i'm sick, too.

ZOMG just when things can't get any worser than having my mom sick on Jakarta instead of having fun with her, I GOT FUCKIN SICK TOO. just happened this afternoon when i ate Nasi Padang down and few minutes later my body started to rash and my heart beats like crazy. i think i got seafood allergic but strangely it never happens to me before. well it's probably the non-hygienic food, i guess. So i slept for a few hours and the rash is gone but instead of recovering i got a headache and i am really nauseous.

I ended up throwing up 4 times. It was torturing, sickening, hurtful, dreadful, can't even describe the feeling.

I feel so guilty cause i'm sick while my mom haven't recovered yet though. But who wants this too? Count me sue loh.

And now i still feel very nauseous. Wanna throw up but got no more food to throw up. Feels like better off die goddammit. Hope mom and i get well soon.

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  1. OMG SUSAN D':
    This is why people say not to simply eat stuff D:
    I pray that you and your mom will recover soon :(

  2. Hey! Honestly i want to reply your shout but i can't find your shoutbox and yeah i would love to exchange drawings with you lol :)

  3. I hope you and your mum get better soon <3 ^ ^ ~

  4. Hope you both will get well soon..
    Allergic sometimes happen unexpectedly..
    Have you meet the doctor?

  5. Oh dear Susan, I'm sorry to hear that.

    I hope you and your mother will recover soon. I'm falling sick as well. Sore throat and runny nose are really uncomfortable.

  6. hope you mum get well soon. and sorry for not visiting you for so long...have been busy with homeworks