who cares anyway?


I need to stop being a bitch. I keep getting jelly whenever i see a gorgeous girl or a successful teenager. Is this even normal, or is it just me?

I kinda blame myself for not being as great as them. I keep blaming myself that my luck is not as great as them. I keep blaming my own life, my whole life has been a shit because of myself and blablabla. Unfortunately i have *censored* so i can't keep up with any of those successful teenagers. Yes i shouldn't be blaming that upon my failure in life, but that really matters a lot. Without those things, i could have been a super model now. Or at least, a local model or something. What the point here is, i really hate myself for being so unlucky. Who can i blame besides myself?

Fuck myself. I've been feeling so emo and suicidal lately. I can't help it. There's literally nothing here that could make me happy or even smile a little bit. All i have here is depression, anger, sadness, patheticness, and well. suicide feeling.

i have nothing. i feel like shit.

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