENI RUPA DUNIA - 2 C 2.63 5.26  
5 DK13101 DESAIN KOM.VISUAL I - 4 B 3.01 12.04  
6 DU11014 PENDDKAN AGAMA BUDHA - 2 A 4.00 8.00  
7 DU11031 PENDDKAN KEWARGANEGARAAN - 2 D 1.59 3.18  
8 DU11181 DASAR-DASAR KEWIRAUSAHAAN - 2 C 2.12 4.24  
JUMLAH 22     68.66 IPs :3.12

Last semester i got 3.15 for my IP. now i got 3.12. pretty dissapointing cause my IP decrease instead of increasing, but reaching 3 is fortunate enough for me already despite that fucking D on my Kewarganegaraan subject.

Fuck you, dosen. I still hate you like i did before. Watch me get an A next semester and i'll prove you wrong you mothafucka.

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  1. english write, I like it and play fair I still learn to english writing :)

  2. My result drop too this semester... Luckily no fail.. Yeah~!! Go get an A... ^_^ Anyway, sorry for long dissapearing..